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  1. I've got a ticket to see it in IMAX. Stoked.
  2. SAVE THE GREEN PLANET! I'd give it 5 stars, or very close to 5 stars.
  3. OH MAN I HATED IT BECAUSE IT SUCKED BECAUSE MY BEST FRIEND SAID IT SUCKED EVEN THOUGH I SAW IT AND DID NOT THINK IT SUCKED. flock off, tools. It was awesome because form matches function: By seeing the disaster happen through the eyes of a doofus, it makes the entire situation plausible.
  4. The Darjeeling Limited. I am growing into quite a Wes Anderson fan. A wonderfully, and often beautifully, elegant movie.
  5. Uh And ordering one online is a problem because you can usually avoid sales tax on several hundred dollars, right? Right. Always gotta pay the governor's share, man!
  6. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/meet_the_spartans/ Yes. Yes, it does.
  7. It's not a rip-off of another monster. It's a movie that reinvents an old genre by showing it--and showing it well--from a different perspective. It's the best movie I've seen in theaters in a long time; I thoroughly loved it both times I saw it. People go in expecting to be explained about the monster, how it came, where it came from, all that stuff, and they're upset at the end when it's not explained. It's not meant to be explained. It's about a small group of humans caught up in this fantastic (in the most terrifying sense of the word) situation. At the core of the movie, it is a love story. The monster is just a backdrop. I loved it. I would not have it end any other way. Yes, I was surprised they didn't explain the monster at the end; but then again, that wouldn't be true to how the movie was made. Form matches function, and by seeing this unbelievable event through the eyes of a spectator, it becomes plausible and serves to suspend your feeling of disbelief.
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a slight problem with nausea, but it wasn't to where I had to stand up and walk out or I'd throw up. I loved it because by seeing the unbelievable through the eyes of a spectator it suddenly became plausible. I can understand why people hated it, but I also think they came in with presupposed ideas of what the movie was going to be, and because of that they don't realize a lot of what you have to pay attention to understand. I don't know how to do spoiler tags, so I'm not going to attempt and fail at it.
  9. Oh sweet lord, that was the funniest thing I've read here in a while! Hahahahahahaha! You rock!
  10. Where did you work at? Man, I can't get myself to buy Orange Box. I don't know why. I work at Border's Books and Bath and Body Works. BBW was a shitfest. Border's rocked. The discount at BBW is nice for christmas presents--and I get no crap from my friends when they use it, or after they use it.
  11. I ordered myself the orange box for $25. Bought some clothes on sale. Worked 14 hours on black friday, and it was mellow.
  12. I saw it in 3D IMAX, and it was fairly disappointing.
  13. All I read is blah blah blah who needs an antivirus blah blah blah who needs a firewall. System resources would be a problem if you were running something like 512mb of ram. Mine doesn't hardly take that much at all compared to my total (2gb). If you're that anal about having nothing running, uh, disable features?
  14. you do realize that AOL reeks of n00b and fail right? Actually AOL Active Virus Shield was done by Kaspersky, and it was really quite phenomenal. AOL discontinued it a while ago, to my great disappointment.
  15. There are worse things than being tasered--my friend had to be tasered in order to own one. The guy's just a female organ.
  16. I think it looks quite good, actually. And as an aside, I played a little of the Mythos beta--which is being made by the same company, and it feels pretty solid for a beta. Glad you posted to increase your post count and show off how much stuff you don't know.
  17. Yeh but I mean how many of them play it enough to give a decent review. I imagine a lot of them play through the first 20 minutes, decide Bioshock is awesome, and write their 10/10 review because they figure 'hey, everyone is doing it'. They'll probably go and play more afterward but the review is written and the score is out, whether the game gets better or worse after the first 20 mins. Why are you taking this personally? I only asked how you can say no doubt this game deserves a 10 when all you had to say was the water effects 'kick ass'. Stop being so touchy. I can see how you can get so riled up. If I followed every little detail of a game all throughout its development I wouldn't want to even think that it might disappoint either. And lol about getting that shoe out of my ass... its funny someone from Palestine is telling me not to be tightly wound. I didnt take it personally, just explaining what i ment by my review. It just sounded like your were pissed off by my statement and i had to explain it. And about the shoe...not all palestinians are alike (surprising, i know). I dont know if you guys know this but in the system req. page they show that it reqiures a 8600 or better (in the recommeded part). Does that mean it will not be able to support 8500 at all? I believe that's the recommended requirements. You'll just need to not play at max settings.
  18. Anybody else in the beta testing?
  19. That seems like a lot of steps when D-Tools is easy to use.
  20. I am willing to bet that you could get all (read: most) of those parts from another site for a cheaper price. But it's your money, not mine.
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