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  1. choosing the highest good for the other person. think about it before you try to refute.
  2. http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060730-7382.html Not cancelled, just downsized.
  3. About time Isreal does something to fight back. Glad my attention on this topic has already run it's pace, since every opinion so far is the same, as this reply will surely encite flames.
  4. I want that too Someone let me know what happened.
  5. Perhaps messenger plus would do it, but I think all your friends would need messenger plus to see it. And you are messed up. Seriously. That's such a raunchy idea. But then again, I've sent my friends links to goatse...
  6. I was out of the theatre while the credits were rolling, tell me, what happens in that tiny clip?
  7. It was good. I caught the midnight showing.
  8. Still waiting for proof that it's not real...
  9. link me up to where it's been proven false?
  10. Sony is good at trying to stamp out potential customers.
  11. http://www.gamesradar.com/gb/ps3/game/news...&sectionId=1006 Looks like I wont even consider getting a PS3.
  12. Oh man, awesome. I've been swayed; I want a Wii.
  13. Cut scenes are annoying. Show some real gameplay.
  14. Wii for me. I can't wait to play games with my Wiimote!
  15. I'd say play it and find it. It's pretty badass.
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