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  1. I have a solution: wake up at 5:00pm and go to sleep at 3:00am. That should do the trick <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hahaha, what's funny is I've done that...
  2. Were you drunk when you posted this?
  3. Shiba: Yes, CT is curable in some cases. I, personally, think that working out would cure it faster than anything else...but I have no evidence to back up that statement. Whenever I've felt any sort of pain in my wrists/hands/arms, I'd always go and exercise them. However, I believe that if companies would create a console with an ergonomic user interface there would be less cases of CT. But I guess my argument doesn't make sense of someone doesn't have an idea, however minute, of what CT is and what causes it. Maybe I was overreacting, I apologize. However, let's look at his comparison again: a physical repetitive stress injury vs. a mental condition someone is born with. They don't relate. They aren't related in even the most minute way. His comparison was unreasonable and uncalled for. Next time an example like that is attempted, try to at least use some congnitive thought in it's crafting.
  4. No, it's not at all like that. And you're a fucktard for trying to make such a comparison. Did you care to ask why my brother got carpal tunnel? No, you didn't. You don't know me, or my brother, so why dont you go fuck yourself, or perhaps you can't perform such a feat of human acrobatics, so why don't you go back to huffing the hootchie. And it's fine if someone with an injury wants to play a video game, I just think companies should make systems with a user-interface that's ergonomic, so that nobody else get's an injury in the wrist area.
  5. My brother has carpal tunnel. Do you get it now?
  6. Woah, those eyebrows are... au contraire.
  7. Hahahahahahaha! It hurts my hands to even look at it. I can't imagine using something like a rectangle for hours. Do you guys even know what ergonomic means?
  8. it's the perfect controller if you like carpal tunnel...
  9. the chariot isn't emo. it's hardcore. and mae = love.
  10. LMFAO!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I nearly fell off my chair
  11. Even if evolution is true, I'm much more content believing the fantasy that I was created by intelligence greater than my own. My opinion.
  12. Just one question I have about evolution. If things are supposed to improve, or evolve with time, why don't we improve as we get older instead of just keeling over and dying? I don't get it.
  13. How silly, to think that something as intricate as this could have been created...
  14. Well damn, and I suppose they're all going to release licensed music somewhere, right? Hahaha, I doubt it. Those dipshits need to pull their heads out of their asses, and the stick that's up there too.
  15. Last time I checked, fiction means it isn't true. There you go.
  16. Did you actually watch the second movie? Wolverine's memory has gone somewhere, it was all explained in the flocking second movie by that guy striker. And as for that second retort, that's why it's called a motherflocking sequel
  17. Yes, I meant PVC. The lack of lighting is because, clearly, the fake sword is reflective and the dark cloth around it isn't. And that looks like a real food to me.
  18. Yup, wood and PBC plastic If it was real metal it'd be too heavy for anybody to use in a decent manner.
  19. No. It's about plot AND ACTION. If it's not violent, I'm not gonna see it in theatres. Simple as that.
  20. Pictures in books are not childish. <3 pictures.
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