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  1. I doubt it runs at 4.xxGhz and will go the similar AMD way with lower core speed, yet it yeilds results as good as a 4 GHz P4.

    Intel's EM64(You know them, refusing to say "AMD64") could be matched up or better then Cell when they both eventually come out.


    Another good article on the Cell at Ars Technica


    Slashdot needs to get themselves a Cell tag, they post so many stories about it.

  2. Hey, they might be able to run a PS2 emulator on it. :peopleseybrow:



    haha - well it is PS2 compatable isn't it? they don't even need to have a PS1 core - just run thru an emulator :P with better filtering thatn PS2 lol :lol:

    maybe an XBOX2 emulator for PS3 - that would be WoOtabolous!!!


    Why stop there? The wildest expectations of the Cell would have us believe you could emulate an Intel dual-core P4 (which will be what intel is selling when the ps3 hits the market). It should be noted a lot of doubt has been cast on that article I originally posted here that talked about the Cell rivaling supercomputers.


    It really does come down to the programming as to whether or not the processor will live up to expectations. The hardware is there, but if you can't break down commands in a way that utilizes all 8 PU's at once, then you're not really going to see the super speeds. I found it interesting that the article mentioned an open source library of C++ functions would be released. This should greatly improve the chances of seeing someone write a compiler and x86 emulator for it that would allow it to compete with PCs by running their software.

  3. I've thought about it. my brother in law and my father in law are carpenters so it would be pretty easy to get help and use thier saws and stuff. the main thing about a real arcade cab is I want the side graphics and inserts. from a street fighter cab.



    Ya I'm looking at building my own as well (eventually), but I want it to look real. Even if it just has mame artwork, I just want it to look professional, and am not sure how to go about that.


    But it'll be years before I had the time and money to seriously consider building one.

  4. Ya I posted the speculation on the Cell processor awhile back. That post had a link to some seriously in-depth speculation on the processor's features and future uses. Check it out if you want more info on it.


    The new logic gate thing (first part of this post) sounds very interesting. Basically the scaling down of transistors is the main problem for the future of computing. This sounds like it would allow processors to get past the current projected size barrier. But we're still a number of years from that barrier.


    The Cell is a lot more immediate of a computer revolution. However, I don't see it completely revolutionizing computer if its just in the PS3. We'll have to see other devices incorporating it quickly if its going to live up to the hype of competing with PCs for dominance. Unfortunately, Sony is kind of known for not sharing. I don't know how the Sony-IBM partnership works, but if Sony has control of the Cell chip at all then it'll only ever be in the PS3.

  5. But most software right now only supports x86 instructions so they'll have to have support for CELL now.


    He addresses that advantage of PCs in the Cell vs PC section.

    You could easily emulate an x86 system on Cell architecture. The only question is would processes within the emulated environment gain from the Cell at all? I would guess you could get some improvement, if anything just because the cell could emulate a really fast x86 system.

  6. Here's an interesting explanation of Sony/IBM's Cell architecture, based on the patent papers.

    Cell Architecture

    The author is estimating a lot of the details and performance specs, but its quite amazing stuff. Some highlights include 1 Cell being able to do a SETI unit in 5 minutes, and the PS3 is supposed to have 4 cells. He also thinks it would take as few as 8 cells working together to make it onto the current top 500 supercomputer list. And because they are the ultimate in distributed computering, you could speed up your processing performance on a cell computer by just having a bunch of Cell-based products networked together (say, a PS3, pda, printer, and DVR all working together). The author concludes that Cell-based systems could basically obsolete the modern PC.

  7. Can anyone explain to me exactly what's been the problem with mame dev people lately? I know Guru said he was going to quit because of some Progear related kerfuffle, but has it been all ironed out? I noticed he just posted an update on his page. Now Haze is going on about some CPS2 related bickering. Just curious as to what the details are and how it might impact mame development. Is anyone quitting or dropping work on certain systems or anything?

  8. Yeah, unfortunately developers don't have time and money to make games for what is still a pretty small market. Most of them develop in DirectX environment. Maybe once WINE and Cedega improve then it would be cool.

    I was just reading that Dolwin works with WINE right now. But its hard to say how much of a speed loss you incur this way since GC emus can't go to fast as it is. Still, brings a little more hope to ditching windows.


    What I need is a decent set of easy to use encoding tools for linux. There needs to be a good linux alternative to Cinema Craft Encoder before I'd switch OS

  9. Damn I had this same idea! I thought of it back when that DX emu that put new graphics to old games like GNG came out. The one I really wanted to update was Star Wars, and other vector games. I think it would be neat to give those brand new 3D graphics

  10. pc gamepad always seem to have crappy directional pads. I use an xbox controller and home made adapter. I have used ps2 pads with adapters before. I think both are good, I just like the xbox pad better then the ps2 pad.


    I also use an xbox controller with an adapter (and I don't even own an Xbox). I wanted to get an arcade-style stick and found it was much much cheaper to get a console version and an adapter rather than a pc arcade stick.


    For gamepad I use my dreamcast controller. Any console pad will be better than a pc version. Just pick your favorite and get an adapter.

  11. I remember at my last job, we were reviewing applications for a new team member, and we actually got two resume's on CD. One in flash, the other done as part of a CD launch window. Sadly, that one is better. I wouldn't have hired him though, as he is overqualified.

  12. Sure, you could say this disaster is getting less coverage in the US than 9/11, and that's understandable. But is it true for the rest of the world? I'd say its probably even, or getting more coverage because the effects of the tsunami are more long-lasting.


    Also, if you just want to compare by how many people died, then this event's coverage should be dwarfed by worldwide epidemics such as malaria and AIDS, both of which kill far more people in the world every month than have died in the tsunami and 9/11 combined.

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