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  1. Isn't SofiyaCat female? She did this with a DS emulator as well. Same thing, just showing she knows how to compile something for the PSP. I'd much rather prefer people porting freeware, open source pc games to the psp. But still, I appreciate anyone working on new psp stuff.
  2. The battery can be changed back after you are all done. However, you need either a second battery or a second psp (to use to convert the battery back to normal) to run things after you unbrick, as the unbricker battery will not let the psp boot normally. You switch batteries to a normal one to boot the full 1.50. Video of the process, showing when to switch batteries: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rwxq1mJZ2G4 After you have unbricked, you can turn the unbrick battery back into a normal one. But to get through the process you need two, or alternatively a 2nd psp to use to turn the unbrick battery back into a normal one. But if you have a 2nd psp, you probably and a 2nd battery...
  3. MAME now emulates MAME?!? *head explodes*
  4. I agree. although their firmwares are built upon DA's, these coders are gaining experience and could probably take over where he left off. Keep in mind that DA was not responsible for the cracking of each official firmware, he merely implemented it into his custom scheme. Other than coding better video capabilities, his last few releases have essentially been maintenence updates, which some other coder could easily accomplish. While it sucks that one of the most important hackers for any system is quitting, I have a feeling that the PSP scene will go on. Still he'll be missed!
  5. I agree with GC 100%. I decided to buy one of the three handhelds at the beginning of the year and did some comparasion shopping. The GP2X is kind of pointless to buy. There is a better selection of games on the DS, but the PSP won out for me because of the homebrew emulation and perfect PS1 emulation. There are still tons of PS1 RPG's I haven't played, and I'm slowly making my way through them on the PSP. I have yet to buy a PSP game because I prefer to play older emulated games. Maybe if I cared to have the latest games I might have considered the DS because of the unique games on it. So it just depends on what you're looking for. Sony may suck, but if you like classic gaming, the PSP definately does not suck!
  6. took me a second, but I think I see a tiny problem...
  7. Great job with all the videos lately! I think video reviews are a really good direction for the site in the future. Can't wait to try the hidden characters out! Do you think the other games might have similar unplayable characters who will not be playable? I'm not familiar enough with the original arcade games to know which bosses/secret characters were unlockable.
  8. A couple of days later? Geez... I really wonder what happened here. This is just too bizarre and sad...
  9. <-----------------Dramatic Chipmunk! Submit to the power of his stare!
  10. Well the first part of Spore is kind of like that, I guess. I suppose if we play Fl0w, followed by Diablo, Sim City, Civilization and Freelancer in that order, its the same as playing Spore, right?
  11. Wow great to see this. And Lumines is so cheap. Much easier to get than the one version of VCS that worked with the previous exploit.
  12. Great job with the video! REALLY wish I could turn sound on while at work
  13. Starcraft II Civilization IV Beyond the Sword expansion Final Fantasy games for PSP Soul Calibur for PSP Marvel's MMORPG Spore is top of my wish list. But I just read today that it has been delayed until 2009! Noo! Its Duke Nukem Forever all over again!
  14. Wired has an interesting op-ed up about the pitfalls of using voice chat (Ventrilo) in online games like WoW. http://www.wired.com/gaming/virtualworlds/..._frontiers_0617 Basicaly the author thinks its fine to text chat with people, but when he logs on to ventrilo and finds out his guild mates are 12 year olds, its a little too weird. And also he thinks girls will be turned off gaming by voice chat. We have quite a large age range here, and probably a bunch of people who play games with voice chat. Anyone here have an opinion on this?
  15. looking good! He's got a shot of basic sprites on the site now. Things are really progressing quickly
  16. Gotta go with an embarrassing late 80's power ballad hair band on this one. Tough to pick just one though. But I guess I will go with: You know you sing along to "More than Words" too...
  17. I don't read DC comics (or at least not mainstream DC, just Vertigo and Wildstorm) so I can't compare Civil War to Infinite Crisis or 52. But I must say I was disappointed by Civil War. there was a lot of potential that was ultimately wasted. The worst was the use of Spider-man's big reaveal. Totally wasted by not properly letting the impact be explored in Amazing Spider-man. The only development I really think was well done was Tony Stark's development. I thought there was a good progression from control-freak hero to control-freak dictator. Felt believable for his character to take that path, unlike Spidey or Reed Richards. More comics threads!
  18. Latest news is that there is some sort of debug mode in JJBA. Sprites are still not displayed, but game does not crash and can be played in debug mode. Interesting!
  19. Hey, that's not even on Haze's page yet. Got anymore from where that came from? More emu screenshot pr0n!
  20. Who isn't rooting for the Cavs in the Finals? http://www.theonion.com/content/news/tim_d...g_for_cavaliers
  21. I wonder if any of the cps3 cd image files I've been hanging onto for years will actually be usable? And why is it that I kept them all this time? Did I think that when cps3 emulation finally happened, the roms would be scarce? Or am I just another obsessive rom collector who has to have a complete mame set no matter what?
  22. I usually use yahoo music, but it doesn't keep track of what I listen to offline as well. I guess I'll give last.fm a try out, just to see what everyone here listens to.
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