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  1. Never fear bittorrent users!

    The main bittorrent site (you know the one) is developing a replacement for bittorrent that will keep the swarming technology that makes it so great, but removes the need for a website listing the trackers. In effect, each user becomes the tracker. I think the new program is called exeem or something like that.

    Also, I've stopped using the websites for bittorrent. The nice thing about torrent files is that they are so small that people share them on other p2p programs. So I just use a different program to search for torrents then use ABC to get my stuff. try it while you wait for exeem

  2. I've seen it as well. They're going down the yellow brick road and as they move offscreen, you see something in the distance swing down on a line and hang there.

    Now I've heard that it was a munchkin, and its clear it couldn't be a full-sized person because its too compact a shape. But I am more inclined to believe it is a lighting fixture. Keep in mind the background doesn't go back as far as it looks, its just a painted backdrop after a point. Because of that, the light appears to be something much larger than it is, because of the size of the scenery around it. Kind of like how they made Gandolf look so much bigger than the Hobbits by using forced perspective.


    I guess it could be someone, but I think its more likely that its just a light.

  3. The cool thing about adsense is they target for the content of the page. So if the post is about arcade games, it might have ads for joysticks or mame machines. I'd put them on every page, but even on the main page it would still not be much of an interference.

  4. I like how they use the bottom screen for comic dialogue. Makes it seem like they are actually going to piece these characters together into some coherent story. How would that possibly work.


    Makes me think of all the US comic crossovers and how contrived they were to get certain characters to fight certain other characters.

  5. I've always loved egg nog.

    I think it was originally invented as an alcoholic drink (made with brandy) but they started selling it in stores without the brandy a long time ago. This year I finally tried the alcoholic version, got a bottle of Jack Daniels Egg Nog. that is deceptively strong!

    Another great thing is that Steak & Shake have Egg Nog milk shakes. Can't get enough of those!

  6. I agree, go for the cheaper CPU.

    I would also suggest checking out Sharky's Extreme

    computer reviews. They do a nifty column where they piece together a value gaming computer system every month. I built mine by following their guide for mobo and cpu. (check out the buyer's guide section on the right side). They work on a strict budget, and buy every part of a new system, which almost no one needs, but its still a good jumping off point.

  7. I would really like to see the attack system info consolidated onto one page. I might be stupid or something, but it took me forever to find my attack log. I kept checking my control panel, and finally realized I had to click on my name rather than that. I'd like to see the guild, shop, and attack info all on one tab, like the arcade.


    I like the idea of incorporating the arcade somehow, maybe as a way to gain credits. I'd also just like to see an overall arcade leaderboard established, by awarding points for 1st, 2nd 3rd and top ten finishes as seen on the rankings page. Shouldn't be too hard since it already keeps track of that info.

  8. Is it just me or are kids born with more and more birth defects these days? Birth defects and autism seem to have just exploded in the last decade. Or maybe its just the media coverage, kinda like how it looks on the news like there are more murders even though the US national murder rate is down since the 80's.

  9. Well, its hard to tell. My favourtie Music generally is Metal, especially Progmetal. But I also like Ska-Punk very much, and I live hard rock too. Sometimes I also like to listen to some electronic music. So I have to pick a few bandnames, they would be like that:


    Dream Theater

    Mad Caddies


    Finger Eleven

    Daft Punk

    Fatboy Slim

    Symphony X


    Jimmy Eat World










    Rage against the Machine

    Dreamtheater and Queensryche bring back a lot of memories of the late 80's for me :( Those two and Extreme were my favorite groups back then, loved progressive rock.

  10. My favorite kind of music is British Trip Hop, like Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead.  What is that, techno?  I put techno.

    How do you find Phats & Small, Daft Punk and those two dudes (Christ, I can't remember their name, but they have a song called Woman Trouble)


    I was a huge Daft Punk fan for awhile, but in the end they are too repetitive and don't stand up to extended playing.

    Woman trouble, I think maybe that's Craig David? Not a fan, too pop.

    My favorite group of all time is Thievery Corporation, which is a DC-based duo, but sound a lot like UK groups such as Massive Attack or Zero 7.

  11. I know what that's like, as I've found myself on the internet only a fraction of what I used to do. But for me it was marriage that was the main difference. I had to leave my release group and don't really have any time for anything except the occaisional arcade game here.

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