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  1. Bangai-O - Playable - Graphics not displaying correctly

    Blue Submarine No. 6 - 100% Playable (japanese - hard to play)

    Crazy Taxi - 100% Playable, Perfect

    Dragonriders of Pern - Not Playable - Audio error pops up ("AICA DMA: SB_ADDIR=1!!!!!!!")

    Ferrari F355 Challenge - Not Playable (Does not load)

    Last Blade 2: Final Edition - 100% Playable (plays 1/4 size of window)

  2. Try using NullDC (drkpvr) Plugin for graphics and Chankast plug for sounds



    -->read this<-- to know how to play on whatever resolution you like, but running it at 320x240


    open nulldc.cfg and put

    Fullscreen.Enabled= to 1






    Enhancements.MultiSampleQuality=1 i think goes a bit faster this way



    Try running a default image, on NullDC.cfg, put

    LoadDefaultImage= to 1

    on DefaultImage=c:\Nulldc\blabla.cdi (Put the location of the image)



    IF anyone got more hints, i want to know!!


    the DC is dead ... Long lives the DC


    I suggest using the Chankast sound plugin as default. It really improves speed on a lot of games.

  3. Alien Front - Not Playable - Game works, but map obscures view completely. Sounds distorted

    Alone in the Dark - Not Playable - Hangs after character selection

    Chu Chu Rocket (selfbooting image w/ CDDA)- 100% Playable!

    Daytona USA - 100% Playable (minor menu issues)

    Shenmue II - Playable, slow. Some graphics issues (more than Shenmue I) SOUND REALLY MESSED UP, lucky there are subtitles! (Note: use the chankast sound plugin for faster speed)

    Soldier of Fortune - 100% Playable. Very minor graphical issues.

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 - 100% Playable. Perfect?

  4. What do the beta testers have to do besides enjoy the free service (while it lasts).


    Will this cost money after beta?


    No, it will have some commercials mixed in between shows. I don't think there are any right now in the beta.


    I'm leaving for the weekend. But maybe some of the people I've given invites to can invite people themselves. Anyone who I've given one to (about 10 of you) please check under "My Joost" for the Invite widget. See if you have any tokens for invites. If so, feel free to add some more people!

  5. Resident Evil 3 - Not working. Works fine through menus and intro movies, then nothing. Also it didn't recognize a vmu. Does nullDC support saving to a virtual vmu yet?


    Skies of Arcadia - Fully playable. Very minor graphical issues (I don't think the clouds were so pixelated on the dreamcast, but am too lazy to pull my DC out of the closet to confirm).


    Shenmue - Fully playable. Some very minor graphical glitches.


    Tech Romancer - Fully playable. Very fast!


    Gundam 0079 - Not working

  6. I've been beta testing Joost/The Venice Project since it began, and I have a few invites to give out. If you're interested in beta testing for it, send me a PM with your name and email address and I'll give you a beta invite.


    For those of you not familiar with Joost, it is a new P2P TV application from the creators of Skype. Instead of sharing user uploaded files, Joost uses a P2P network to stream tv feeds from an archive of media from providers such as Viacom. It has a very slick interface featuring on screen programming guides similar to a Satellite or Cable TV service, but more interactive, with features like chatting while watching shows. The video is full screen streaming video of a pretty decent quality.

    Content is still not the sort of things you might find for download on iTunes, but it is getting better all the time as more TV production companies are signed up. Currently there are some good documentary and reality shows (I watch a lot of Top Gear on it). There are also a lot of music video channels as MTV is involved in the product.




    More info and screenshots of Joost

  7. Heh, i am a custom firmware user now too, of course I will look for solution to let me play :P


    My only concern is that I hope I can play the game when I receive the UMD. It seems to be on FW 3.11.



    http://www.pspdemos.de.vu/ Try this site for a demo that works on lower firmwares. This guy says he hex edits the demos to make them work on all 2.71-3.XX systems. I haven't tried DJ Max Portable 2 demo yet, but its there.

  8. Couple of additional points:

    The video resolutions are NOT the resolution it displays at. AFAIK, it still restricts playback to less than the psp's full resolution :thumbsup1: Now it will just take a larger input video and automatically downsize it on playback. Makes it easier to get more videos working without reencoding.


    Second, the update added T-Mobile Hotspot compatability to the PSP. This is similar to what the Mylo has, which comes with 1 year free of T-Mobile Hotspot support. Now there is a six-month free option to all US PSP owners.

    It does not show up for non-us PSP owners, just like how the P-TV feature is japan-only.

  9. 3.30 firmware update is out on network update and the japanese site. Still waiting for the other PSP sites to update with it.


    Babelfish translated japanese page

    Babelfish translated japanese page with some screenshots



    + Playstation network games (Emulated PS1 games) now have a "Disc Speed" option, for either fast or normal speed.


    + All videos can now be played in the /Video folder under the memory stick's root directory.


    + Support for MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video Main Profile (AVC CABAC) with file of size below 720x480/352x480/480x272



    + Videos in the /Video folder now display thumbnails in the XMB


    + Thumbnails for RSS feeds.



    The PSAR decrypted with the lastest version of Team C + D's PSARDumper. Also, I've already heard the POPS (ps1 game emulation) works in the latest OE firmware. So at least the disc speed feature can be used immediately by anyone willing to flash that plugin to their PSP.

  10. No Gravity PSP demo. All PSP owners need to get this IMMEDIATELY. Not just the best homebrew on the PSP, but one of the best games, period. I can't believe how good it looks and plays.


    Anyone played the PC version? I wonder if it has a storyline in it. That seems to be the only thing missing. I want some starfox-esque plot to the missions

  11. I can't register because my PSP is a PSP-1001 model, and my serial number doesn't associate with any other model. In short, if anyone can download this, they should totally send me a link. :thumbsup1: Right after I revive my PSP...


    Does UP work with your mobo? It kind of sucks to buy a chip just to unbrick it the once though. I've heard over on QJ that some people rent out their UP services for cheaper. Or you could pool money together with a few PSP owners to buy a UP and all agree to share it if any of your PSP's brick again (I'd be up for that if the price was right).


    Edit: I found this site which has all the demos available only on the UK page for those of use not located there. It also has gameshare demos, which I've not seen before elsewhere. Sorry, no full wipeout pure, just the demo.

  12. So, this is my first post on 1emu in about a year. Hi, everyone.


    The main reason I stopped posting and regularly visiting the site is the same reason the site traffic is going downhill: The emulation scene is dying.


    I first came here when Chankast was released. The dreamcast scene was in full swing, and 1emu was one of the main sites for it. However, since then, the emulation scene has declined. With most of the older systems fairly perfected in emulation, there simply aren't enough developments happening to support a lot of posts.


    There's no easy way to fix things and magically bring in lots of traffic. I see two routes for the site. First, accept the fact that emulation has a much smaller audience than it used to, and just try to be the best emu site out there to attract that niche market. I'd start by making a more presentable portal page. The current one is just an outgrowth of the forum. It should be the other way around. While I wouldn't suggest outright copying a successful site (like say, qj.net), I would at least try and make it a bit more Web 2.0. A nice new non bboard based design for the entry page could go a long way to snaring repeat customers whenever the site gets digged.


    Another option would be to try something radical to reinvigorate the emulation scene. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to practically do this. Without new systems being emulated, there's not much to bring new users to the scene. Maybe start a prize fund for the first person to get X system or game emulated or something? Or more realistically, a prize for homebrew development for emulated systems?


    Myself, I'm back because I recently bought a PSP, and it has an active homebrew/emulation scene going on. So I'll hang around and see if I can't answer some PSP questions from time-to-time.

  13. My favorite fast food used to be Arby's, until last year my wife and I both ordered the chicken bacon and swiss sandwich. Underneath the breading of the chicken it was 100% raw. It was quite disgusting. She was the one who bit into it first (I just broke mine open to see the same thing) so she was really traumatized by it. We were on a trip and driving somewhere so we didn't go back to yell at them. Now I wish I had documented it some!

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