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  1. A toy manufacturer has put out a line of Inspector Gadget action figures. If you grew up in the 80's and early 90's, you know that Gadget's nemesis Dr. Claw was never fully seen. you just saw the back of his chair and his metal hand stroking his cat. Well there's now a Dr. Claw action figure that reveals his face.

    Try and think back to when you were a kid, and what Dr. Claw's voice made you picture. Then take a look at this: The Face of CLAW


    I was definately suprised and disappointed. I expected something a little more metal and a little less Alzheimer's.

  2. if u use those systems on a router would u be able to go online then?

    I think the problem is if the ISP makes you use specific software to get online (like netzero or AOL). Those would check what OS you have and not install if its too old. So no, a router would make no difference. If it does not require special software and jsut uses the regular windows dialer, then I don't see how they would know or care what you use.


    There are still lots of ME users out there. I know my dad got a desktop free from his work and all the desktops they gave out were ME. I guess I had better get him updated to XP soon!

  3. I'm an apple authorized retailer and I'm planning to start selling them at my store soon. Just gotta make a nice display for them first. I played around with a demo model and it was pretty impressive. Not the best for pictures because its so small. The average camera phone has a larger display. And it did scratch easily. however, these scratches can be buffed out of the plastic. Don't let the scratches scare you away from it.

    Anyway, if you are a student remember that you get a discount with apple. Just go to the education link at the apple store. Its good for $20 off a nano.

  4. This isn't really the same thing, but I've been wondering if it would be possible to make an Emulator OS that lets you play all the x086-based arcade hardware games. Look at that new sega system. Its a 3ghz pentium. A lot of arcade games have essentially been running on PC platforms for awhile now. So would it be possible to create a streamlined system to allow those games to be played on similar pc's?

    I realize that one problem is that pc's all use different hardware and the arcade games are coded for specific hardware, but surely there are ways to translate commands to your particular gpu, and w/o windows running it might be a decent speed?

  5. There was something else, i just saw it advertised somewhere, and well Brat Camp i cant wait for that to come back on, and umm oh ya America's Next Top Model, The girl who won last year...Niama or how ever you spell it, she was hot, and i have her hair, black of course, but i love it now:) lol i just cant wait til sept shows, then again i hafta go back to college then, but i need my tv:)


    America's next top model is my wife's favorite show (well, right behind gilmore girls). What do you think about them getting ride of Janice Dickenson? You know, the scary corpse on the judge's panel? They replaced her with Twiggy, another ancient 60's model. It'll be a completely different show without her.

    You also mentioned you like Amazing Race. I've watched pretty much every season. Not sure I'll watch this next one though. I've heard a lot of bad things about the "family edition". For one, I heard they are only going to travel inside US and Canada. That's not really a race around the world. Kinda cheapens the point of the show.

  6. I'm working a temp job with a random office here in town. Its acutally pretty good work. I'm designing custom forms for them which is fun. My ideal job is media relations, but I've never been able to land the right job. Oh well, heading back to school in september for law school, at which point I will start work as the Software Buyer for the campus bookstore. Hopefully the apple and adobe reps give me some free stuff. :blossom:

  7. Lost is the one show I really can't wait to see. I'm probably going to watch a lot less tv this year than I did last. The only new shows I am considering watching are Prison Break(a very cool inventive show on fox) and Threshold(an alien invasion show. there' s a few of them this year).

    Then during school breaks I'll catch up on shows like Arrested Development and Scrubs. Don't really feel the urge to watch them as soon as they air.

  8. Check it out!(warning may be /.ed).

    Windows 95 actually runs quite well but don't expect it to be a speed demon. It takes about 10 minutes to boot but afterwards it's pretty usable. I was able to do things like: open "My computer" and browse the virtual hard drive, complete a whole game of Minesweeper and run various other applications. Now you too can get your Minesweeper fix on the go :P

    Well, I don't know about you, but 10 minutes for booting Windows95 was good back in the day. This could be the first steps of something really great. Turn your psp into a laptop on the fly, sounds like a reason I would buy it.


    BTW the x86 emu they used for this is PSP 1.0 compatible only (at least last time I checked). Anyone have a PSP 1.0 to test it with?

  9. Sony can sustain a lot more hits to their profit than Nintendo. Sony is a diversified global company with many many other interests besides games (movies and music, for example). Nintendo has games. And its quite suprising to see how much a lack of good games for just the span of a few months hurt their business. That is an incredible drop in such a short time. All because they didn't have enough exclusive titles to draw people to the GC & DS. Talk about innovate or die...

  10. I've been trying to collect all the earliest games I played as a kid and all the emulators for them. I found most of the old pc and apple games I had as a kid, but am having trouble finding one particular Apple II game and was hoping someone else might remember the name so I can find it easier. The gameplay was a doctor running around inside a computer, pushing together computer pieces (square microchip like things) to make more complex pieces, and then assembling those to build a computer to pass each level. There may have also been viruses or something running about that you had to squich between blocks Pengo-style. But I may just have that part confused with other games.

    It was a later game. Had good color and graphics. I played on an Apple II or II/E in school along with that classic Oregon Trail and Alice in Wonderland(probably around '88 but game is probably older). The game may have been on other systems as well, likely the amiga or commodore. Sound familiar to anyone?

  11. K this isn't exactly a pc question, but it involves some pc hardware. I've got a friend building a new car stereo system, and he was wondering if he can use a 400w PSU to power an alpine stereo, amp and equalizer. We have an amp capacitor to put in the line but I'm afraid despite that it will just be too much and blow out some device. Anyone ever try something like this and have any advice? Or do you know of some cheap alternative? We were thinking about using a spare car battery or a apc backup unit to help avoid surges and things.

  12. Wow that's a tough one. Well, there were four periods of egyptian history before Hellenization (before Alexander conquered it). I don't think however that question wants the name of those four periods (prepharonic, old, middle and new kingdoms). I really don't know, except from my ancient civilizations class I remember a lecture on egyptian art that mentioned the Pharoah Akhenaton completely changed the culture and art style, specifically the style of human scupture. Stuff during his reign was much more lifelike (the most famous is the bust of his queen Nefretiti). But then his successor (the famous Tutankhamen) changed everything back to the way it was. So maybe search for Akhenaton a bit as I'm sure that'll lead to the name of one of the four styles.

    But without a book specifically on that topic it might be hard to find an answer.

  13. Wow that's crazy. I just had to take the standardized test for law school and send in my application. No interviews or anything. But then again I'm not supposed to cut people open in my chosen profession...

    That's like the job interview from hell there.

  14. Yes I didn't mean to cast any doubt on your first article. The Downing Street memo is totally realy, and its a shame its not getting more coverage. I don't really know how much of a legal impact it could have (Re: impeachment) since its a British, not American document and not directly from the President's mouth. But man if we could find a tape of him saying he wanted to attack them pre 9/11... hoo....

  15. And to cover his ass:

    US Trucks Transporting Radioactive Materials into Iraq



    US Trucks Transporting Radioactive Materials into Iraq

    A Kuwaiti radioactive control team seized a truck loaded with heavy radioactive materials on the Iraq-Kuwait border.  

    The truck which belonged to the coalition forces did not have permission to transport such materials from the appropriate bodies, hence it seemed like the material was being secretly smuggled into Iraq.  

    This was the first time the MNA reported questionable WMD parts being transported by coalition forces into southern Iraq. The US attacked Iraq for it's alleged possession of WMDs and nuclear programs, which is yet to be proven.

    Uh, you need to pay attention to where you are getting your news from. notice the link to the original source. The Tehran Times? WTF man? You can't just believe everything on the web. The other one about the soldier saying Saddam was in a house is from a local tv station, which you know locals... they'll put up any crackpot for ratings. I remember right after he was captured seeing reporters on CBS go into the 'spider hole'. And besides it was capturing him that helped Bush, not where he was captured. Now I'm not supporter of the administration, but I beg you, please find a better news source than this unscrupulous summary page!

  16. I would be interested for more possibilities than just emulators. Enhanced web browsers and chat clients for instance. And media players and other programs you could port to the psp. There's really a ton of possibilities if the right programmers get interested in the device.

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