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  1. lol , u could just get cable for like 20 buck's for 200mb downloads but i find it hard to get roms with this amount of dl's and i probably use  400 mb a month just loading pages , but meh i have unlimited downloads which is good


    Ya australians have the rawest of raw deals. I hope we never see monthly limits like that. There was speculation last year that the cable companies would go that way but nothings come of it so far ::hastily knocks on wood:: :P


    Bunch of my friends in Chicago who live in high rise apartment buildings rely on other people's unprotected wifi connections. And there's a push to try and get the whole city free wireless. I checked my apartment complex... no one on wireless here. Too bad really, that's probably the best deal in isp's outside of sweden :P

  2. I just signed up for another year of DSL, and the price had gone down since the last time I signed up. Two years ago it was $26 for the basic service, now I'm paying $20 for it. BUT! I just saw an ad today that my isp (sbc/yahoo) just dropped their price to $16! Like 3 days after I signed up. That's 13 Euro. It got me wondering... who here has the best and worst deals for their internet? College students don't count, of course. Just can't compare tuition and an isp bill.

    I get like max 140k down/40k up for my $20/mo. How about everyone else?

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!

    I am back now. I was without dsl for a little over two months. And I only used dialup when absolutely necessary. Wasn't sure if I'd be moving or not and didn't want to sign another dsl contract. Now that I've decided to build a house I was able to go ahead and get another contract. Yay for broadband!

  4. I've got a lot of good memories of losing to Sturmvogel in the arcade.  Kaillera competitions are also a fun memory.

    I've been gone too long.  Good to be back.

    Great to see ya again. Now get on irc to complete you life YET AGAIN!

    Yes, that's what was missing on my life! I can fill that hole with idling on IRC! :P


    There were girls on this board? Must have been before my time. I started right after Chankast came out (like a year ago last week)

  5. I noticed that in both LUNAR and Xenogears, the fmv sequences are out of sync. While it doesn’t really affect gameplay, it is kind of annoying. Does anyone know if there’s a way to fix it? I would guess its something to do with CD reading but don’t know what exactly.

  6. I was never a fan of Dr. Who or any british scifi because of the horribly bad special effects. I find old Dr Who unwatchable. How can those slow moving trash can Daleks be menacing? But I am willing to give this series a chance. After watching the update of the originally horrible Battlestar Galactica, I'm hopeful that Dr. Who will get a similar modernization. As long as the Daleks don't make me laugh, it should be a good TV show!

  7. Whether or not Church replaces Dylan Baker as Connors/The Lizard, that just can't be the main villain in the next movie. The lizard isn't evil, or even very smart. The story there is that good-intentioned Dr Connors turns into a monster sometimes. It would make a good side plot, but not enough for the whole movie.

    I thought of another villian I want to see more than electro. Mysterio! That would be a great character, although I worry it would be too similar to the upcoming Batman movie (with the Scarecrow)

  8. They should just do more indepth tests on her so we have a better understanding of what's going on.


    yeah thats true but the wierd thing is the husband isnt willing to have any more tests, he just wants to end her life without 100% assurance.


    I suspect that is because this has been going on for years and years.

    This case has actually been going through the courts in Florida for years, so I have to assume that the courts have done due diligence in checking the diagnonsis and making sure nothing is suspect.

    The x-rays show that the top part of her brain is just not there. She only has a brain stem which controls autonomic processes and has no cognitive function. But there are always going to be disagreements between doctors. I think the main reason for disagreement is that some doctors have only seen those videos of her, which could be misleading.

    The real question about whether or not she should be kept alive is moral rather than medical. Is it morally right to artificially prolong the life of someone who has no awareness, or more broadly, no quality existence?

    Is it moral to keep someone with no hope alive at the emotional and physical expense of their family and friends? Doesn't that "help" actually harm more people than it helps?

    However, doesn't each life have an intrinsic value? Isn't taking her feeding tube away equivalent to treating this damaged person like a broken appliance that should be tossed out because it no longer does what we want? Should a life be ended because it is deemed useless or inconvenient?


    Just some thoughts for discussion. :(

  9. I'm starting out in law school, and it requires a lot more studying than undergrad. I'm still working so I have basically no free time. I listen to audiobooks and either sports or political talk radio at work, and read with my spare time at home. Just finished The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabom. Pulitzer prize winning novel about the golden age of comics. I also enjoy cooking a lot.


    I am also a huge basketball fan, but I don't have time to watch it anymore. No big deal since my teams (IU and Pacers) suck this year


    Back when I had time in undergrad I was studying Wing Chun Kung Fu. I'd like to start up with that again after I graduate

  10. Just thought I'd see if anyone else on the board is playing an NCAA bracket sheet? I'm a big fan of March Madness, and always play a few pools. This year however I only entered 1 small $3 pool. Lucky for me since my brackets are already shot to hell. I liked the big east (Syracuse & Conneticut) a bit too much. Can't believe Kansas lost either. I'm never picking them again, they choke way too much.

    Any other College basketball fans out there? Let me know who you picked. I have Illinois over UNC. My best picks were Texas Tech & UWM in the sweet sixteen. Not that it matters since I didn't even get half the sweet sixteen right!

  11. The PSX port of tales of Phantasia, while being as excellent as it's SNES counterpart, hasn't been translated.


    Parasite Eve beats it's sequal in terms of gameplay. PE2 was too much like RE. PE on the other hand, was closer to being an actual RPG.

    I have to agree with that, PE2 wasn't as good as the first.

    Parasite Eve is one of the few I've played for PSX (along with both LUNAR, Saga Frontier, FF7 and FF Tactics). I really liked PE and hated PE2 for the change in style. I also hated Saga Frontier and FF Tactics.

    I've been checking game review sites for screenshots and reviews, and think I'll start with Chrono Cross (just because I loved Chrono Trigger so much), Xenogears (looks incredible) and maybe another one.

    I was thinking of actually buying (GASP!) these games so I'll just try and find an ebay set for sale that includes those two and others.

  12. Thanks for the list Agozer. Looks like a couple of those are sequels to games I loved on the SNES. I'll try those first.

    Do you remember offhand which games on the list are most similar to the LUNAR series (with lots of voices and great cutscenes)? Those are my favorite RPG's of all time. That might help me narrow it down to a few to buy.

  13. I'm looking to buy a few cheap old PSX games to play on emus. I only played a handful of RPG's on my roommate's PSX in college, so I bet there's a ton of good ones out there I can try. So what are some of the best RPGs for PSX that will run 100% on an emulator?

    Also, is espxe the best emu to use? The games I've tried all looked fine, but it did tend to lock up my computer a lot. Not sure why.

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