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  1. Homebrew code is working on 1.50, not just 1.00 now. :clapping: Not sure how many people here this applies to (certainly not me), but it looks like the PSP scene is about to really take off.

    I wonder how long it'll be until Sony releases a new upgrade to counter this, and how long until that is broken as well. :punk:


    The exploit is now available. There are torrents out plus a page with about a dozen download sites. PM if you can't find it yourself.

  2. here is a pretty cool site for the 2 or three of us with a psp


    a pretty good selection of mostly articles ripped from mainstream mags and a few indy mags. sony should take note of this. I think the official psp mag would be cool on a umd with a vid and demo or 2


    Don't have one, but this isn't a bad idea. Know what else would be good on the PSP? Comics. You could probably format what's currently available on the internet for the PSP, but also I think the comic industry could make some money here by offering PSP readable comics.

  3. I don't really get this helmet thing. Was it supposed to be a VR display to immerse you in the game? I don't see anything lame about that. Imagine playing a flight sim or racing game at hdtv res on a close wraparound screen. Now it might not do much for the next Mario Sunshine game, but it would certainly have a market.

    Just not sure how you'd use the controller. Sure you rarely look at a controller in a game, but I just think it would be wierd to not be able to see it at all.

  4. Right now I'm watching the motorcade on Yahoo! Live broadcast. Why do I feel there is going to be an assassination?

    I'm watching it on ABC News Now through Yahoo. Is that the same thing?


    I kind of expect the 101 in so.cal. to just be packed. I would probably go out there and try and drive next to the motorcade if I was in that area. But assassination? Let's not go overboard!

  5. well i think by the time ps3 is out, i'll have a hdtv as i'm planning to move out of the sh*t hole i'm living in by the end of this year and i'll be sure to buy a new tv for my new place.


    i look at it this way: when ps2 came out, dvd players were still at high price item but since it had a dvd player, prices for dvd players started dropping in price that now you can own one for $40 bucks or less.


    hdtv is still high in price but now with m$ and sony backing up hdtv, i'm sure the prices will go down as like what ps2 did with dvd players tho it will take some time since in this case, the tv isn't included hehe


    I agree 100%. The availability of the PS2 as a cheap alternative to DVD players drove down the price in the entire market. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that hdtv-only output on ps3 or xbox360 would have the same effect on the HDTV monitor market. Rather, it would open up a market for cheap converter devices to interface your ps3 with your old analog tv.


    The driving force behind hdtv sales is market demand. Currently there is very little market as HDTV just isn't a "must-have" appliance. What will change that is when the broadcast signals go all-HDTV. Until then its up to the tv manufacturers to put pressure on the tv broadcasters to make more HDTV-only content available in order to generate more interest in the technology. (shameless plug: see my blog below for my info on this)

  6. Just heard on good monring america (I watch that and Extra, so I guess I'm pretty much an expert on this damn case) that he CAN be convicted of a misdemeanor count of giving alcohol to a minor instead of a felony. The difference is whether or not they think it was proven that he did it in order to molest the child. If they can't prove it was for that reason, its a misdemeanor (more likely a fine than jail time).


    Taking this jury an awful long time, isn't it? That's not a good sign for Jackson I don't think.

  7. Excellent question!

    I play very few games anymore. I think within a year or two I'll be down to just the civilization-style games. And as games start to look less and less like the games I grew up with (GTA-style games are totally alien to me) I'll stop playing them. I give myself maybe 5 more years of video games. So like early 30's maybe.

  8. Good to hear its still in development!

    I hope to see force feedback fully implemented in the next release. I am sure Kryso is working hard on that. One cool feature would be if you used a real dreamcast controller via a usb adapter, then maybe Chankast Utilities could make the VMU show the picture from the emu. Not sure at all if that's possible, but it would be very interesting to see!

    Also, a lot of people would love an integrated sprite ripper feature, but that would probably be a lot of work to add (personally I do just fine with the screenshot feature).

    Also, I think it would be interesting to see a version of Chankast Utilities for pcsx2. Specifically the speedpig feature. I still don't really get exactly how it works, but if its just doing something with the pc's clock, then it should work on all emulators, right?

  9. Xenogears - never had a psx so I'm having fun playing all the great RPG's I missed on epsxe. Really must say this is one of the best translated japanese RPG's I've played. Maybe they've all been better since then, but it beats the pants off official translations on the SNES and Genesis. Great storyline too.

    I like the mix of character and gear level combat throughout the game. My only complaint is that its not very hard combat. I've yet to find a fight that was remotely challenging. Also, I'm a little confused by the combo option. Is it better to do wait and do four combos at once rather than one at a time?

  10. Jerry Springer on Air America Radio

    How is that show? I've only listened to Al Franken's show.

    Its not as good as Al's show. Jerry just takes calls, but he annoyingly agrees with everyone and refuses to be confrontational. If you just take calls, you have to argue with the stupid ones. That's just how things are. He needs to stop trying to please everyone and take a stand.



    Keane - Hopes and Fears

  11. Count 1: Innocent. During the alleged kidnapping/imprisonment time they were held against their will in such places as The Cheesecake Factory, The Gap, and a spa. She and her son were on a Michael Jackson-funded shopping spree at the time according to receipts.

    Counts 2-6: Innocent. Maybe with other kids. No, make that definately with other kids. But there's no way a jury could convict him with the way this kid and his mom have botched things.

    Count 7-10: Innocent of felony alcohol poisoning. I forgot about that weird law from the 19th century. That made me laugh. Totally silly. Can they hand down a misdemeanor conviction when it was essentially a different crime they were asked to assess? If so, then he'll be guilty on the misdemeanor (there were a lot of other witnesses on the flight who confirmed the 'Jesus Juice' story). Otherwise its looking like he will be innocent on all 10 charges.

  12. What exactly are the 10 counts against him? Its hard to make a judgement without knowing what they are. From what I can tell, the accuser and his mom look to be full of it, but other witnesses' claims of things he has done in the past (but is not on trial for now) appear to be true. So the main charge probably not. But I don't know what the other charges are.

  13. He doesn't specifically state that there is original bios code in his bios. Rather, he says that the original bios is copyright SNK. That is not explicitly related to the content of his bios. He needs to specifically state if any original code is in there or not. My guess would be no, but its just a guess.

  14. All cable is expensive. But you don't have to sign a yearly plan like dsl. Just keep your eye out for a 6-month discount deal or something. Its the only way to do cable.


    I would suggest getting a wifi card and looking for unsecured connections from your neighbors, if thats a possibility.

  15. man! I just dealt with this issue like three days ago. Took me like an hour to find a workaround on my own. Should have just come here (I eventually just changed a setting in the video plugin and it worked). Silly me not asking for help.


    The setting I changed was to extend the draw plane. I'm using Pete's D3D renderer 1.75, and set it to 2 for offscreen drawing and advanced blending.

  16. Uh, people go after regular internet denizens all the time. They do that to build up zombie botnets. But yeah most firewall software is as much a hinderance as it is a help. I just have my router set for some minimal protection and don't bother with the computer. I think a better solution is to just back stuff up a lot. Not like a firewall can provide foolproof protection. Better to just backup stuff in case you are really screwed.


    As for bittorrent... if you are on dsl, it might depend on your modem. If it is a 2wire modem, don't bother trying torrents! I never got decent speeds on any torrents or p2p software until I switched off my old 2wire modem. My new modem is much better.

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