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  1. I was reading a review of this in USA Today and it mentioned a bunch of other crossover movies coming out, including Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash (as in Ash from Evil Dead)! Now that sounds like a good movie!

  2. this would be a great model for a mmorpg if they stay true to the original concept of the game. I like the idea of people having to teach each other moves. But I can't help but think a mmorpg would lose a lot of the original gameplay, like all the voice. How could that possible be incorporated without like 30gb of audio tracks? I've always thought all the online game suffer with a lack of voice. Star Wars Galaxies would be much better if you could hear random npc voices when you walked down a street.

  3. That's very nice. Glad to hear some people here are getting involved. I would totally be there as a delegate if I wasn't getting married this year. Have to save all my vacation time. :P Its very easy to become a delegate, espeically in a very "red" state like mine where there are few people who want the job on the "blue" side. I'll definately go in four years, but this is THE convention and I'm sad I'm missing it.

  4. As fun as destroying Bill O'Reilly would be (I imagine doing the "I'm crushing your head!" thing and having it work), I think however the thing I would want to destroy are corporate interest groups, such as the MPAA, RIAA and NRA. Corporations are not people and do not deserve the rights of people, and they certainly don't deserve such unequal representation!

  5. so the ps3 will have a hard drive as well? that's good. I personally think xbox won the last round purely because of the hard drive. Hopefully sony has learned from their mistakes in other areas as well.

    Is it safe to assume it'll be compatible with ps1 and ps2 discs? I hope so.

    I agree it'll be overpriced until there is competition. I will definately wait until all three are out. I'll want to see a side by side by side comparision before I buy a console.

  6. Just to clarify, the movie has almost nothing to do with I, Robot the novel or any of the Robot series. Just the laws of robotics, which have been used in tons of movies and shows now.

    The book was about one robot created without the rules and his quest to understand his place in the world. It had more in common with Bicentennial Man than this movie. Also, the book didn't quite have this much action :lol:

  7. If they're going to just totally cave in to this comic book trend, then hollywood should look at some of the newer, more independent comics out there. I'm getting tired of all the 60's heroes getting updated and thereby completely ruined. They're making a movie of 30 Days of Night, which should be good, and a tv series out of Global Frequency. I'd like to see more things along those lines. Maybe a movie of Y the Last Man. The true superhero movies should just be left to the already established franchises of Batman, Superman, X-Men and Spiderman. anything more than that is second-rate.

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