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  1. I just want to say, don't buy the cheapest thing out there. I bought a 100 pack of Accu brand 4x DVD-R (purple media) about a year ago, and I've been kicking myself because they are basically incompatible with my dvd player (a very touchy LITE-ON LVD-2002). They work fine on my computer though, so I use them for data storage.

    My favorite site for blank media is cdrdvdrmedia.com. Those Accu discs for example are $30 for 100. The Verbatim 8x are $33 for 50. I want to find something very reliable for around $40-50 per 100.

  2. Best. Show. Ever.

    The numbers were 4 8 15 16 23 42

    I think I'm actually going to become a crazy psycho fan and start frequenting the fan boards for this show. I want some theories on those numbers that badly!

    And I'm so happy they did an episode on Hurley! About time!


    Who does everyone think is the best character? I like Sayid and Locke the best.

  3. I think his Ultracade machines are kind of like that, emulation machines for newbies.


    Oh, I was under the impression that Ultracade was meant for arcade operators, not pc users. Like a big multiple game system in one cabinet. His competition was from people buying mame cabinets, and his trademark app that started all this was in order to keep cabinet makers from advertising with 'Mame' on ebay.

    I was thinking the proper market for emulation marketing would be those sites that sell flash games like yahoo and real arcade.

  4. I think the real problem is he's going after the wrong market. He seems to the think emulation is akin to mp3 downloading. There are tons more people who download mp3s, most of whom have little technical skill and so use pay services as much for the ease of use as the legality. Whereas in the emulation scene, everyone already knows how to find games and get them to work in random programs. You have almost no users without technical knowledge in the emulation scene.


    I think a better business plan surrounding emulation would be to package a bunch of games together and sell them with the emulator integrated so nontechnical casual gamers (the sort who download games off yahoo) would be interested. There have been some best-of packs by different game manufactuers (konami, atari, etc) but there is still room in the market for someone who wants to put together 100's of arcade games from different manufactuers and sell it through yahoo-like sites. But if he just focuses on the dedicated emulation scene, he's screwed.

  5. I'm suprised MAME wasn't already trademarked by the MAME dev team...

    Probably a mix of factors. 1) the logo is probably fan art not created by the mamedevs, 2) most of them are not from the US and might not see the point in registering mame with the US PTO.

    However, I wouldn't be suprised if the trademark was registered in Italy. That would be much more likely. And it would be another nail in the coffin of this silly application. But I guess Nicola or someone would be quick to say if that was the case.

  6. He's using unethical means to try to curb emulation piracy and remove competition.


    What I want to know is why he just doesn't get Ebay to ban sales referencing mame. Any sale involving mame would be illegal per the mame license, so why is there a need to trademark it for added leverage? I know ebay outlaws sales of lots of illegal things. Wouldn't it be possible to get them to add mame to the list? Seems that would eliminate most of his pirated competition in the US.

  7. I think the courts way throw this out due to the reason Sultan gave. This is almost exactly like SCO vs. Linux.

    Except there's no court involved here, at least not until after the trademark is granted. How the trademark office will act here is a bit of a mystery. Common sense says they will spend 1 minute on google and reject the application. But I'm not familiar enough with cases trademarks of open source developments. Its quite possible the trademark office could do the unthinkable and grant it, simply to let the courts sort it out later. I don't want the poor mamedevs to be dragged into a court case ever, so I'm hopeful this will be stopped in the application process.


    If anyone sees an organized opposition like the one I outlined, please post it here!

  8. http://www.ultracade.com/openoffer.pdf



    February 21, 2005

    An open offer to the M.A.M.E. community.

    Our recent actions to protect our products have met with a lot of controversy. Many

    people have been quick to judge and make accusations about what we are attempting to

    do, and what we have already done. It is my understanding that the spirit of the

    M.A.M.E. community is “"M.A.M.E.'s purpose is to preserve these decades of videogame

    history.” It is further my understanding that “Selling either is not allowed” with

    regards to M.A.M.E.

    Given this understanding, we are willing to help promote these goals and work to provide

    the original authors with the protection they deserve. Our goal is to prevent the

    commercial offering of machines with illegally obtained ROMs. I believe our goals can

    work in parallel.

    Furthermore, we have a long standing relationship with many publishers of many games,

    and we are constantly working to obtain more and more licenses for these games.

    Our goal in filing the trademark for the name M.A.M.E. was simply to give us leverage

    against those companies that promote and sell machines with M.A.M.E. installed on it,

    and more importantly, provide their customers with the means to illegally obtain the

    ROMs. This doesn’t help our sales of our products. This doesn’t help the community in


    We have no desire to use the M.A.M.E. name or logos; we simply wish to find ways to

    prevent illegal distribution of classic arcade games. We will be happy to cancel our

    application and work with the M.A.M.E. team to assign it to its rightful owners; however

    we do want to prevent it from being awarded to someone that intends to use it


    I am available to work with the community to ensure that this happens, and to help get

    more games made available to the community at a reasonable price.

    David R. Foley


    UltraCade Technologies


    Ok, by attempting to register this trademark and use that to force the MAME community into cooperation with his goals, he is committing extortion. I find this to be and even more base and deplorable attempt to profit off open-source notoriety via a lawsuit than the SCO case. I am so outraged I can barely breathe.


    I hope everyone here plans to help fight this in an organized fashion. The best thing that can be done is to use the trademark application review system. Regardless of the validity, every trademark application undergoes a process of review. The opposition process is pretty straightforward. See here However, it requires a registration fee and benefits from multiple people attesting to the infringement. Because of this, an organized online-petition type appeal to aid would be ideal. Hopefully one is started by mame or mameworld. If not, would 1emu step up to the plate? I'd hate to see the opposition to this fail just because it wasn't properly submitted.

  9. Ya, I just thought 60 C was a little too close for comfort. I cleaned the heatsink off thoroughly last night and applied new thermal compound and it seems to be a little better now, only peaking at 120 F.


    Is there a way to control the cpu fan speed? Its only running at 1800 rpm right now and I know I've seen it run at like 3000 before. Would be nice to tell it to run faster when it hits 60 C. I have an ASUS P4P800-E mobo.

  10. Ok. I cleaned the fan yesterday but didn't clean off all the old thermal compound (not that its really that old since I haven't had this heatsink long). I guess I'll do that and see if it helps.

    IF I have to buy a new one, I have very little to spend, like $25 or so :lol: I'm so poor I have trouble buying food right now.

  11. Lately my cpu has been overheating a lot. I have a P4 3.0, OEM fan & heatsink. This is actually my second cpu, as my first one got hit by a bad power spike (first was exactly the same). I got a replacement CPU and fan from Intel and a new, quieter power supply. Since then, my cpu runs a good deal hotter. The original cpu used to average 98-104°F and peak around 120°F. The new one regularly hits 130°F on moderate processing tasks such as raring an mp3 album, and peaks at 140°F on heavy loads such as encoding, compiling and emulation (visual pinball and tougher mame drivers like STV stuff always peak it). Also the Mobo temp never gets above 102°F, so things are fine elsewhere in the case.

    I'd try and fix the problem by going out and getting a new fan but 1) I'm not sure what would be a good buy as I've always used the default model and 2) I find it odd that the original fan/heatsink/cpu combo was doing fine and this supposedly exact replacement is so much hotter.

    If I have to go out and buy a new fan/heatsink, that’s fine, as long as its cheap and quiet. :banghead: Or is there maybe something easier that I’m missing that I could fix right now, such as a way to make the fan run faster? What else could have changed during the replacement of cpus? Any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated.

  12. well  the names above are just how u would say ur name  but written in chinese instead, Di for the first chinese word, pe for the second word, and sh for the last chinese word. it's kinda stupid that u ask them to write ur name in chinese cuz,well i just think it's stupid. anyway here's how u would say my real chinese name, Wu-Ka-Him


    What's so stupid about getting your name written in another language? Obviously, you aren't much of a cultural person. At multi-cultural festivals they have booths where people write your name in their native language and people flock to them because it's interesting.


    well cuz most of the time the words that makes up the word that make any sense and just doesn't sound right in chinese, it's kinda like saying ur name with a chinese accent so it's kinda stupid. that's y i have a chinese name and a english name

    I second that. I don't have a Chinese name, but I have a Japanese name. I'm not really Japanese, but I have a Japanese name anyway because the teacher made us choose one. English words just sound stupid in Japanese.


    Hey at least japanese can actually write a foreign name in their language and make sense. If you see katakana, you know its something foreign. Although I must say my name sounds pretty dumb in japanese. In chinese its much harder to figure out what the hell you are trying to say as it could be phoeneticized all sorts of ways. If I wanted to write something in Chinese, I would proably just put my name in English so as not to be confusing.

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