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  1. I got tired of playing chanka with the blue, PAL dreamcast bios in spanish. A quick look into the files revealed how to change this setting. Thought I would share this info.


    First, get yourselve a hex editor, like xvi32. Next, open up the dc_flash.bin file in the hex editor. Search down through the file for "211Dreamcast" (its about 4/5 of the way into the file, just before a list of the japanese developers' names). Change that 211Dreamcast to 121Dreamcast. That string appears twice. It worked with just one changed, but its probably a good idea to change both instances. That's it, it'll be the normal NTSC bios now!

    I assume you can also change it to other languages by changing that second digit to other numbers. Feel free to play around with it.

    I also found where the time and date were stored, but when I changed it, Chanka just reset it back :lol: oh well

  2. hello!

    I'm new and just thought I'd say hi

    I've been looking for an emulation board with some decent chat for a long while now. Wonder why it took me so long to find my way here?


    About me, I used to be really into the emulation scene years ago, specifically rom translating and contributed bits to a few nes/snes translation projects. And I once did a short lived emulation radio show on Emuunlim, a long long time ago.


    nice to meet you all!

  3. Working games:

    Crazy Taxi

    Dragonriders of Pern (capcom_hack)

    Looney Tunes Space Race (but only went in game 1 of 10 times. characters are solid yellow).

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (hit enter until menu in order to avoid IO errors)

    Super Street Fighter 2x (no backgrounds)


    Also, a lot of games with VGA cable issues actually do work. I've seen screenshots of Skies of Arcadia and Soul Calibur to name a few. I've heard it has something to do with ip.bin. Anyone have any idea what might be done to fix them?

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