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  1. I'm starting to notice a trend... people here either like movies that are mostly from the 70's and early 80's (woody allen, animal house, blazing saddles) or are from this decade. I think our generation gap is showing!

    I tend to like spoof movies from any generation. Naked Gun, Top Secret, Airplane and Spaceballs.

    But my favorite funny movie of all time is Kids in the Hall's Brain Candy. I wore out two VHS tapes of that at college before DVD.

  2. I've been meaning to check out something like Naruto or Inuyasha, but just can't bring myself to make the commitment. I just don't think I have time to watch something that long!


    I suppose I could google this, but does anyone know if there are any recent series by the guy who did Tenchi Muyo and El Hazard? I know he did Tenchi GXP and I keep meaning to watch that one, but wasn't thrilled by the first episode. Maybe it gets better. Still, any others by that guy in the last few years? Tenchi and EH were my favorites back in college when they were new.

  3. I'm from Indianapolis. I'm really shocked by how much coverage this has been getting on the national/world scene. I didn't think it was that shocking of a fight. It made me realize that we actually sort of expect this sort of behavior. Artest has tossed cameras and shoved ref's in the past. I'm glad he's gone for the year. Though I'm obviously not too happy that O'Neal and Jackson are gone for 30 games. That basically put my team in the toilet for the year.


    The talk on all the local stations in Indianapolis is about how the Detroit fans are to blame and should be punished. There's a lot of talk about closing out fans in detroit for the next pacers game, so they have no home court advantage and lose upwards of $5 million in revenue. I think that's more than warranted. Its what would be done europe when football hooligans get out of control.

  4. Those who cannot upgrade to IE6 would have Windows 95 if they have windows 98 and above they have no reason not being able to upgrade to IE6...



    I will never use Firefox as that sucks !


    but hey, we know about it, how about those who dont even know what a browser is but can surf the net (like SuperFlash @ A@H :( )



    Haha this is very timely because just this week my cpu died and until the replacement arrives I am on an old system with IE5. :) Good work being so diligent with compatability.

  5. In just the last week I've started having the strangest problem with p2p fileshare programs. Whenever I run a p2p program, it totally kills my entire internet connection. The program can't get any connections itself (I've tried 3 bitorrent clients and emule) and nothing else works either, ftp, web, or even my email or a simple ping. But as soon as I turn off the offending p2p program, everything is fine again. DC++ does not cause this problem. I'm using XP SP1. Been a little nervous about upgrading to SP2 but could do that if anyone thinks it might help fix it. Anyone have any suggestions on what could cause such an odd problem with all my P2P programs?

  6. I have a weird bitorrent problem that is driving me insane and I could really used some help. In the past week or so, whenever I try and run my bittorrent app (ABC) it cuts my internet connection down to a crawl. The bitorrent doesn't get any speed (not suprising since its bitorrent) but it also cuts my browser and anything else I try and run down to nothing. I can't even check my email while its running.

    Anyone seen this slowdown problem before and know what to do about it?


    EDIT: I tried it in azureus as well. Same deal, pretty much kills my internet connection. Maybe its something with the port or something? I just can't figure out what would cause it to affect my connection this way.

  7. FYI you can be a Christian and believe in evolution. I am a Catholic and believe in evolution. We treat the book of Genesis as an allegory. I'd go into its doctrine on evolution but its rather complex. The Catholic church is now actually very science friendly. Its a complete reversal of the end of the middle ages. Now its those wacky protestant fundamentalists who believe in every word in the bible literally. Though I doubt even most of them believe the world was created in seven days. Just go watch Inherit the Wind if you're confused on that.


    There is a theory out there of 'intelligent design'. That's the successor to creationism. It basically says that evolution by chance is too unlikely and so there must be some intelligent hand molding species over the years. But this theory fails because most of its supporters try and insist that the world isn't as old as evidence suggests, so they always throw in nonesense like saying dinosaurs lived with humans and such which makes their theory untenable.


    Basically the modern dispute between evolution and intelligent design proponents comes down to whether or not you think man evolved from something else. By saying man is a random evolution removes him from the center of creation and that is not something the intelligent design people will tolerate.


    If you're interested in reading modern stuff of evolution, read something by Stephen Jay Gould. "The Panda's Thumb" is a good introduction to modern evolutionary theory.



  8. I felt bad for Hamm when he had to go after that guy who got totally shafted on the high bar finals. Then when they gave Hamm way too high a score, you could tell he didn't really want it at that point. If he'd won gold on that one as well, there would have been a riot.


    But then today I saw him say that he watched the Korean's performance and decided that his own was better. He should have stayed quiet about it if he was going to keep his metal. Either give it back or just be a quiet winner. No reason to be a dick about it.

  9. I would join except for the time difference between USA and Australia.  I don't know the exact time difference, and I will probably have better things to do.  Oh well.  Good Luck to you guys!!!

    You can rank the players now, and if you can't be there for the live draft it will draft automatically for you based on those rankings. I've done this before. You won't end up with a bad selection. Especially if we don't have the full number of teams. To be honest, I usually do better with the people I pick up after the draft who were unknown but are suddenly doing good this year.

  10. Before the season starts, you pick players from a list of the entire league. Then each week you select players to play in a matchup against another entry. Then it takes the stats each player scores in actual games that week and converts it into points. If all your players total more points than the other guy's players that week, you win. And the last few weeks of the season are a playoff to determine the overall winner.


    There are other ways to do it, but that's the general format. The trick is to figure out which of your players is going to do well that week based on the team they are actually playing.


    I'm much better at fantasy basketball, but don't mind having fun and losing at fantasy football. Last year I was like 2-10 Damn you Michael Vick and Marshall Faulk! :(

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