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  1. Your class is easy? Why does that piss you off? usually that's a good thing.



    I'm pissed off at how my fiance got passed up for a promotion, even though she runs her office and no one there can survive without her. Its purely because she's a woman and doesn't go drinking and whoring with the guys on business trips.


    Oh and my boss has recently yelled at me twice for minor mistakes I've made, when she's making the exact same sort of mistakes in her work.


    I guess I am just pissed off at all the corporate bullshit you have to put up with at entry level :)

  2. Good to see someone else here following the NBA free agency!

    I think its hilarious what is going on with LAL. Think back to the beginning of last year, when everyone was calling them the new Dream Team. Gotta love how it ended up. Well, as long as you're not from LA :)

    I would have expected Bryant to go to the Clippers, but now that Shaq has been traded, LA would be better. Sticking with Odom & Payton would be better for him since Clippers would have to lose Q if they sign Kobe.


    As for the other teams, I'm a little sad that my team (Indiana) didn't get the big trade they wanted (McGrady for anyone but O'Neal & Artest). But our trade for Stephen Jackson might end up good for us.

    I think the biggest winner so far is Houston. Yao & McGrady is the new Shaq & Kobe :) Well, at least they're the big winner until we find out Kobe's fate.

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