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  1. ya you want to do it in two steps, like IJTF_Cinder said. Capture to uncompressed avi, or if you just can't fit that, huffy avi. Uncompressed can be upwards of 40gb, but capturing any other way will just give you total crap. Then use virtualdub to compress it to xvid or whatever. Check out doom9.org for good guides on the entire process.

  2. It's a good movie, you should see it even if you are a Bush person. Is there another pirated version floating around other than the cam version that I've seen on Suprnova? I would like to download it and see it again.

    You might want to give this a shot:


    has anyone completed this download and tried it? All I've seen around is the crappy cam. I'm suspicious that its a fake. Is there a way to see what's inside the torrent file before its complete?

  3. Are those games out yet? I've not played them. Last game I played was Star Wars Galaxies. It had potential, most of which was utterly wasted.

    I did play a lot of EQ, and hope that EQ2 doesn't fall into the same completely broken state that currently plagues EQ. But I am also not hopeful there.

  4. I'm excited for this, but it is not at all the first emulation radio show. Emuunlim had one (I know cause I hosted it for awhile). That was done more as a newscast. We used realmedia to do a slideshow with the broadcast. The whole thing was maybe 15 minutes each week. So its quite a bit different. Also, doesn't one of the spanish sites have an actual on the air radio emulation show in Madrid? I seem to remember seeing that when looking for Chankast info.

  5. Is anyone here old enough to actually have a job? :D


    I am a technical writer and editor. I have also worked in computer tech support. I preferred the technical support except for the whole phone glued to my ear thing

  6. I lived in japan for awhile. Its nice though its a bit disconcerting for most americans. I am from indiana, and grew up surrounded by corn fields. Japan is so crowded, it can really bug you out if you're used to wide open spaces. But things are really nice there, just crowded and expensive.

    I want to move to Canada. I plan to move there just before I have kids so they can have canadian citizenship. Yay for universal health care and college!

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