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  1. poweremu.net lists puts up screenshots of games being released in the arcade soon. They don't differentiate between emu news and arcade news very well. That naomi shot is just an arcade announcement, like the KOF and Tekken 5 shots.

  2. I know that some games weren't ripped at all, I assume because they couldn't fit them down onto 1 cd. D2 comes to mind. I never saw a release of that.

    if you look at the nfo's on a lot of echelon releases, you can see that on most games nothing truly important was ripped. a lot can be accomplished with downsampling of audio and video. But I guess I can think of a few cases were that hurt the quality of the game. I'd love to have Shenmue without that horrible downsampled audio.

  3. This is awesome news! Very smart little extra utilities.

    I wonder if you will be able to easily add cheats? It would be really nice to get a huge database together.


    I think I need to meet this guy, maybe he and I could come up with something to fix the vga problem w/o having to re-record. Some sort of dummy file that fakes the emulator into thinking the cd-rom is correctly patched or something.

  4. the vms browser is great news, but that selfboot is harder to use than it looks. I've known for awhile that fixing the bootfile can fix the vga cable issue, however I cannot get my cd-rom to read in dos, which is necessary for selfboot to work. Specifically, it has to show up as a SCSI drive.

    I can help out anyone who wants to try it. I may not have used it successfully yet, but I have figured out everything about it in the process B)

  5. 1) Yes, go into the bios and format the memory card. After that it *should* save. But its possible Chanka resets it to unformatted every time you start it up, like it annoyingly does with the bios time. I haven't tested this enough.


    2) I think yes, it can be fixed. VGA cable support is controlled by a setting in the bootfile on the CD. In order to change this, you have to run binhack on it with an ip.bin that has vga support enabled. However, I am having trouble getting the selfboot tools to work for me. Its the same process as making any other game seflbooting, but I am just not having any luck doing it under winxp. If we can't get it fixed now, I'm sure it'll be fixed in the next version as that's a tiny little fix.


    3) dunno, will try this when I get home. there maybe be a hidden commandline option. A secret command line option for loading iso and bin files has already been revealed.

  6. I'm trying to make a few dreamcast games selfboot. However, I am unable to use the selfboot tools because I can't get my cd/dvd-rw drive to show up in dos. My emulated Alcohol 120% drive shows up, but I need that recorder in order to complete the process. Anyone have an idea how to get it to show up and be usable with CDrecord? It seems to be a problem specifically with XP.

    here's a link to the selfboot tutorial, that might be a good starting point for a solution:


    Thanks for any help!

  7. The Chankast authors shared a nice bit of info today. Apparently there is a commandline to load iso files directly!

    Courtesy of DCEmu.co.uk:


    Hi, I am garrofi, one of the chankast author.


    I think I am not very popular right now 


    You can use -file:filename.bin or -file:data.iso to load an application. I use it to test kos examples in chankast.


    Starsdemo.iso works and a lot of kos examples. I would like to improve net-bsd compatibility, but after reading some comentaries about us, I don't feel like doing it.


    btw, I don't have emulated #trap opcode and a lot of homebrew apps use it.




    All that stuff about homebrews and him not being very popular is because all people have done on that particular forum is diss them since this emulator came out. They just can't stand that it plays commercial games better than homebrew and think Chankast will kill the homebrew scene/promote piracy/end the world. Garrofi should come talk to a nice board like this where we'll give him his due props for this huge acoomplishment!

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