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  1. Are we starting a new thread for v0.2 or using this one?

    Testing game that didn't work for me before (may have worked for some in 0.1)

    Utopia Boot Disc: Almost works! Lets me switch cds, starts to load but doesn't finish.

    Evil Dead: Hail to the King: Works

    Chu Chu Rocket: working! (no CDDA support for music)

    Shenmue II: Works. best with Z write AND alpha Z write on.

    Last Blade 2 FE: Working, but 1/4 resolution

    KOF Evolution: Same, 1/4 resolution.

    Alone in the Dark: locks up in same place at 0.1

    Urban Chaos: Crashes at sega logo

    Ferrari F355 Challenge: Crashes at sega logo

    NBA 2K2: Crashed same place as 0.1

    Starlancer: Doesn't work.

    SF Rush 2049: Exits to bios after sega logo

    Games with Echelon trainers now play the trainer, but lock up afterwards. For me these include Fatal Fury Garou, Skies of Arcadia, Rez, Bomberman Online, Tennis 2k2

    Soldier of Fortune: Doesn't lock up, but doesn't do anything either. Just a black screen, but the framerate number keeps changing.

    Alien Front: same as SOF

    Mame: Same as SOF

  2. Its true its not illegal to link to sites that contain illegal material. It can get you threaded by the copyright holder though. :D But taking down the offending link solves that problem. People are too uptight sometimes. I swear on some sites its a contest to see who can be the biggest prig about berating anyone who speaks of anything that might be remotely related to playing a game that you didn't buy! o.O

  3. Garrofi posted this on the offical Chankast board:

    Hi all,


    First at all, we wanna announce ElSemi has joint chanka team  He is the programmer of nebula and nebula model 2.


    And about chankast, we are gonna release a new chankast version this weekend. You are gonna love the new features:


    - more stable, no more random crashes

    - better gfx core

    - more compatibility

    - speed improvements

    - cable selector

    - new pad support

    - and a lot of more features




    woohoo! Can't wait to get soul calibur, DOA2 and shenmue working :(

  4. Economic Left/Right: -4.62

    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.82


    Its not a good test though, the questions are worded in a way that plays on sympathies in order to push people to the left.

    For example:

    "A same sex couple in a stable, loving relationship, should not be excluded from the possibility of child adoption."

    The words "stable, loving relationship" are not strictly necessary for the question. The engender sympathy with the subject, even if its just on a subconcious level. Nobody wants to be truly mean at heart, so there will be less people disagreeing than if the question was worded as the more neutral "Homosexuals should be allowed to adpot."

    However, I'm not sure you could ever create a test of this nature that would not be biased.

  5. Here's a site with lots of codebreaker cheats:



    Tried a couple of codebreaker lists. Looks like not every game works.

    The codebreaker codes I found for Project Justice were wrong.

    I also tried powerstone, and those worked:


    [P1 Infinite Health]


    [P1 Play As Valgas]


    [P1 No Health]


    [P1 1-Hit Death]


    [P1 Have All Stones]


    [P1 Have No Stones]


    [P1 Infinite Power Up]


    [P1 No Power Up P1]


    [P2 Infinite Health]


    [P2 No Health]


    [P2 1-Hit Death]


    [P2 Have All Stones]


    [P2 No Stones]


    [P2 Infinite Power Up]


    [P2 No Power Up]


    [Hit Anywhere (Both Players)]


    [All Attacks Hurt P1]


    [All Attacks Hurt P2]







  6. Blue Submarine No. 6: Time and Tide --Working. Some audio and graphical glitches. Only played through the city screens. I didn't have the patience to get toa point in the story where I could actually go out in the sub. But I would definatley put it down as playable.


    emsley: This is an alpha release, so it does need a lot of work. Fortunately the authors are hard at work on the next version. I have a feeling this emulator will start to have a finished look in no time at all. What they have done so far is incredibly impressive.

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