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  1. Ok thanks. I knew about the renaming but I used 6 as the naming guide. Ill post on coinops project and see what I get Thanks.
  2. Ok so I got the massive download and installed it to my xbox and works perfect till I go to add to the library then it gets all bad. Non of the games show up after a rescan. Only the ones that came with it. Is there a big rename change done to this or is there something im missing?
  3. "XBOX romsConsoles/XBOX_Gamename.zip (POINTER) or roms/XBOX_Gamename.zip (POINTER) this will boot /XBOX_Gamename.xbe (This should be a created from "Xbe Shortcut Maker.exe" to tell it where to point)" I have my xbox game zip on F:\coinops\romsconsoles\XBOX_gamename.zip. and created a shortcut to F:\coinops\romsconsoles\XBOX_gamename\default.xbe and named the shortcut XBOX_gamename.xbe both the shortcut and the zip game file are in romconsoles\ but it shows as a playable game but when I select it it goes into the unleashedx dashboard... any ideas?
  4. Ok to start off. Softmodded with 500gb hdd. Has E and F partitions that are used. E has all the emulators and stuff on including coinops 6 r16. F has Xbox games and roms. I am aware that coinops will not run with no roms in folders. So I put a snes rom in E:\Emulators\CoinOPS 6 R16\roms16BitConsoles\snesgame.zip but when I boot up coinops it bootloops. How do I get this to detect the roms and how do I change the rom paths seems how E is not where they are stored. I tried to change the Path file to where the roms were and no luck.
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