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  1. I will be releasing these on private trackers before the weekend... I need to upload them to the seedbox first and I only get 40-60kbs so it will take until friday \ saturday... maybe sooner !
  2. Thanks Fu, again with goods.... appreciated !
  3. download link dont work... limit reached... here is another link to the skin hxxp://dl.dbank.com/c0y9r1ekkn replace xx with pp
  4. looks great, I hope there is a link to it somewhere.... (cough, cough) lol
  5. I trondle round the carboot sales picking up xboxes when I can find em cheap enough... I have 5 now (1 i broke myself, my 1st ever xbox 1.1) 2 crystal 1 green 2 black
  6. you already fixed Robocop 3 so im happy ! if you can fix Gun Games for D-pad use maybe?
  7. BP this is genius... You are a genius, Cant wait to play Goldeneye and Pilot Wings in HD
  8. Thank you BP, looking forward to the game pack too Keep up the stella work !!!
  9. Hey BP, Sorry to hear your not going forward with your new plan and reverting back to the old method. Im sure many people (myself included) have been really looking forward to this upcoming upgrade. Thanks Ace PS I hope to see "Project 2" at some point... I remember you were thinking of releasing this soon and I would like to see that at some point
  10. Hey dark, I believe this was mentioned before.... Its not a playable version, its a rolling video and so is Space Ace... The game is still availible to buy in the shops on DVD and may bring unwanted attention to the CoinOPS project by its publisher. (Its also HUGE, Dragons Lair and Space Ace would expand the size of CoinOPS by about 8GB) I hope this helps... PS Maybe there is a Console version that could be added instead....
  11. No problem, I hope it helps you get to the bottom of the issue...
  12. This might be of help it might not... Its a controller test CD /?d=XMV79UJY (go to a certain mega uploading website and add the bit in bold to the end
  13. wOw.... Nice Job BP, Really looking forward to the update pack Thank you
  14. great news BP, really looking forward to the new update
  15. Thrill Kill I have uploaded for BP to add if he wishes, I will have a look for the other PSX games and Upload them if I have them... Im sure I got Bust a move 99 and Worms... If not I will look online for you
  16. This is also know as Kurushi, I believe there is a second game called Kurushi Final.... You are quite right too, It is a very taxing but fun puzzle game ! Hey BP, Nice to see more arcade titles... 2.1 will be awesome !
  17. Try re-adding the all files and folders EXCEPT "Roms and Videos" folders then try again
  18. There are also MU links uploaded by Blank, if you want those just PM me
  19. Here is what I have, If anyone know's of any I missed please add them. If they are more than 2 disks please state. Abe Oddssyee Abe Exoddus Abe Oddworld Driver 2 Final Fantasy 7 - 3disk Final Fantasy 8 - 4 disk Final Fantasy 9 - 4 disk Fear Effect Fear Effect 2 Streetfighter 2 the collection Metal Gear Solid Parasite Eve Parasite Eve 2 Resident Evil 2 Alone in the Dark 4 X-files - 4 disk G-police Gran Turismo 2 arcade gran Turismo 2 Simulation G-Police2 Weapons of Justice Grand Theft Auto 2 (London Mission Pack)
  20. Thank you, ill give it a go
  21. Some games require a "mid game swap" Like Metal Gear, However others like Resident Evil 2 "boot standalone", I believe BP is looking into this after he is done with the N64 stuff... Maybe a button combo to load disk image but im not to sure. BP has asked for a list of games that are 2 disk... I have sent a list of about 20 or so
  22. I have loads of players and stages for MUGEN, can I just add them to folders or do I need to do something special first? I had a quick look on google but turned nothing useful up... Thanks
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