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  1. Nice thanks for the reply it's nice to hear this might be the last "full" version of this i will have to download.
  2. awesome thanks guys i appreciate that, also 1 last question if you don't mind:D will i be able to upgrade this version with the stuff they are adding later on? i dont wanna have to download 20+gb everytime a new version comes out:P thanks for all your help.
  3. Alright so i may as well just get the full version of v2, any idea where i might find a torrent of v2, only one i can find is on xboxisozone and its really slow:( Thanks.
  4. Hi, i downloaded coinops epic awhile ago and it was quite huge 18-20gb or so and i was wondering if its possible to upgrade epic to coinops 2? will all the roms that come with epic version work with 2 version? and how would i got about doing it if possible, just copy the coinops 2 standalone to xbox hdd and move roms from epic folder into 2 version folder? Thanks for your help.
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