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  1. Yeah, Budwin cant upload there so I done the needful
  2. THIS IS A VIDEO OFF YOUTUBE TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF WHAT YOU CAN DO.... USE LEGEND BELOW FOR IUNSTRUCTIONS ON FLYING AND CHANING INTO DIFFERENT PLAYERS. Its a modified version of the P1tch Edition Find it on UG enjoy, full credit to budwin NEW PLAYER SKINS (Same as v1) Spiderman Batman Superman Venom Ironman Thor Green Lantern and more Loads of new Pedestrians NOTES: Over 250 new comic type peds all made or converted by me. New buildings,items,weapons,and loading screens Cover and loading screens were made by ACE9094. This game is still a WIP, and is not 100% the game may crash and or lock up at times. I put the PAl fix in as well for all you PAl xbox users. As allways let me know of any bugs or whatnot you may find, and if you may need any help. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XBox Legend: Action Button, GROUP CTRL FOWARD, REVERSE or SECONDARY FIRE : L Crouch or Horn(vehicule): Left Thumbstick HANDBRAKE: X ENTER: Y Yes & No: Left and Right D-Pad Enter L + X to enter MultiMod,Hidden Interiors,CJ Get High and Drunk MultiMod : L + L2 Hidden Interiors / Teleporter : L + Right D-Pad CJ Get High and Drunk : L + R2 To Disable these 3 Mod L + Left D-Pad Disable Multi Mod to Use the Driver Mod Helicopter: L + Right D-Pad To Disable the Driver Mod L + Left D-Pad MultiMod Keys Pressed:HOLD L+X, Then Click L Stick+L,Then use the d-pad < > ***Set Current Wanted Level YES/NO to go from 0 to 6 stars ***Set Maximum Wanted Level YES/NO to go from 0 to 6 stars ***Set Traffic Density YES/NO to go from 0 to 100 percent ***Make Car Heavy YES/NO 0 (normal weight) to 1 (heavy weight) ***Set Cops Ignore CJ YES/NO 0 (normal behavior) to 1 (cops ignore you) ***Set Everyone Ignore CJ YES/NO 0 (normal behavior) to 1 (everyoneignore you) ***Choose Any Mission YES/NO to go from mission 2 to 134,L to start the mission see Document.txt ***Enable Parachute YES/NO 0(disabled) to 1 (enabled) ***Change CJ's Stats YES/NO R+A (increase) R+B (decrease) see Document.txt for stat numbers ***Set Current Time YES/NO go from 0:00 to 23:00, L to apply ***Weather adjuster YES/NO go from 0 to 19 see Document.txt for weather ***Ped spawner YES/NO to change actor,L to spawn,R to be(no gun in your hand) ***Open car Doors YES/NO to go from 0 to 5, L to apply ***Gamespeed adjuster YES/NO 10 (damn slow) to 200 (super fast) ***Toggle Naval Base missle YES/NO 0 (off) to 1 (on) ***Toggle military wanted level YES/NO 0 (off) to 1 (on) ***Toggle gang war YES/NO 0 (off) to 1 (on) ***Toggle Los Santos riot YES/NO 0=off, 1=on ***Toggle train traffic YES/NO 0=on 1=off ***Toggle car sprayable YES/NO 0=sprayable, 1=not sprayable ***Toggle car visibility YES/NO 0=invisible, 1=visible, L to apply ***Improve car's handling YES/NO (100 to 200) ***Keep stuff after busted YES/NO (0=keep, 1=lose) ***Keep stuff after wasted YES/NO (0=keep, 1=lose) ***Toggle free Pay n Spray YES/NO (0=pay, 1=free) ***Make CJ bleed YES/NO (0=normal, 1=bleed) ***Deflate car tires YES/NO (0 to 3, L in vehicle to select number) ***Set vehicle color YES/NO to go through primary colour, A/B to go through secondary colors,L to apply ***Take a picture L to take a picture ***Disable vehicle & zone text YES/NO 1 (enable text) to 0 (disabled text) ***Object spawner YES/NO 615 to 2872, L to apply ***Add money YES/NO Increase or Decrease,(A to add)(B to subtracted)then L to apply ***Car's health adjuster YES/NO Adjusts the car's health,L to apply ***Set car's hydraulics YES/NO 0 (off) to 1 (on), L to apply ***Set car's nitros YES/NO 0 (off) to 1 (on), L to apply ***Set CJ's clothes YES/NO 0=suit,1=shirts,2=pants,3=shoes,4=chain,5=watch,6=glasses,7=head,8=hair ***Timer Control YES/NO Increase or Decrease the mission timer ***Car spawner YES/NO car ID from 400 to 611, L to spawn, R to remote drive First Person Camera Keys Pressedin vehicle)L+NO to Exit, L+YES to re-enter Weapon Select Keys Pressed:R+X, WHITE to cycle to next menu Helicopter Magnet Keys Pressed:Click L Stick in a choper, B to release car NRG Transport Keys Pressed:RUN+YES Bomb Drop Keys Pressed:Click L to drop bombs from the hydra Sit Down Keys Pressed:BACK button+YES, X to stand back up Trip Skip Keys Pressedin vehicle) YES Mission Skipper Keys Pressedin vehicle) L+UP(D-Pad) Hidden Interiors Keys Pressed:L+YES+A, Y to enter, L+NO to exit Bullet Time Keys Pressed:R+DOWN(D-PAD), A to deactivate Fast Heli Take-off Keys Pressed:Click L Stick when u enter any Helicopter Wall Climbing Keys Pressed:HOLD X Super CJ aka Superman Keys Pressed:Jump off something & hold forward, Superpowers WHITE+BLACK Vehicle Guns Keys Pressedin vehicle)UP(D-Pad) to enable, DOWN(D-Pad) to shot Superbrake Keys Pressedin vehicle)L+R+X SuperNOS Keys Pressedin vehicle)Click R Stick,fly like a rocket CJ Get High and Drunk Keys Pressed:L+X,then L+Click R Stick, then goto the BAR Flat Tire Fix Keys Pressed:goto the trunk Y to pickup the wheel. click L stick to put it on Save Anywhere Keys Pressed:Click L+R Sticks to Save Anywhere Give and Take Guns Keys Pressed:R+up(D-Pad)hold R still,then press YES Stinger Drop Keys Pressedin vehicle) B to drop a spike strips PatriotExplosionLauncher Keys Pressed:B while in a Patriot to launch an explosion Driver Car Keys Pressed:Hold L outside CJ's house at Redmarker for Carlist (Get in car) Click L Stick to get into car,tell the driver to speed up with YES or NO, R to stop car (Drive by mode) L to go into drive by mode, B to shot Driver Helicopter Keys Pressed:HOLD L+YES to call,tell to leave L+NO, (Insidechopper) Click L Stick (to tell the driver were to go)) (Pick Chopper Gun) L to bring up Gun menu, then press Yes+A to pick your gun (Exit chopper Gun) Yes Perfect Start This opens up the entire state in the beginning Parked Cars Added Parked Cars Chop Shop complete Wang's Autos & your San Fierro garage is a Chop Shop Hunter Madness Get Six-Stars & the will slowly descend from the sky Sub Mission Skipper (Activate Hidden Interiors)Then head over to the drainage canal Pizza Cake Go to the payphone north of the LVPD HQ Wheeler-Dealing Go to the payphone west of the Jefferson Motel Big Bank Job Go to the northern payphone south of the Jefferson Motel Get Gama Rei Go to the southern payphone at Pier 69 Follow That Traitor Go to the western payphone inside Cranberry Station Get Zitzaki Go to the eastern payphone inside Cranberry Station Swat Van Swipe Go to the northern payphone at Pier 69 Headlights N/A on XBOX Engine Operation N/A on XBOX Rockstar Changes Most of the introduction to the game have been deleted Home Brains hobos piss on the ground, sit on the sidewalk,get drunk Steed You can never fall off your motorcycle Invincibility God mode,literally everything proof, can't kill this NIGGER Speedometer There will be a speed gauge on the screen Invincible Vehicle Integrated with God mode GTA2 Camera Top Camera view, like in the classic GTAs Real Time The time in the game will be in real time Mod Shop Brown door living room of CJ's house or red door San Fierro garage Coordinates Game coordinates Car Unflip Your vehicle will automatically flip itself Hot Coffee Just get a girlfriend and make her proud (Sex Mod) Ammunation Upgrade All weapons are unlocked in the beginning Gang Warfare Gangs will appear everywhere in three major cities Quadruple InsaneStunt You can now achieve a quadruple insane stunt bonus Drive Thru Airport You can now use the airport while in a car Petrol Every vehicle you drive will need gas, u can refill gas at most gas stations San Andreas All In One Mod v3.0 -by spaceeinstein -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Glitches -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are too lazy to read the details, look here. Mission Skipper forces a mission to end so it might glitch up the game The Color Shop could crash version 1.01 and 2.0 of San Andreas Sometimes the transients pee forever and sometimes the pee still comes out even though they are not peeing If Bullet Time is enabled, any area where you need to press the SPRINT button might crash the game Sometimes the Bullet Time timer does not work right There is a maximum speed number for the speedometer for flying vehicles and that cannot be increased If you "climb" in front of a vehicle, you might get merged into it or the vehicle disappears GTA2 Camera will be a little jumpy When you spawn the RC Tiger in remote mode, do not press the FIRE button Spawning bikes or boats in remote mode does not let those vehicles be remotely controlled Weird things can happen if you start a mission when you are not suppose to start it Adjusting certain stats in the game can make the game weird Spawning too much objects or peds in one place will crash the game Sometimes changing into a ped make you uncontrollable
  3. Comic Book Edition released at an "underground" place for "gamer"s
  4. it should be availible on torrent This version is due soon and is even cooler, It has all of the the stuff in the Budwin edition and more.... I have beta 1 at the moment, anyone who played GTA SA and liked it or played the Budwin edition is in for a treat very soon..... New cars, bikes, planes, boats, pedestrians, costumes, buildings, weapons, billboards, title screens, loading screens and more !!!!! I will try and make this a dropbox exclusive for the first couple of weeks before releasing torrents online.... Budwin will continue to build on this project so another release will be out next year sometime. I personally love the GTA games.... Here is the cover for GTA: Comic Book Edition
  5. another nice job Fu RE 1.5 (one day, just maybe)
  6. I met a guy today at work who wrote a couple of games for the Amiga, we got chatting and he showed me his site... These games are really cool and the story for one is nothing short of amazing.... Both are availible to download and also some C64 stuff he wrote We have all heard of a certain game by about stealing cars and free roaming enviroments right??? Well visit his web site and read his amazing story: http://geeteed.com/compgame.htm I am really looking forward to having a go at these games.... The Author is a REALLY sound guy so please loopk at his webpage! (Fu I dont know if you have ever seen these or if anyone already knows about them)
  7. You wont find the Marvel \ DC version just yet... Its in beta at the moment... I have the IMG file so if you grab the budwin or pitch edition this file just replaces it I have not put anywhere to download as its only a beta so you wont find it online It is almost the same as the budwin version but the Peds have changed Joker, superman, batman (different version) iceman etc etc LOAD of new peds, Billboards etc... Budwin will be also changing the load screens and start screen (I helped him with the artwork for those) but he has been working on this for MONTHS Example Venom is 390MB, he needed to be remodelled to 90mb to fit or the game kept crashing FULL CREDIT TO BUDWIN FOR THE TIME AND EFFORT HE IS PUTTING INTO THIS PROJECT !
  8. It means you can select timed play.... example £1 = 30mins I bought 1 off bulge before he went overseas.... pm me ya email ansd ill send you the documents on monday or just google them personally id just use hacked pads its cheaper and you can custom design everything... also use i use 4:3 tv but its your call... have you seen my build thread on arcadecontrols and emulab? ps i also have an x-arcade and the connectors for xbox too.... are you in the UK?
  9. budwin has done another version (well most of it) Its a Marvel edition...
  10. in my honest opinion, its xbox all the way, limitations or not.. Ive seen tons of cabinets that have a keyboard and mouse and are PC based... to me that just looks odd and nothing like I played as a kid. I admire what PC cabs can do but not the look and feel of them, I seen one with a joystick that controls the menu... bizzare boot time is a nightmare, config also a nightmare.... you would benifit from more games but look at what are your true favourite games... I bet 90% or more play on xbox. I love the layout and look of hyperspin but the config and options are just a nightmare... Love it or hate it, you cannot beat Coinops in a cab... you ask any cab owner running coinops.... If there is a substantial ammount of games you play that dont work in coinops then go for PC... For me it is like 50 or less so its gotta be coinops! There is nothing better out there, BP's creation of a multi launching emulator in 1 GUI its perfect for a cab and is the reason I built a cab in the first place... Head over to http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/ you will see some amazing PC based machines and console based machines Good luck with whatever you decide
  11. here is a vid for the amiga vesion of the game called brutal sports football. download link http://www.mediafire.com/?6d55l8pn4rdu56n should play fine on neogenesis. nice upload... lovced amiga version thanks Fu
  12. So your saying CBA should be allowed to accuse me of doing something I have not done??? and when i defend myself, its poor old CBA, well sorry but no. unfortunatly your wrong.... I have never been abusive on here or anywhere else.... HOWEVER, those of you who know me will know im a good family man with morals... however you will also know anyone who comes calling me out saying ANYTHING about me for NO reason at all will be abused face to face or online... Im a nice guy who likes to help, I dont take kindly to people running there mouth about me. I wont appologize however I will remove the langague as I pm'd him direct with my problem with him. If I offended anyone else, im sorry but that was not the intention, but I will tell you this... dont attack me and expect me to sit back and say nothing. CBA offended me 3 times in his post and no one says jack 1) I would NEVER bump a thread to push other threads down the line EVER 2) I am NOT never have done or ever will have more than one logon at ANY site 3) I would NEVER try and stir up rubbish online... Say what you like about BP and your stupid petty war with him... but leave me out of it and NEVER tar ,me with the same brush. I have an idea why he thinks im 2 people and that has been addressed, but if he would of pm'd me i could of spoke with him about it. Ban me, delete my post whatever you want.... but ill tell you this The respect I had for CBA has now gone.
  13. right to clear this shit up NOW.... I have a job, a family and better ******* things to do than "login and out".... NO i am not gamezfan... if you think i am am thats up to, I am a grown man not a 14 year old kid with little other to do other than "login and out replying to my own threads" as you put it.... The threads I started are genuine and so are my replies to comments... Threads I start on the new coinops home are genuine, I have nothing to do with Gamezfan or Wired-child I would love to know why you think that I am gamezfan... you mentioned before in a post we were from the same place... what did that mean exactly? I will tell you this you ******** dinosaur, I had respect for you and what you do, regardless of what BP says or anyone else slagging you off weather its about your skinning stuff, breaking lightgun or support whatever.... I have my own opinion and that was you were a decent guy cus you were bothered to help me with my evox ini file.... Remember? But if you wanna call me out, and slag me off saying all that ******** without even bothing to PM and confront me or backing up your argument, then all i can say is ******* I dont take kindly to it.... I have said it before and ill say it again I DO NOT get involved in the whole war between you lot, its petty, its ********... I only pipe up to defend myself or help someone if needed Now get some balls next time grandad and PM me so we can discuss it DO NOT slag me off in public you ******* **** !
  14. yep.... count me in.... shame Bloody roar mod aint availible no more...
  15. crazy.... you try and help someone.... This place is becoming tumble weed city and I can see why.... who cares about the link, i mean really? its not an illegal link posting to roms... Its a link to offer HELP to someone who needs it... COINOPS, BP, ERROR404, COINOPS2 BLAH BLAH BLAH am i gonna get A WARNING OR A BAN for mentioning his name or emulator or speaking my mind? i loved this place at 1 time... not just for coinops but for the people and the fact they HELP people on all kinds of subjects. well... the shoe is on the other foot. emuxtras can't be linked but you can say google it and you'll get what you need, so if you say emulabs and google it i think that is ok. i went to the site and it's dull... there's a post saying that mame should be taken out of coinops... i like coinops before the consoles added but... i'll leave that alone. the site has been open 3 weeks.... and im sure its had many many more hits that this place, but thats not what its about. its about helping people who want it as i jave said before and I will say AGAIN.... I like the Xtras stuff, always have always will.... what I do not like is the BS war between everyone so I stay out... I piped up as someone needed help and got turned away by Link over a LINK (kinda ironic) whoever said no posting xtras links wernt me...! I mentioned in before about links in signatures and copywrite stuff but that was not aimed at xtras , it was again a point about me teling people where to get help and files for coinops. I grabbed the xtras stuff and SEEDED for AGES.... same with the MSX stuff recently I seeded over 70gb... I love coinOPS as its in my cab and eveything just looks nicer accessable in one place and is hands down the best thing on xbox 64 or 128 tusty boxes ! its annoying when people wont help someone else because that got issues with someone else.... im mean WTF???? If you read the post by Mclane, he has not asked for mame to be removed... He just did not want roms that dont work being added to coinops like you see in mame... anyone else wanna pipe up ??? feel free
  16. here is a google link... the top 1 on the list, you will get the help you require http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&s...mp;aql=&oq=
  17. crazy.... you try and help someone.... This place is becoming tumble weed city and I can see why.... who cares about the link, i mean really? its not an illegal link posting to roms... Its a link to offer HELP to someone who needs it... COINOPS, BP, ERROR404, COINOPS2 BLAH BLAH BLAH am i gonna get A WARNING OR A BAN for mentioning his name or emulator or speaking my mind? i loved this place at 1 time... not just for coinops but for the people and the fact they HELP people on all kinds of subjects.
  18. You have a right to mention what you like... if people dont like the thread then they wont comment.
  19. the x-arcade adaptert pops up for £10 now n again... and the jamma timer board... I got an x-arcade for £30 then a week later 3 popped up from arcadeworlduk....
  20. you can email trusty, i think a mainboard with CPU and Ram upgrade plus heatsync is about $220 so roughly £150 make sure you order the correct board for your box.... no point ordering a v1.1 if you got a v1.6 I really want one but just cant afford it, and to be honest there aint enough games to warrent me getting one unless i come intio some money, or get a little win on the football.... Maybe one day you will see a coinops 128mb version that has only games 64mb cant handle... Im sure it was discussed months ago but dont quote me....
  21. HI TristanX, I grabbed them from the Xtras pack but its only roms Hi trev1976, Sega CD is in white and cannot be accessed so i dont think they are there I have all the FLV's from my Emumovies account so ill have to convet them i guess... Does anyone know if can you batch convert in windows media coverter and what to do??? i have to do them 1by1 picking the options again and again The Sega CD games are in white, because the links are collapse below. What you want is Movies - Part 1 (999 MB) Movies - Part 2 (999 MB) Movies - Part 3 (999 MB) Movies - Part 4 (999 MB) Movies - Part 5 (758.2 MB) Those contain Sega CD, Genesis, and 32X I already have all the xtra's Genesis stuff from when Rx put up, I just check the XMV's and under CD - I found them..... Well all i can say is thanks guys.... Oh and "Rodney you plonker" :D
  22. HI TristanX, I grabbed them from the Xtras pack but its only roms Hi trev1976, Sega CD is in white and cannot be accessed so i dont think they are there I have all the FLV's from my Emumovies account so ill have to convet them i guess... Does anyone know if can you batch convert in windows media coverter and what to do??? i have to do them 1by1 picking the options again and again
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