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  1. Just use the drive from your other xbox if then swap it back after you softmodded it good idea, I would suggest a paperclip, last time i used a needle the so called "blunt end" went into my thumb lol
  2. I cant argue with why you cast your vote, infact I respect it... When I used the term consumer I should maybe of said "End User". However your right consumers do "Consume without consideration" but that is because we dont care about the politcal junk you guys argued about. The way I see it is like religion, "you can choose to be whatever religion you want thats fine i respect that, just dont ask me to be involved as I aint interested. While I do consume for personal reasons, I do like to try and give a little back by paying for a seedbox and MU account, I try to disribute CoinOPS to those who may not know it exsists or dont care about the junk inbetween and just want to enjoy it, Some people just wanna play games they remembered as a kid to remenise without the political stuff that comes with it Everyone who argued with BP publicly instead of over MSN or via PM have all helped fuel the fire until this xbox section burned out of control. Still saying that fair play +T+ I like your morals, the reason why you choose them and the fact you stuck to them... I commend you for that my friend. We are all entitled to an opinion, this is mine and it is not ment to cause upset, anger or bad feeling to anyone. That said Im off on holiday soon and the if I get time I will get the CoinOPS lite official verison links out before I go, you all know where to find them if you want them.
  3. Overall not really a great result for me personally and others im sure.... While devs may be happier or whatever, from a "consumer" point of view i feel it was a loss... Still each to there own. There are people on both sides of the fence that have helped me in the past which is why I choose to "sit on the fence" if you like lol Nice quote... Field of dreams? a little to quiet for me to be honest, but i will still pop by from time to time (like visiting an aunt) I hope things do pick up and news of great things still appears, Its a shame TeamZOD turned out to be bogus i was looking forward to hearing from them, however It was a nice thought i guess... Wish it was more to be honest.... on that note I think its a shame things went the way they did...
  4. I have one like that... I just gently "tap" the top until it opens
  5. Just for the record I test my rar files before release...
  6. OK to help answer the above question I would recommend CoinOPS2 R3 Standalone (I will PM you the link) That way you can add only the arcade stuff. I wouold still recommend upgrading the stock xbox HDD to a bigger one... The rotate feature is in the options but is not something I never use... I have a cab myself and would not even consider another frontend as choice as CoinOPS is hassle free and has great features like pixel perfect, HD quality video previews etc ! The only advantage to an XP machine is there are more games availible but there crap to play via a PC with all the loading, crashing, configuring etc to be honest.. over 2000 games is enough for me and CoinOPS plays almost everygame I love. As for X-Arcade, I bought one of those and the xbox adapter but never used it.... A member on here Garcimack hacked a couple of pads I sent him for a small fee... His work is AMAZING and the response times are perfect. I would recommends sending him a PM to see if he is interested. Postage to France was about £12 each way and then a small fee of his choice. all in about £50 and well worth every penny. I hope this is a more usful post and helps you to decide to at least give it try PS if you only want to use your xbox in the cab and do not want to use it for nothing else then I know how to make CoinOPS your dashboard, but once you have its a bit of a pain to get the regular dashboard back if you want to update the games. If there was an FTP added I would scratch the XBMC frontend and just use CoinOPS in my cab as the dashboard. Peace
  7. Hey BP Ill get it on the seedbox and upload it on the the torrent sites once its availible... Great work on the lite release, I look forward to the offical release... I will remove my version when I upload yours to avoid any end user confusion.
  8. Support blog? Umm, ya... I'll just post my questions as a response to postings- that seems super efficient. I getting the sense that I've walked into drama around CoinOps2 around here. If I only really need Mame, should I be looking at a different front end or just running some flavor of Mame on its own? Drama central is more like the it.... OK "support blog" is the wrong way to word it... I dont want to get caught up in this war, and I have avoided it for 18 months... I was just trying to give you some friendly advise. Its upto you what you do, What I ment was ask the author for support on his offical blog... "head over to the offical Blog for support" sounds better....
  9. EDIT: ... head over to the offical Blog for support and ask the author BP if anyone knows he will.
  10. resident evil 1.5 for PSX but i doubt that will see light of day ps nice find fu really appreciate the hook up
  11. Make a folder on E:\ called Arcade or CoinOPS and put the files in there... HOWEVER I suggest you change the DASHBOARD to XBMC 3.0.1 first./ To do this you copy a Application called "NTDS" to the E:\ drive and launch it... Its in the extras folder in the Krayzee pack you downloaded, lauch it and a brown UNLEASHX screen will appear.(you will find the app in:- Krayzie_SC-NTSC_Ndure_Installer_v1.1\Extras\APPS ) Now you got UNLEASHX from launching unleash.xbe in the NTDS goto your PC and conenct to the xbox via FTP. Now delete all the files in the DASHBOARD folder and replace them with XBMC 3.0.1 Trust me you will love it.... DO NOT REBOOT THE XBOX UNTIL ALL THE FILES HAVE COPIED ACROSS ! see below. http://www.productwiki.com/upload/images/f..._screenshot.jpg The unofficial CoinOPS lite I have created is 4.3GB copy all the files to Arcade or Coinops. It might be too big for the E:\ drive copy all the files folders across but copy the "videos" folde last as that is the biggest.... Still with me? Now when you boot the xbox you will have XBMC goto programs and and choose add location then browse to the coinops folder or Arcade folder whatevr you named it... All done... Not sure about summat? Just ask dont guess or summat might go wrong ! PS if you only wanted to play coinops and use the xbox for nothing else at all then you could put coinops in the DASHBOARD folder and thats what will load everytime you turn it on !
  12. Hey buddy, Let me know if you still want to try and fix your xbox.... I still have a few more idea's ! I need you to try and play a copied game. if you dont have one then download the one from the link I PM'd you at IPTorrents and burn the ISO to a DVD at a slow speed like 4x and try and play it in your xbox. If it boots the game then the softmod is still active and you have just lost your Dashboard and we can use a tools disk to reinstall the dash. ACE
  13. Its the same, just boot to Xbox screen and copy krayzee Linux save and SC save to Xbox hidden Load SC game and pick Linux. Choose basic install and follow on screen instructions. Let me know
  14. OK... let me know how you get on with Krayzee softmod.... If this fails we can always do the Connect to the PC and use linux CD and IDE channel. Saying that its a real pain to do as you gotta take your xbox apart etc I can digout the youtube links for it though... Hopefull Krayzee softmod will sort it out !
  15. Delete SC and Linux save, then add em again. FTP only works from mod dash I think.
  16. Ok, I need to know what's what.... Has any files been delete from E:\? If you can get to the MS dash then re-add the Linux save and the splinter cell save game.... Turn the xbox off the turn it on using the eject button... it might boot to the recovery screen... ================================================================= If this fails then download Krayzee's softmod and try it again (if you cant find it I will upload it on ITP)
  17. If you want to have a better chance of the media you burn working on xbox then use nero UDF/ISO option to burn the media. It has xbox compatability mode see this link http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...195&hl=nero
  18. Nice job on the music cave pack
  19. Thanks FU, Appreciate the link
  20. Hey boys n girls.... the update pack i uploaded is 1.5gb I just found out that files over 1gb requires a premium account. I repacking now and will re-upload it tonight... sorry for the inconvienence PS if you do have a premium account feel free to PM for the link
  21. PM sent Standalone link submitted to BP on the blog for publishing Update to follow in no less than 15 hours but maybe sooner (around 8am UK time)
  22. I started it a couple hours ago... might be done when I'm home. 2 links wont hurt I guess lol
  23. WOW..... Puts mine to shame... I put a lot of time n effort in mine, but your cab is amazing... I wish I had the space for it.... I will be sure to send the ebay link to the people I know who love arcade machines maybe you should post on the arcade forums too PS I agree with the other guys... "secure storage" maybe a great option in brum you can get it from just 2p a day Per sq ft of floor space... so maybe £3 per week (ish)
  24. Ill put it up tonight before I start the Update as the standalone will be quicker upload.... should be done by morning if all goes well
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