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  1. Anyone interested in all the UK\USA Mega CD games already renamed for use with CoinOPS? All the pointers and XMV's have also been sorted. I have not done the JAP games. I want to know if anyone wants them before I spend the next 2 or 3 weeks uploading 40GB to MU (This maybe more for Cab owners to be honest)
  2. I was starting a Barcade for my next project BUT i seen this and decided I will make one of these first ! Its truly AMAZING.... I reckon I can shrink the control panel some more by using smaller buttons... http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoo-hardwa...be-vid-inside)/ I reckon a replica MK cabinet would be cool, but only if I can get MK running on it... If you dont know what a dingoo is then look it up, for £50 its a steal and now runs MAME4ALL as a native application too ! I have 3, 1 bricked 1 with a broken R button (heavy handed SF2 playing lol) and my new one I will use the one with a broken R for this as it a button can be wired
  3. Hilarious Normal place for this Fu? Ha, great game... did you ever watch The Wizard?
  4. To be honest (and im am just being honest) there aint much else going on in this section... I say keep posting you have as much right to post what you like as anyone else.... keep it up....
  5. OK, I liked the thread by Gamez Fan about Graphics or Gameplay... So Lets see your Top 3 Classic and Top 3 Next Gen games. Classic: 1) Streetfighter II CE (Arcade) 2) Goldeneye (N64) 3) Track N Field (Arcade) Just missing the cut were: Metal Gear Solid, Mario All Stars, Double Dragon and R-Type ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next Gen 1) Uncharted (PS3) 2) Soul Calibur 4 (PS3) 3) Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3) Just Misisng the cut were: Metal Gear 4, Pro Evo 2010, TNA -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Gameplay everytime.... BUT have you ever turned on a classic retro game you loved as a kid then thought... OH NO, I just ruined some great memories of a game I once thought was AMAZING and well actually... Its pretty naff ! now love me or hate here, but one of those games is out Outrun..... Yet older games like Track N Field I can play and never get board ! Now you if you play an AMAZING LOOKING game say on PS3 and it can just seem unplayable... So you want an example.... Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (nice thread by the way)
  7. It was inside an old xbox that was givewn to me stuck to the inside metal casing.... There were no wires at all to the chip from the motherboard (also the power board, HDD and heat sync's were missing) So you think I should bin it phil? I found a site in the US that does the 2.6 one you said to get for $32
  8. I now have a new issue..... The plot thickens The xbox has been unpugged since this thread was started and now lost the time and date so wont boot games lol HOWEVER, I may have a solution, This is a mod chip I have but i have no connectors or wires... The chip says X2 Lite Ext. on the bit with 3 switches but I cant find anything about it anyone where I can get the missing connectors or what they are called, and a wiring diagram
  9. All of which is irrelevant. I'm not making a point about the ethical nature of what you're posting, I'm simply saying it's stepping pretty close to where the line is drawn in terms of the board rules. There are no rules against using images of copyright characters but there is a rule about providing links to sites that link to ISOs which trev1976 has broken. I agree that any signature links of this sort should also be removed, but it's my understanding that promoting other forums is not allowed here anyway. Fair enough, I miss understood your point original poit a little.... There are links to other sites (Cough xtras) that house ISO' etc in other threads on here Dont get me wrong Im a member over at xtra's too and like there work.... Also like everyone else have lots of "bootleg stuff" anyway point taken
  10. OK, I understand where your coming from and I appreciate your honesty about the topic being shakey.... But then this should also apply to every thread with Bigby's Signature on it and BP's signature on his old account too, Plus any possible links to EmuXtra's and any links with Images of copyright game charachters, Templates, Skins, Marquee's and other Copyright stuff... A lot of peoples Avatars even.... We could go on forever ! The games I own I put on the blog. These are from my own collection of originals which is where I get them. (With the exception of Thrill Kill but I do own Wu Tang) . Some games I do own but are scratched to badly to make an image so I grab one from else where... We could try this.... DISCLAIMER The following games are out of my own collection and links will be posted tonight and tomorrow. Tomb Raider 3 Tomb Raider 4 Tomb Raider 5 Downloading ANY games from the Blog or anywhere else that you do not own on original is ILLEGAL and I do not condone this. NOTE: Admin please close or delete this thread if you deem it unsuitable for this forum.
  11. i know but there hard to find and the modchips i can find cost £30 plus shipping.... if they were cheaper i would consider it this box has no leads or pads either so i might take the rom out and bin it if you have the following games you can softmod it again GAMES SOFTMODDING SUPPORTS: 1. James Bond - Agent Under Fire 2. Splinter Cell 3. Mech Assult - 1st Release oh yeh this could work and you have all the tools already if I remember rightly. good thinking lordpro! nope, evo-x formats all partitions then re-installs the dash.... I cant get to the hdd to put it back on Phil, I have a red 2x lite but it has no wires or connecters.... I dunno what to do with em and i cant solder lol by no leads or pads i mean i just have the xbox... but i got wires fro other xboxes
  12. i know but there hard to find and the modchips i can find cost £30 plus shipping.... if they were cheaper i would consider it this box has no leads or pads either so i might take the rom out and bin it
  13. quote name='fumanchu' post='349775' date='Aug 16 2011, 06:02 PM']well first thing we would need to know is it chipped or softmodded? OK, it was soft modded as the screws are still coverd, BUT I used the Evo-X disk to restore it to a factory retail machine again which formats all drives then reinstalls the dashboard. When the process finished I rebooted and now it bootloops Anyone know where can i get connectors and instructions to fit this ? [
  14. I have been given an old xbox and it booted to a evo-x settings screen, I have just used evo-x to put it back to factory standard Now after it boots it shows the xbox logo, microsoft then shows at the bottom of the screen it then reboots.
  15. 2 More games added Resident Evil 2 NOTE: This is BOTH disc's and will appear in CoinOPS like this: Resident Evil II (Claire) Resident Evil 2 (Leon) Vanishing Point NOTE: Turn Off "Music" in the options to stop buzzing noise... (Sound effects are fine)
  16. 2 more games added Mortal Kombat 4 and Crash Bandicoot
  17. Simpsons Wrestling added Not sure sorry, try this thread http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=716968
  18. Thanks Dark, ill give it a go
  19. I have not tried it, but to be honest i doubt it.... CoinOPS uses the core from PSX Emu your already using so if it dont work on there it wont work on coinops soz bud
  20. Crash Bandicoot 3 added
  21. added Crash Bandicoot 2
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