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  1. added Intelligent Cube (aka Kurushi Final)
  2. Downloaded Windows Media Encoder and ripped the movies to WMV It then appears to go through the motions but does not give me an XMV at the end Any idea's?
  3. Thanks Gilou9999 To be honest they are for my Arcade machine that uses an old 4:3 SD TV so im not to fussed. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I have a EMU MOVIES account and im trying to convert AVI and FLV to XMV I am using Ultimate encoder to convert from AVI and FLV to WMV then using WMV to XMV converter. Problem is when they have converted to WMA they fail to convet to XMV, howver when I use youtube grabber and cconvert the movies from WMV they work just fine Is there a certain requirment for WMV's to make them work? thanks
  5. 3 games uploaded to MU Links over at the blog Gran Turismo Thrill Kill Final (once you get a black screen press X and O to boot game) Worlds Scariest Police Chases
  6. I wouldn't recommend it. Posting links to ROMs or ISOs is very much against the rules here. Sorry was suppost to edit that to Coinops.blogspot before posting the topic. This is a cut n paste from the blog.... now edited, but thanks +T+ for pointing it out
  7. Ive spent the last couple of months locating PSX games or converting my own PSX games then testing them for use in CoinOPS2. (about 50) I will be uploading them to one at a time to MU and posting the links at Coinops.blogspot so you can pick n choose the ones you like. I will only upload games that run at 95% -100%. If any games have an issue they will have a NOTES doc with it EXAMPLE: Vanishing Point has a buzzing sound so turn of the music in the options and its fine. They will all have the correct files needed to "FTP" straight across, however some XMV files will not all be game captures as some I have got from Youtube and converted. Expect to see the first one hopefully tomorrow sometime.
  8. Thanks... If you or anyone else wants the Marquee I will happily share it.... I have about 3 variations and some other custom Marquee's I made... Thanks, took a while but got there in the end... its been finished a few months now, great with the lads aand a few beers ! It was in the cab at first then the DVD-Rom started playing up so its now in bedroom... However it is the xbox I use most and will be in a 1 player BARCADE project I am working on with no DVD-Rom and a flatscreen TV
  9. This is my machine... Now 99.9% finished The following steps are from when I bought it to now... This is eBay pic, I just wanted the cab due to the 5ft size as I live in a small flat. Notice the coindoor and position of the buttons etc, This needed amending as you will see later... The cab had been painted with white GLOSS and the T-mould had been glued in place... The montior had screen burn and the wiring was from the early 80's. it all got stripped out and binned. I sanded the cab by hand to remove the gloss and roughly chiseled the T-Mould off. Then I used a craft knife to get it flush with the cab and used filler to repair damages to the chipboard. T-mould could not be used again so I found another solution. I then had new plastic cut for the marquee and designed a custom marquee with all the controls for the different emulators. (You will see the marquee later) I then drilled holes for a credit button and player1 and 2 buttons I designed a control panel to fit all xbox buttons on it, then had it made in steel. Garimack hacked 2 xbox pads for me and done an amazing job (THANKS AGAIN MATE) I wanted the colours to match the xbox pad and used mini momentory buttons for L&R buttons I had the control panel cut fromn the template but needed to make sure buttons and sticks fit ok before spraying. I sprayed the control panel in metallic silver then roughly fitted the buttons to see how it looked painted. (I was rather pleased to be honest) I sanded the coindoor then primed and sprayed it. I got new locks too. This finish was quite nice. I decided not to wire the coindoor and just have it for show. I then primed the cab in white giving 6 coats and then sprayed it with 6 coats. I fitted the coindoor on and the control panel for a quick "test fit". The buttons and sticks are only resting in place so the sicks are not fixed. This was the first time it started to look like a real arcade machine. Speakers and a small marquee light were fitted inside the machine and a new plexi glass fitted. I ordered chrome trim used on boats and cars with an adhesive back to replace the T-mould and bought an old 4:3 TV. A shelf was fitted to hold the TV and speakers. A power breaker was fitted in the machine for all the plugs. The TV was green and can be seen in this pic as it was taken from below the machine. When stood or sat playing it is not visible. a new bottom panel was made and new locks all round were fitted. Better pics and a better video soon as I can
  10. This is my arcade machine.... Not the best footage in the world but hey.... The thing most people comment on when see it is the control panel, It uses mini momentary buttons for the L&R triggers. The cabinet is 5ft high and 20" wide The screen is a 14" Portable TV Control Panel is custom made (it uses hacked pads thanks to Garcimack) Marquee is custom made It was tuff to fit the buttons on for 2 players. You will can notice the Player 1 and Player2 buttons are not straight. This is because the micro switches didn't fit correct Please feel free to comment (good or bad) For anyone with an xbox cab, BP is holding a competition for best cab so head over to the blog if your interested in entering !
  11. I just wonder how many unreleased games and beta's are out there..... I bet there are loads that never see the light of day.... such a shame thanks for the info fu
  12. Nice upload..... Still hoping and praying for "RE 1.5"
  13. WOW thank you for the updated drivers, I appreciate the effort you have both gone through so thank you... OK im going to ask a simple question, I dont expect abuse etc but if I get then hey wont be the first time..... Will the open sources be released \ BP get permission to add this new triumuph in to coinops? thanks PS you gotta apreciate the fact I had the nads to ask in public and not just PM the author direct. Im not trying to ruffle feathers, start fights or arguements I just thought its only fair to ask in public.
  14. LOL, well my Dingoo is now happy as I can play Turf Masters and other classic NeoGeo roms at work again without the bulk of my PSP... (Its my 3rd Dingoo.... I keep breaking them Death by solder and youtube Death by playing streetfighter far too much ! (still works but missing a button lol) Anyway post extend or not thanks
  15. I will try and do a games pack at the weekend if I can. (wont have any videos though sorry) bring on Starwars and Rage in the cage Another great release by BP head ovwer to the release section of the blog for a link
  16. and thanks also goto Fu for this release link on 1emu cheers mate
  17. Does anyone have a l;ist of NEoGEo games? I would prefer the rom names not the full names. thanks PS I did google it but ended with full names
  18. Street Fighter II (all versions including all the bootlegs some MAME cannot emulate ) Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 (personally I found it annoying when RUN and COMBO was introduced, but new characters were welcomed) Track n Field Shinobi TMNT (both) Double Dragon (shame they got inventive and messed the controls up on double dragon 2, and 3 was just a joke too) Bad Dudes Vs Dragion Ninjas Street Fighter Side Pocket (love the trick shots) Turf Masters
  19. CoinOPS 2 - R4 Standalone MU, Torrent and newsgroup links now on the blog... Thanks to Jayquik03 For those who ar not sure, just FTP and select "overwrite files if newer"
  20. I have posted the links for CoinOPS2 R4 on the official coinops blog as external links are not allowed. I will suggest you Google coinops blogspot if you dont know the blog address, then click the post for CoinOPS Lite. This is not the same as the version I released as mine was based on R3 and was just summat I put together using the standalone... This uses a different save to CoinOPS2 full amd the R3, but is aimed at stock xbox owners just the same. You will also find a full list of games and the IRC channel for live support from the author if required or just ak the guys here. NOTE: There will be a torrent release BUT not for a week (unless someone else does it) as Im on holiday. Peace and I hope you enjoy.
  21. Thanks T, I'll give it a try. I did try a version of Mame ( not the 128Plus ) but it did the same thing. Black screen and forced to reboot. You are right, I have an N64, Intellivision, Atari 2600, 800XL, ST, Amiga NES, SNES Coleco emulators running fine and I installed most of them my self. Arcade is all I need. Thanks again for your help! 8bit While MAMEoX128Plus is an excellent alternative to CoinOPS, its not as good for many reasons... CoinOPS plays Mortal Kombat 1 & 2 with sound, Narc with sound, and a few other Midway titles with sound. It also has a great sorting feature, Pixel Perfect (to play games just like you remember them) and a bunch of other nice features. I am uploading CoinOPS R4 lite to MU as we speak, it should be done just before I go on holiday (24hours ish) I will also make a torrent when im back. I will PM you the the link to the blog where the MU links will be posted tomorrow, you will then be able to add \ remove as many roms as you like. OR Download CoinOPS 2 R3 Standalone (that has no locks either) and just overwrite the files on your xbox fia FTP... It should then be fine. PS also consider upgrading XBMC to version 3.0.1, See the post by Gary912 below I added some instructions to upgrade XBMC there. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...33338&st=11
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