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  1. Keep your head up mate I know alot of people love your work and most people dont want to know how it works as long as it works. With coinops I go down the list and pick whatever game I want to play arcade Nes etc With the other Emus I only really loaded up mame for a casual game never bothered with the rest. Played more Snes megadrive games now that I have coinops. So thanks from me and the others I have past it to
  2. Hi BP glad I could help even though it was only a little. Hope you still come on this thread now and again and answer valid questions and look at request's. Thanks for your work. ohh and how's project2 coming along.
  3. I'd say in the CoinOPS 2 thread, ban and remove. In the others just ignor them. In the coinops thread I go to read facts about coinops and whats coming. It might be best bet to have a development thread and a question's thread. Buts thats up to you BP love your work.
  4. Hey guys anybody got this on Megaupload yet as my isp seem's to capping my speed on p2p and torrent's thanks
  5. After what you have done for emulation on the xbox can't wait to see what you can do with Xbmc. You do some great work Bp keep it up I know me and my friends that I gave Epic to think its the greatest thing on the xbox. I can only guess what they will think of coinops2.
  6. I will be BP thanks for all the work can't wait to have it.
  7. Put it over at http://www.xboxisozone.com/ Jambo will love it
  8. Thanks for the reply. First Coinops 2 now this can't wait got to wait mmmm
  9. Was thinking of doing a bio's flash and was wondering if anyone has done a coinops flubber for a arcade machine. And also well I'm here I was thinking of building a arcade coffee table where the arcade controls are built into the table and use a AV sender to use with Tv but what's the quality of picture with those senders are they any good? Thanks
  10. Hi been looking around and cant find out how to name multi Psx disc's trying to get OddWorld Abes Exodus to show in list. CONSOLE Games Lookup For Naming of Roms.txt say's to name it PSX_OddWorldAbesExodus what do I name disc 2. Im sure its easy once I know thanks in advance.
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