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  1. Great to see, thanks Neobomb!
  2. You sure this is/was an Amiga game ? Looks good anyway
  3. So the pointer goes in roms folder for SD or the RomsN64HiDef folder for HD.
  4. That's alot of Bubble Bobble-ing there!
  5. Well I vote for Sepp Blatter.. oops! Wrong poll
  6. To be fair, the EmuMovies videos were chosen as there were not enough time to redo them, before the Surreal B5.5 release. They will be redone at some point, I'm sure.
  7. I admit I sent you a email to your hotmail account, because you have blocked me from PM's. That was to aplologise about that IRC joke of mine. I sent a friend request on facebook, but that was a joke
  8. I agree, you won't hear from me again unless it warrants it.
  9. Cospefogo, are you really blind to what this is all about? This has nothing to do with whether we like or dislike CoinOPS (I actually have it and do appreciate it, as I have always said). What this is about is BP's constant attacks towards us and anyone who dares to critisize him. There was a time when no Xtras related member even posted here, yet BP would insult us anyway. He has even resorted to threatening behaviour, unless you forget... I am baffled by some of the people supporting this type of behaviour. Will you do anything to keep BP happy, as long as you get your next arcade fix ?
  10. Will you admit the 100 000 fake views you somehow added to your locked thread in a day ? Which thread at EmuXtras are you referring to ? The "CoinOPS (Release History)" that has 517 views ? Well done!
  11. You are unbelievable! I admitted to no such thing! We had noticed that your locked CoinOPS thread had jumped by 100 thousand views (maybe more?) in a day. I was just making light of it, that is all. As usual you resort to attacks against me, but I will not bring myself down to your level. Is this a threat? I think you should think about what you are saying, this is going way too far! I suggest the admins and moderators here say something about this.
  12. Hey BP, can you stop adding all those fake views to your CoinOPS Locked thread, it's slowing down 1emu!!!
  13. Thanks fumanchu! I tried this emulator, and most of the games that would not load on BlueMSXbox, does now load with FMSXbox
  14. Anyone want to buy my EDGE magazine collection? Just checked, I have Retro Gamer #1 - #55 as pdf's
  15. It's funny, the N64 games I've tried do run in 720P, in CoinOPS 2. I'm confused, am I an Xtras team member or not?
  16. Now your not being nice, have I said anything bad towards you? No! When I made that stupid joke of mine, I apologised. Would you ever do the same, and admit to ever being in the wrong? No way would you! BP, no matter what you have said towards me, I have always tried to defend you to the other members of the Xtras team. I don't know why I bother sometimes
  17. This is a misunderstanding surely, no ? I thought the dat was so that people could see the list of arcade games that is in CoinOPS 2, or have I misunderstood ?
  18. What do you mean darknior, it writes many characters randomly ? I tried Discworld 2 (you mean 2 right?) and the virtual keyboard and a real keyboard worked okay at first. It did however start to write lots of ???????????????????????? for a moment, don't know why The virtual keyboard does not type anything, but a real keyboard did for me. I asked Madmab about this, his words were - "on the games where the save is greyed out, it is true you have to use the ingame save. Those particular drivers do not have save state support yet" The save button is not greyed out in Lands of Lore, and I could use save/loadstates with this game.
  19. If that's the case, make a dat then Mr. BP
  20. I made this dat with clrmame... CoinOPS 2 Arcade roms dat Uncheck "case" if using clrmame Ok, I unchecked "case" when making the dat. Try this one instead... CoinOPS 2 Arcade roms dat (no case) :(
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