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  1. Great to see the Dreamcast still getting new games released for it. It's funny, only the other day, I took the Dreamcast out of storage and have been enjoying all the classics. These games look great, thanks for the info fu.
  2. How about releasing FBL 1.7 on 11/11/11 ?
  3. Ah, maybe I should finish panzer dragoon orta one day aswell Thanks for the PM fu
  4. Darknior, try removing the "p" at the end of the skin folder name
  5. I think the "Super Bubble Bobble" that was released for CoinOPS was modified to include the Game genie code, to bypass the copy protection for this game. I got the no-intro version working in NeoGenesis, by using the Game Genie code - FJVT CA9E. The rom does not need to be modified, just use the "Cheat Code Database" feature in NeoGenesis.
  6. Well, it looks like this game now works in Neogenesis... how ? ... All will be revealed soon
  7. No roms discussion! You should know better!
  8. Awesome, thanks! Thanks for this too
  9. I'm making some missing videos for FBL and the sound in "Dokaben" is all messed up. It's fine in FBA on PC. It's a baseball type game, so there might not be a alot of interest in it, but thought I'd mention it
  10. Very informative video there Cospefogo, I'm beginning to catch the pixel perfect bug now Does Metal Slug 3 @720P not load at all for you then ? (It did load for me)
  11. From what I've read, laserdisc games only work with OpenMSX emulator. They are not yet fully supported in BlueMSX. The core used in BlueMSXbox is version 1.4.0 of the PC version, so does not even have turboR support.
  12. Thanks for the update Hyper Eye... the updates keep on coming!
  13. Thanks for posting it here, fu Huge thank you to Madmab for his tireless efforts in updating BlueMSXbox, while even working on several other emulators at the same time. I also released the MSX Xtras to go with this emulator, hope you all know where to look for it Note: I added Manbow 2, in the MSX 2+ non-working folder. Hopefully we can get this game to work in future. The M-Kai games are in the homebrew - disk folder. Check out the Sonyc clone! Also made a Top 50 collection folder, so check those games out for an overview of what the MSX has to offer. It's not really a Top 50 as such, but some games worth trying.
  14. Back when nes6502 released FBL, Rx asked him if the parent video could be used for the clones aswell. Can't remember what nes6502's response was. +T+, would this be possible to implement ? Mr Feud, compare the default skin in FBL 1.4 and the skin's .ini you're trying to use.
  15. I still occasionally get the dreaded white screen, after viewing an image in the image viewer. Think it only happens with large images, so I'll have to go through and reduce their size.
  16. I'm trying to create a full romset, but get some messages when the datfile is loaded. I had the same problem in previous builds of FBL and posted over at UG. Here's a quote... and this is the answer I was given... I just want to make sure this is all correct, when making the romset.
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