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  1. I'll answer for BP The standalone does indeed have the locks removed. All that is needed is to have at least 1 rom in the main roms folder.
  2. You want a dat for just the arcade roms, or consoles too?
  3. A new skin for FBL! Thanks Neil BP can you fix the image viewer bug ?
  4. To be fair, the Surreal team have had 720P for some time now. As can be seen from there website - Surreal64ce B5.5 720P videos I'm going forgive you this time (maybe you didn't know), but no more misinformation please!
  5. I'd like to apologise for my behaviour and the IRC joke, which was in poor taste. I am usually a good person and before I ever heard of CoinOPS and BP I was a nice person. For my part, I will refrain from attacking or making light of other's. I just hope you do so too BP. Like Phil is always saying, gaming is supposed to be fun, let's make this hobby of ours fun again.
  6. Well BP, you missed an interesting discussion... (Yes I was bored )
  7. I'd suggest an IRC channel for CoinOPS, where devs such as yourself can chat easily. What the hell, I'll start it for you - CoinOPS IRC channel
  8. Aww come on! I vote "constantly try and fix misinfomation". There, you can't remove that (or can you?)
  9. Does this standalone still have the locks present ? Can we add a small amount of roms to it, and it will work ? (or do we need to add the 1200 or so roms to it)
  10. Try posting at about this.. Madmab's domain
  11. Which games are they ? I also found that some translated games don't work on the Xbox port. We need the core updated..Madmab! Check out my sig for a MSX compatibilty for Xbox.
  12. Ask her why she's with you What's wrong with her!
  13. Don't forget us users with no console games
  14. Dreamcast PS2 (Mcboot and internal hard drive) Xbox (Modchipped with 200GB HDD) Xbox 360 (flashed with RROD ) (yes even with x-clamp, which worked for a year or so) Wii (chipped & softmodded with external HDD) PS3 (custom firmware and external HDD) (I like it ) PSP (custom firmware) DS lite (R4 flash) Just remembered, also have a PS2 slim (which is packed away, why I forgot )
  15. Did someone say Arcade games ? MSX 2 version
  16. Did you all just skim over that wonderful post (by RatherAnnoyed), shame on you! What an insightful and well thought out post, I was beginning to think this place had all but been reduced to "we all love BP and will say and do anything to please him". I recently recieved the same sata adapter, and tried it with two different hard drives. Neither worked on the Xbox, although they did on the PC. Hmm.. I have the one on the left too, no wonder I've been having trouble with it.
  17. Thanks for the confirmation that this does indeed work, and is not a fake, like some would have you believe I posted a standalone CoinOPS 2 at EmuXtras, if anyone wants it. CoinOPS thread
  18. Well, maybe the one lock. I think BP was saying there could be other, less obvious ones. I still don't see the point of "getting around it." The sorting method works great so that if you don't want to select a console game, you don't even have to see it. The sorting engine is one of the best parts of the interface and hasn't been reproduced in any other Xbox frontend that I've seen. Well, actually, FBL had something like it, but it didn't work as well. I only found that if too much is removed from CoinOPS 2, then it will not let you load a game, instead it will just keep on re-scanning your roms. That second video I made shows you what I kept You save about 8GB+ by removing the console roms and their videos. Not much, but still a saving for some.
  19. Hmm.. never did play this on the Dreamcast (or maybe a demo, not sure ).. thanks!
  20. I agree, let's get along. People are still using (and praising) CoinOPS 2, hell I even like it! I just choose to use it only for Arcade. The skin I'm using is Confluence with a transparent theme made by paybac.
  21. I thought I was doing you a favour, as you asked for videos of CoinOPS 2. Just made another video showing the rom loading screen, I'll post it as soon as it is uploaded.
  22. If I was going to make a fake video, I wouldn't of made it almost 15 minutes in length. The raw capture was about 20 minutes even! I'll remove that annotation (saying consoles removed) if that is what is bothering you.
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