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  1. if it were any other than 1.6 i would say solder the mobo and preform a tsop flash with a evox disc. but that not being the case. do you have the eeprom from the original hard drive? you should be able to make a new hard drive with that using xboxhdm. im not very familiar with eeprom makers but you might have some luck with those. if the hard drive isnt tottally toast you might beable to get the eeprom using explorer 360 (i think thats the name of the program). if all else fails get a chip. hard mod it.
  2. has a new showcase been made yet? is it out there? i have the first showcase that came with r2. i have updated the emu to r6 but would love another one of those all in one showcases.
  3. i love madness interactive one of my favorite homebrews. are these recent updates. i have both games on mine but not sure which version they are.
  4. i recently bought the cheap green light guns off ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT they suck. they have a,b,x,y buttons, a rapid fire, burst fire, normal fire option, a reload on/off switch (not sure hoe it works) white and black buttons + d-pad. they sucked in any emulator (i could only get it to work in coinops and didnt try fbl) and was mediocre at best in house of dead 3. they registered but only for part of the screen on my hdtv (panasonic 4:3 1080i) and where shaky and glitchy. i would love to have a working light gun for all the old school lightgun games (duck hunt clay shooting especially) but after this im discouraged unless others can persuade me other wise.
  5. thanks. i was looking at that one on that site earlier. for 4.45 shipped its not hard to give it a try. dam cheap.
  6. hey guys. trying to build a 1.5 tb xbox here. this converter didnt work: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT with this hdd that should work (as checked in compatibility list) and is built properly with xboxhdm 1.9: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822152175 what converters have you all found to work? more info on my problem here: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?act...=0#entry4642973
  7. ive been doing a lot of research on large hdd lately. i have a new xbox to mod for a room without internet access (and i dont want to buy a wireless adapter for $50 for it really). the largest you can get in one is 2 tb. it involves a sata to ide adapter (i dont think there are any 2 tb ide drives out), xbox-partitioner 1.0 AND 1.1. an f and g partition formatted with 64b clusters. many ppl have been doing it with success. biggest risk is in the adapter. some work some dont. but it should be stable once you get it all dialed in. ill let you all know once i try. i hope i dont waste $150 i dont really have lol.
  8. i have a 500 gb one. works great. also put one of those in my sisters xbox. then i have a 1 tb nas i stream from for all my tv shows currently. may put all my video on there to make more room for games, roms, and more xtras. but i still got 80 gigs free with tons of movies, emus, homebrews, and about 15 xbox games.
  9. this is correct. i just dont think it matters which one your point your emu towards. they are interchangeable.
  10. either battle pong or xpong i have problems with. the screen extends off my screen. as in i can only see on paddle. did see any setting for standard or wide screen. i have a sd hd tv.
  11. resextras are in wmv format you need to convert them once you get them to xmv. there is a bat file that came with zsnesxbox that will do this for you. make sure your media directory is set to the correct folder. so i have a media folder in my mednafen-x_nes that has a folder called movies and one called screenshots. the media folder needs to point to this folder. the screenshots and the movies need to point to their folders within the media folder. example: mines set up like this screenshots: F:/media/Screenshots movies: D:/media/movies media directory: D:/media i think the f and d are interchangeable. i dont know why mines set up like this its just how i did it for time i think and works. and perhaps the media folder could be set to mednafendx's root dir if your screenshots and movies folders arnt in a media folder. idk about that. but try that see if it works. but creating a media folder and moving them to there shouldnt be hard. note that it may look like i have a folder outside of mednafendx called media but thats just how it looks when setting it up. these folders are inside of mednafendx.
  12. ok i think this is a complete set of homebrew icons with the exception of rawx for i cant get it to work on my xbox nor can i figure out which game its a port of. some i just added the boarder and or gloss. many i made. Homebrew Games: *
  13. my favs are: super mario war (best for sure) xlime kobo madness interactive dead babies jump n bump (which is just like smw) marblesx (not x-marbles) of course theres the fps classics like: doom duke nukem quake wolfenstien 3d i havnt played em all and there are several i still havnt gotten to work.
  14. you got your eeprom too yea? use config magic. remember to place it in the eeprom folder when making a hdm disc. and make sure you rename it correctly. config magic names it something like BAKEUPeeprom.bin or something like that and it just just be eeprom.bin.
  15. i found a copy. cant remember where. came up by accident in a google search. i loaded it all up and found there there was no defualt.xbe with it lol. its did have the updated surreal.ini. maybet here was other changes to other files as well but not sure. having said that perhaps its hindsight but i feel that my sureal64 is running better. ive only been playing zelda oot though.
  16. word! now i just need to buy a lightgun lol
  17. yes, i second that i hope Nes has time to add the option. i never like how it interrupted the background music. I Third that i know i first it but i also 4th it lol.
  18. awesome! i hope next we can see the option to turn off video preview sound while rom browsing and keep the background music going just a hope.
  19. i love filezilla for many reasons but its the most unstable ftp program ive used. ive finally switched to flashfxp as my default ftp browser despite a few features i dislike about it.
  20. i modded mine at first just to have all the emulators on there. so i could stop buying nes games off ebay lol. but ive found some of the homebrew games to be my favorite (like smw). least favorite thing (s) i guess are hmmmm... that n64 and psx dont play perfect and that the program plugins, music plugins, and video plugins icons/thumbnails are all buggy or wont change at all. seems like a simple fix yet doesn't get done.
  21. aww yes the simpsons. for got that ones too. played alot of that. i know its not a video game but this arcade i went to had a game called Big Bertha (not the mortar lol) where you through plastic balls (like in ball pits) into this big ass girls mouth to get tickets and she laughed all creepy like. lol i loved playing that game. and getting tickets for a bunch of plastic crap i didnt need.
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