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  1. sorry course i ment zsnesbox 3.5 not snesbox.
  2. is there any way to skip the video preview audio so my background music keeps playing when scrolling though the rom list? i tried taking out the audio in my previews when converting to xmv but the background music still stops when viewing any rom with a video. it would be nice to jam out to the bkg music while searching for a game to play. like i can in mednafenx_nes. the preview audio is dispensable. would that be a hard change to make? i dont code at all. or is it an option in some ini?
  3. playstation isnt your best bet. many many games dont run well. "Wheel of Fortune Runs but very slooow –Aussie18 " heres a compatibility chart: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=238506 yea go with snes or genisus. best bets.
  4. well i hope you get some sleep cause all your work is mad appreciated and we need you to stay healthy and alive! such ridiculously huge, grueling, repetitive, probably boring tasks that make everybody's emulation life better THANKS! currently im trying to get everything in place. (got nes, snes, and genius vids working ) quick question do the synopsis work yet? in which emulator? how? i put some in mednafenx's emu's cause i read they would work in those and couldn't get them to work.
  5. not sure how up-to-date this still is but here's a good hd compatibility chart: http://xboxdrives.x-pec.com/?p=list
  6. dballs

    Emulator Videos

    so i just got coinops reignite r3 showcase the other week. AWESOME! the best part is all the videos of all the differnt games when scrolling throught the rom list. helps me pick what game i want to check out. my question is this. do other emulators (for any system) support video previews like coinops does? if so does anyone know where to get a bundle of preview videos? heres the emus im currently runnin: adamx_v2 Z26X - Atari 2600 v5 Atari 7800 CoinOPS reignite R3 SHOWCASE upgrade FBA-XXX Pro v1.28 fceultra_v16 final burn 1.1 intellivision - blissx_v5 mednafenx_lynx_v4 mednafenx_pce_v5 neogenesis_v23 neopopx_v5 pcsxbox_v20 smsplusx_v9 softvmux_v2 Surreal64.XXX.B5.1.CE virtualboyx_v2 xboyadvance_v20 ZsnexBox 3.5 i dont even have screen shots for any of these. just videos on coinops and boxart on surreal 64. would LOVE more previews. also if anyone thinks im really missin out on another cool emu let me know.
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