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  1. The game you're after is the 20th anniversary edition that combined Ms. Pacman and Galaga in a single cabinet. This version runs Ms. Pacman at the faster speed you refer to. In MAME the romset is called '20pacgal.zip'. Hope that helps.
  2. Personally I use MAMEoX128Plus for anything I can't play on Final Burn Legends. For Midway games like Mortal Kombat I use MAMEoX v0.72 which plays all the T/X/Y Unit Midway games at an acceptable speed with sound, not just the few supported by CoinOPS (even UMK3 is playable). While I'm sure CoinOPS has a few more options geared towards specific users, the above combination fulfills more than enough of my arcade gaming needs without the bad aftertaste. Also, one small pedantic correction; "pixel perfect" does not display games as you remember them, it displays them in a multiple of their native resolution which allows the use of an unfiltered display without distortion. Games as you remember seeing them were not displayed in this way, they were 'stretched' to fill a 4:3 TV or monitor. So for an authentic experience, pixel perfect should be avoided and your screen should be sized to a 4:3 ratio.
  3. If the games you want to play are all arcade games then MAMEoX128Plus is an excellent alternative to CoinOPS. Both are based on exactly the same Xbox port of MAME.
  4. The unfortunate thing about the "consumer" point-of-view is that consumers are just that and consume is all they do without any consideration of wider implications beyond their own personal wants and needs. I cast my vote in this poll as a user, not a developer. I don't care how useful or enjoyable something is, if the basis of it is ethically unsound or questionable then I'll speak out against it. What it costs me personally in terms of playing a few games is inconsequential compared to the principles involved and the effect on the scene as a whole.
  5. My personal technique for a sticky drive tray is to push firmly with my thumb on the part that says XBOX and then release. It should slide right out.
  6. You say you deleted most of the ROMs. Earlier versions of CoinOPS 2 were locked by the person running the project to only work if you had more than a certain number of ROMs (please don't ever ask why!). I think the number is 1200 so if you add more than this number of ROMs it should work. Crazy but true.
  7. Hopefully this forum will now get some much-needed quiet time. There's been a lot of activity here lately but it's been of entirely the wrong sort and I'd argue that even a dead forum is better than what we've had. But personally I hope that in time things will start to recover and this forum can find its place again, particularly with any new or up-and-coming developers. The whole reason I'm still here is due the support and encouragement I received from this community when I started my own humble attempts at tweaking Xbox emulators all those years ago, and it's the reason I'll be sticking around in any event. Assuming it's for real this time, I for one am happy with the result.
  8. Your post is an indirect violation of new rules 1, 3, and 4. At the very least you're making a mockery of the spirit of those rules by posting something that has no other purpose than to be antagonistic and stir up trouble. I hope this doesn't go unnoticed as I think a clear message needs to be sent that these kind of posts are no longer acceptable here.
  9. As long as there is a separate Xbox section there will be the kind of storm-in-a-teacup arguing and ego-stroking that have always gone on there. Certain members seem to feel they have free reign to say and do whatever they want without being accountable to the rest of the forum or its rules. I think merging things would address this in a big way. Robert, your moderation of the Xbox section may be well-intentioned enough but it's too little too late. The most disruptive and antagonistic elements on that forum seem to have effectively moderated themselves, but that being said, I sincerely hope that, should things flare up again, you're prepared to apply the same rules and the same consequences to all members. I also wish it didn't have to be this way and that's why I'm in favour of change.
  10. Since you mention the Xbox section specifically, I'll speak up as I've been an active member in that forum for a good few years. I've voted yes. Believe it or not, the Xbox forum here used to lead the way in terms of giving up-and-coming developers a place to share their ideas and their work and gain the help and support of an enthusiastic and positive community of coders and users. Now it's a joke, plain and simple. So I'm in favour of anything that makes a change to that. Merging the Xbox section into the wider forum will likely put an end to the deliberately antagonistic topics and members behaving as though they own the place and hopefully mean moderating will be less sporadic than it has been at times when it's been sorely needed there.
  11. Sometimes I just don't understand people. CoinOPS and everything surrounding it was a stain on this site's good name. We finally get to a point where it's been removed and were in a position to start to repair some of that damage and everybody starts picking a fight with the admins. What was the point? What did you hope to accomplish with this?? All you've done is create the admin bias you were shouting about in the first place and deservedly so.
  12. I'm all for being fair but personally I'd rather the blogspot link stayed if it keeps CoinOPS traffic and posts by its author away from this forum. I'm sorry for what's happened with waal but that's what I was afraid of with this. There's bashing 'staff' pretenders and then there's bashing the real staff. The latter was never going to end well.
  13. To me crediting someone when using their work is just common decency and respect (I guess one could say the same about the GPL) but the much more important side of it for me is that trying to take the credit for someone else's work is just plain wrong, whether it's on a forum, in an emulator, or in the real world; it just won't do. In any event I'm not disagreeing with you about the GPL and I'm certainly not supporting the use of Scummvm in CoinOPS.
  14. Rather than take this any further I'll simply say this; We just solved one problem around here and now there's a danger of creating another one. All this will do is bring more admin intervention to this forum and I'm sure those of you who believe these biases exist wouldn't see that as a good thing. I respectfully suggest we focus on looking forward rather than debating past issues that I hope have no bearing on how things are now.
  15. I must have read Robert's reply differently. The thing is, it hasn't been just one rogue 'staff' member breaking rules here by throwing insults and derailing topics. A lot of members have been drawn into it, hell I may even have committed an offense or two myself in the course of it all, I don't remember. So I think what's being said is that it's virtually impossible to enforce the rules without deleting every topic and banning everyone which wouldn't leave much. I guess this is more difficult if you don't check this forum regularly and maybe that's part of the problem since it's not apparent from just reading the latest posts who has been responsible for causing the issues in the first place. But can you blame anyone for not wanting to wade through all the crap?? All I'm saying is I don't think any one member has been allowed to get away with any more than anyone else here. Yes there is the matter of that 'staff' badge but we all know that's BS and doesn't mean anything. If anyone's personal experiences say otherwise then please enlighten me, I'm only speaking from what I've seen which may not be enough to form a solid opinion.
  16. I don't think responsibility can be placed on the owners/admins here. From what I can gather, as far as most of them are concerned, the Xbox section is just a write-off and who can blame them for that attitude with the way things have been here? There's been hostility and name-calling on both sides, so unless you've been following this whole mess regularly (no easy task if you want to stay sane!) it's hard to know where to step in unless you lock every thread and ban everybody. And also some discussions, while heated, are at the end of the day just an expression of strong opinions and views which is what a forum is all about. It's just a shame that they would so often degenerate into insults. Basically this forum needs only 2 things to be enforced in order to keep it respectable: - No personal attacks and/or insults. - Topics stay on topic. That's it. If we had a mod or admin that kept up these 2 simple things then in my view this forum would be well on the way to recovery.
  17. Do you think madmab would be interested in trying to get it going in Neogenesis? I guess the problem is that (as far as I know) there is no PC emulator for the Pico so even if it is similar to the Genesis, huge chunks would have to be coded from scratch.
  18. Guys, I want to say something here. This could be just wishful thinking but it feels to me like a lot has been achieved in terms of 'cleaning up' this forum in the last few days. But despite the promises of certain negative elements moving elsewhere, I see inflammatory posts are still being made in other threads threatening to kick it all off again. I so don't want this to happen. I'd love for this forum to become productive and informative again but I'd rather it be a ghost town than what it's been recently. So I'm asking anyone who agrees with this to take the high ground and the view that we just totally ignore the kinds of posts and comments we don't want to see here anymore; no matter how arrogant, no matter how unfair, no matter how personal. I see this as a chance to make this place respectable again and I think it can be done. I hope there's some sense in there somewhere.
  19. Lol. Is she still active in the scene then? She did some testing and helped out with some other bits on FBA-XXX Pro. Also, did I hear right that the Pico is just a Genesis/Megadrive with funky controls? Would be another feather in the Xbox's cap to have this emulated for sure.
  20. If you really are leaving this forum then leave. If you are staying then understand that your inflammatory comments aren't welcome here anymore, particularly in relevant and informative threads like this one. Back on topic, the GPL issue is a sticky one since it's rarely adhered to in the Xbox scene. I guess developers figure that, since developing software for the Xbox using the XDK is illegal to start with, the GPL doesn't matter too much. I don't know enough about it so I don't have an opinion on that one way or the other but it's interesting that many Xbox developers have taken this view.
  21. Glad to see this thread open again . In case anybody missed it (and to give the topic a well-deserved bump) here is my brief list of the developers behind the various cores and components used by CoinOPS. Thank them before you thank anybody else.
  22. I miss a lot of the old faces too. Guys like Prican25, N3oGhost, djohng, kenshiro were all inspirational and I remember the great and supportive community of regulars that used to come here when this site was on the cutting edge of amateur development on the Xbox. I don't think anyone thing or person is entirely responsible for how it is now; things change and nothing lasts forever, all Xbox forums are quieter but this one I think has lost the most of it's valuable regular members. I'll still be sticking around though since I have a lot of love for this place, whatever becomes of it.
  23. You couldn't reasonably have me banned and removed because I've broken no rules here. The Xbox section, yourself included, has become a joke to the rest of this forum and its staff. Things are bad, but not so bad that any admin would support you in something so ridiculous. I do feel sorry for you if you truly believe this rubbish. Your personal attacks and insults have broken more rules here and are more deserving of a ban than anything I've ever done or said, and I think we're all be better off without them. I'm looking forward to quieter times. In any event, good luck to you too.
  24. I think that's the best solution. You clearly want total control over what opinions are expressed regarding your project and I'm pleased to say you will never have that here. This forum will be quieter without CoinOPS, but in context I don't think it will be a bad thing. Best of luck.
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