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  1. I suppose another quick and dirty way to fix that particular problem would be to remap the controls for those games so left is right and right is left. I haven't actually tried any of this, I'm just guessing based on what I know about MAME. It's also possible that if those analog controls are the wrong way round then any other analog controls in the game would also have to be reversed.
  2. Bring up the in-game menu choose Analog Controls and set the X Reverse setting to On. Really not difficult and certainly doesn't take a genius.
  3. All I did was make a joke. I'm sure many will agree that the fun of reading this stuff is the only reason to come to this forum anymore. I'm no longer a CoinOPS user myself since all the console stuff took over. Yes, I did mention in the past that I would like to see the Midway core added but to be honest I'd rather fire up a separate emulator to play those games than have to mess around with including mandatory console games and whatever other ridiculous hoops you decide to make your users jump through. At the end of the day I think you take it all too seriously and that just makes you an easy target for people to poke fun at. If having a laugh at this nonsense makes me a w*nker then I'm more than happy to be that.
  4. Wow, did I cause all that yelling?? I thought my box-of-wheels metaphor was pretty good. Anyway, in all seriousness, I really don't mind what you say to me but please tone down the language in future. Language like that has no place here or anywhere and I'm sure the admins don't want it all over their forums. Just a friendly reminder of a few board rules: Nobody here is above these so let's keep it clean.
  5. Well I'd be pretty annoyed if I invented the wheel and then somebody put it in a box with a bunch of other wheels and labelled it "BP's Epic Wheels Ignite R15" or some such.
  6. No it won't. It will just get the word out that your attitude towards developing is that of a child. Nobody cares about all this except you and you won't force people into caring about nonsense by trying to punish them through such restrictions. Personally it doesn't affect me since previous builds play every game I'm interested in just fine and more and more I'm moving over to PC emulation these days, but again I'm compelled to point out that your behaviour as a developer and the contempt you seem to show for the users you claim to want to help is a disgrace to what's left of the Xbox homebrew scene.
  7. KI2 runs slow in XXX as well. I believe there's an option to reduce the quality of the background graphics in XXX which gets a few more FPS but it's still not full speed.
  8. Nobody is going to grant you deletion rights for the same reason they wouldn't be given to your "trolls", because your comments are often just as inflammatory as those you wish to delete. I don't agree with individuals hijacking a development thread to throw insults around. But your behaviour in this and other threads has been no better. If you would handle things in more civilised and grown-up manner you might have a chance of getting some of the things you want. But as it is, I can't see it happening.
  9. But surely if such an amazing app existed wouldn't make inserting all these console cores into CoinOPS a complete waste of time??
  10. This talk of download numbers is nonsense. You can't possibly know how many times Madmab's emulators or FBL have been downloaded from xbins, or how many times the Xtras have been leeched from demonoid. You simply do not have access to this information and there can be no comparison without it. I'm not saying that CoinOPS is less popular, I'm saying that everybody I know with a modded Xbox have all these emulators including yours. So pretending it's some sort of popularity contest is meaningless. If you could truly see all download numbers across all sites and sources, it would come out pretty much equal I'm sure.
  11. This forum is just as dead as Xbox Scene. 99% of posts here are yours or just people bickering with you. There are one or two posts every week from genuine users asking for help but generally you just say you won't help them so they don't post again. The fact that polls here get so few votes just shows that it's the entire Xbox scene that is dead, not any one forum. And it's not people that have killed it, it's just had its time that's all. I would agree with you that pretty much everyone with an Xbox has CoinOPS on it. But they also have FBL and Madmab's emus and MAMEox128 and Surreal and the ressurectionXtras. It's all free so why would we not as users take advantage of everything that's available. My point is that there is no competition anywhere here except in your mind and in your posts.
  12. I don't mean to sound abrupt, but I'm interested in the development of CoinOPS where arcade games are concerned and it's extremely confusing when you say a feature or core is in and then say it isn't. I'm sure I read in one of your feature lists that Killer Instinct was implemented too. For me I would just like to skip all the nonsense around here and just be able to read the sticky thread to find out where development is really at and where it is or isn't going. That's all I (and I'm sure most people here) care about. One other thing, if you're not able to add or fix something, don't blame others. When I was tweaking FBA-XXX there were a ton of things I could never fix or implement because I just didn't have the coding knowledge. There's nothing wrong with that because people appreciated that I was doing what I could. So if that's the case with certain things in CoinOPS then be straight and just say so. It's far more respectable than saying you refuse to do things because someone has offended you and above all it's far less confusing.
  13. I thought you said the Midway core was done and working. Well is it or isn't it?
  14. So the upshot of all this is that you're not able to fix the loading bug, but instead of admitting that you're going to pretend that someone else is responsible for it not getting fixed... again.
  15. Pretty sure he means 6 minutes and 52 seconds.
  16. Making abusive posts and typing in caps are both against the board rules. You risk having your posts removed and further consequences if you continue to break these.
  17. You can big up CoinOPS as much as you like. But stop putting down other people's projects here.
  18. I tried loading Snow Bros 2 on CoinOPS Reignite R3. It loaded in 15 seconds flat. Maybe give this build a try and see if your load time improves.
  19. Sorry if I've misunderstood but 2-3 minutes to load a ROM doesn't sound like a real issue to you?
  20. I haven't tried CoinOPS for a long time but on the build I used I found it took ages to load games whereas MAMEoX128 loaded them in a fraction of the time. My HD at the time was stock. I'll give the latest build a try if I get time and compare.
  21. This thread is about CoinOPS development, it is not your personal blog. If you did not make so many off-topic posts yourself in this thread then you would not attract negative posts here by others. Once again, please keep this thread to discussion of CoinOPS only and take your other comments elsewhere.
  22. Stop wasting forum space with this rubbish. Stay on topic.
  23. I think if they start banning people for childishness then this forum will quickly become a ghost-town.
  24. Does MAME-Xb6 run Ultimate MK3? I didn't think it could handle that. MAME0X 0.72 runs them all.
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