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  1. It was only NitD that I was really interested in since I find it a rather fun and creepy variation on those kinds of platform games. It's just not necessarily worth nearly 20Mb of precious HD space. But that's cool, it's your baby after all I know, but if you hadn't added support for the decrypted romsets then I'd still be using Kawa-X. So once again I thank you.
  2. I just have a few comments I'd like to make regarding FBAGhost. First of all, it's great being able to run the decrypted romsets, but I did notice that two are missing, Nightmare in the Dark (nitdn) and Bang Bead (bngbeadn). Do you plan to add support for these in the future? Another little thing worth a mention is that the readme states that for Metal Slug 5 your file should be named mslug5nd.zip, whereas mine only showed up on the list when I renamed it to mslug5n.zip. And is it possible to remove the loading messages that tell you what your CRCs should be? I use info from the RS forums so I know my sets are the most up-to-date. It just looks bad to have all these error messages pop up before a game starts. Finally does anyone know how you can enable blood in games like Metal Slug in console mode without using the Universe bios? You used to be able to do it in Kawa-X by setting it in arcade mode first and then switching to console. But this doesn't work in FBA-X. Thanks alot for the making FBAGhost the best Neo-Geo emu for the Xbox.
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