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  1. Go into \config\dip\ and delete 88games.ini to fix it. I quit. I'm sure his keyboard is just missing the '1' key.
  2. Very do-able. Though I think an On/Off option would be better than a filter. Filters are more about what you do want to see than what you don't if you follow my meaning. I'm certain MAMEoX128 or one of the other MAME variants supports Crystal of Kings on a standard Xbox. Well since we're asking, what would you say is the likelihood of an FBA update?
  3. To everyone requesting that particular games be added; keep in mind that FBL is simply a port of FBA and can only support games for which a driver exists. Writing a driver (or porting one from MAME) is no easy task and unless iq_132 or one of the other FBA elite coders is prepared to put some serious time into it, it's unlikely that your requested game/s will be added prior to it being supported by the PC version. The best you can do is wait for an update to FBA with your fingers crossed and see. FBL (and FBA) still uses the old dat style cheat format. MAME has since changed it's system so I'm guessing there may be issues with certain cheats on sets that have been updated or changed. If anyone can provide information on how to convert new cheats to the old format then I'll give it some attention, otherwise (once again) it will probably be a case of waiting to see if the next FBA adopts the new format. Older skins will work but they need a couple of lines added to the ini file. Open the ini and scroll right to the bottom, you should see this: MainMenuVideoPath0=D:\media\background1.xmv MainMenuVideoPath1=D:\media\background2.xmv MainMenuVideoPath2=D:\media\background3.xmv MainMenuVideoPath3=D:\media\background4.xmv MainMenuVideoPath4=D:\media\background5.xmv MainMenuVideoPath5=D:\media\background6.xmv Replace it with this: MovieSounds=1 MainMenuVideoPath0=D:\media\background1.xmv MainMenuVideoPath1=D:\media\background2.xmv MainMenuVideoPath2=D:\media\background3.xmv MainMenuVideoPath3=D:\media\background4.xmv MainMenuVideoPath4=D:\media\background5.xmv MainMenuVideoPath5=D:\media\background6.xmv FreeRotate=0 Other tweaks may be needed depending on the skin but this should get it working without causing problems.
  4. The driver is very preliminary and currently only runs Hook and In the Hunt with no sound. R-Type Leo is also in the driver but this isn't included in this build as it crashes during loading at the moment. When reporting these issues it would save me time if you could mention whether they existed in previous builds or if they were working prior to 1.4/1.5. In 1.5 I haven't made any changes to the cheat routines, the Neogeo code, or the save state code. In addition, it turns out that one of the newly added CPS1 clones (area88r) has incorrect rom size information. I'm in the middle of a big CPS1 update to bring things in line with MAME so I'll get that finished as soon as I can and release a small update that corrects this. EDIT: Turns out that Neogeo save states were disabled by nes6502 in the original FBL as they were buggy and caused problems.
  5. Final Burn Legends 1.5 Please see notes below the changelog for installation and other important information. ..... Enjoy! + T + NOTES: -This is an upgrade package intended to be copied over an existing 1.4 installation. Simply copy the included files and folders to your FBL directory, overwriting any existing ones, then delete your \ini\FinalBurnLegends.ini file. This file must be recreated to include new options present in FBL1.5. Failure to delete this file will result in UI issues. Several romsets have changed in this release. Use the included DATs to check your roms before reporting problems. A good note from the original author is worth repeating: RELEASE THE SOURCE! Don't take mine or anyone else's work and not release the source. Everyone should get to benefit and future developers should be able to improve the code whenever current development stops. Downloads: The usual places. Screenshots and marquees are still available in the FBL Extras package here: FBL Extras: (marquees & screenshots) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YGPYQ9BX Many thanks to: - nes6502 for his excellent Xbox port of FBA. - iq_132 for the Xbox PGM drivers and countless other driver additions. - kenshiro for his updated drivers and fixes. - The Neosource community for many FBA code updates and fixes. - lantus for FBANext - Treble Winner for the updated FBA - Neil222 for his help and the new default skin. - Alinky for her HDTV testing. - neoryu for his beta testing and support.
  6. This issue exists in PC FBA as well so unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it until an updated driver becomes available.
  7. It looks like a fun game but it wouldn't really fit to add it to FBL in its current form. It would be fairly easy to compile a separate build solely for Genesis and SNES games if there was any great interest in that, but would there be any real advantage besides playing that one game? It will be an upgrade package to be applied over a 1.4 install. I've looked into this and I'm afraid I'm going to have to admit defeat for the time being. FBL does possess the capability for analog controls since it's there in the FBA code, but I just can't get my head around how they would fit into the system FBL uses to handle its inputs. Unfortunately many things in FBL are not nearly as straightforward as they were in FBA-XXX Pro. But then FBL is a far more sophisticated emulator and really deserves someone with more know-how than me working on it.
  8. Good news, FBL already supports this feature. To enable it just do the following: 1. Insert the number of coins you want to play with (1 coin/3 coins/ etc.) 2. Do not insert any more coins. Sorry, I'm joking of course, but seriously as the user you need to take some of the initiative in terms of customising your emulation experience. You can't expect the emulator to do everything like that for you. To make this point absolutely clear; there are no Neogeo games that need Unibios to run. If your games are not booting under the default bios then there's something wrong with either the game ROMset or the neogeo bios zip. So there's no bug to fix. As for the D&D buttons, I'll look into that and fix if necessary. It's a nice idea but a bit late in the day for v1.5. Maybe v1.6 though.
  9. Both Knights of Valour 2 and Knights of Valour 2 Plus will be supported 1.5 and they run very well indeed. You know who to thank.
  10. I see. It's easy to forget that since you both speak it so well. FBL already has a Favourites menu. You just add whichever games you want to your Favourites list and when you choose this option from the main menu, those are the only games you will see. Check it out if you haven't already.
  11. Yes ... don't remove it please Metal Slug 3 works for me in 720p, no problem, but it take more than 1 minute to load ... before i remember it is quicker ... some explanation ? Thanks I said I'd tidy up the filter menu and make sure it works right. Why does this make either of you think I'm going to remove it? Metal Slug 3 takes a while to load because you're using the fully encrypted parent set and it takes time to decrypt the graphics roms. This is the same in every emulator that supports these encrypted Neogeo games. FBL also supports pre-decrypted versions of these sets though (mslug3nd etc.) which will load much quicker. I'd guess that this is what you were using before.
  12. I'm afraid I can't provide any support at all for that build. I didn't even test it, I just threw the relevant bits of code from 1.5 into the old 1.4 source and compiled it. I don't see why that would cause the problem you describe but even so, that isn't intended to be a useable build; it was just for you and Phil to make use of those features for your pixel perfect inis. Rest assured though, I will test 1.5 in 720p before releasing to ensure there are no similar issues. Even weirder... the filter function is something I didn't even know FBL could do! But now that I know about it, I'll spend some time tidying up the filter menu and making sure everything works right. Thanks.
  13. Aha! I wondered how long it would take before somebody spotted this. Support for Genesis games has been removed, FBL is now arcade games only. If you want to play arcade and console games under the same UI then you know where to go.
  14. Glad to hear you were able to work around this issue. In retrospect there are many simple things I could have done to have avoided it but post-release I didn't see any practical way to correct it without screwing up people's 1.4 configs. At least I'll know for the future.
  15. Integrating changes from the latest revision of that particular audio driver added the missing music. This was fixed by nes6502 in FBL1.2.
  16. It's fine, I'll answer you but I really don't want this to derail the topic. As several members on here are already aware, I've been wanting to do some work on FBL for quite a long while. But, with the forum the way it was up until recently, I knew I'd never be able to release anything since at that time it would only have fueled the confrontational and negative elements that had turned this board into a very depressing place to be. Fortunately things changed for the better and the forum quietened down a lot. So then after a few conversations I had with neoryu, I decided to give it a shot and see what could be achieved. Of course, without iq_132's input 1.4 would have been a much more low-key release, but nonetheless I'm pleased with what I was able to do after so long (and still with no coding knowledge of any kind!). And, for the time being, that's what I'm going to keep doing; FBL is an amazing port and if my little tweaks and additions (not to mention iq_132's BIG tweaks and additions) help bring some of the old life back to the forum and the scene in general then I'm glad to be doing it. So now back to FBL discussion... Hey Bigby, I fixed the sound in Dokaben for you. Turns out it also fixed sound in about a dozen other games so thanks for that report.
  17. All of which is irrelevant. I'm not making a point about the ethical nature of what you're posting, I'm simply saying it's stepping pretty close to where the line is drawn in terms of the board rules. There are no rules against using images of copyright characters but there is a rule about providing links to sites that link to ISOs which trev1976 has broken. I agree that any signature links of this sort should also be removed, but it's my understanding that promoting other forums is not allowed here anyway.
  18. The site you posted contains links to PSX ISOs. This is against the rules as is discussion of where to obtain such files. I suggest you remove your link unless you want a mod to do it for you. In my opinion this whole topic is on shaky ground to be honest.
  19. Devil World I'm aware of and looking into. The sound in Aliens is the same in PC FBA. If you have the correct ROMs then those games will work regardless of which bios you set. The green screen only displays for a second or two. I must stress again; if you're not into updating your ROMs then you're better off sticking with whichever version of FBL works with the sets you have as there will be ROM changes in every release from now on.
  20. The short answer is; MVS bios are used by original NeoGeo arcade cabinets, AES bios are the home console NeoGeo bios, and Unibios are a homebrew bios loaded with extra features and enhancements. The green screen the MVS bios throws up on loading is the hardware test screen exactly as it would have appeared on an MVS cabinet. All the blood and gore settings are available with this bios and can be activated by going into the diagnostic menu, though many games have it on by default anyway. Yes, I found it equally tedious having to switch from the Unibios to MVS when I was using FBL1.3. Consider this my present to myself. An amazing feat regardless of whether or not you ever get them to run faster than that. It's so hard to believe we're still talking about an Xbox1 here! Thanks for the report. I'll look into that one.
  21. Yes, I did change the default NG bios to MVS. Unibios are great to have as an option but I don't care for them personally. I prefer the authentic arcade bios as the default.
  22. - wow new fantasy: So it is. - vimana: Sound is unsupported by the current driver. - kiling blade: Works fine. Your ROM is incorrect. - knights of valour: Works fine. Your ROM is incorrect. - knights of valour superheroes: Works fine. Your ROM is incorrect. - alien sector: Works fine. Your ROM is incorrect. - maze of flott: Disable DIP switches and it works fine. - osman: Yes there are, perhaps if we ask iq_132 very nicely he'll take a look one day - party time: " PS: Just so you know, there are NO roms included in the official FBL1.4 download.
  23. Pixel perfect settings aren't something I'll be adding to the emulator and certainly not as the defaults. I understand some people prefer to have all their games at different screen sizes but by default the emulator should and does display games at 4:3 just like an arcade machine. That being said I don't mind adding features that make achieving these settings easier for people if they want them. There is a main FinalBurnLegends.ini located in the \ini\ folder, however none of the settings you refer to can currently be set globally. These wouldn't be a problem to add, the only one I would be hesitant to include is hi-score saving since this can cause problems with certain games. A 1.3 ROM set is not suitable for use with 1.4. Some games will work but others will not. You'll need to get used to updating your ROMsets because there will likely be changes in every new version from now on. Anyone who remembers FBA-XXX Pro will know I like to keep things up-to-date in this respect. I recommend everybody use the provided DATs to check your ROMs before running any new version of FBL and certainly before reporting any problems. The Cave game you're referring to is Guwange. As far as I'm aware it's the only game in FBL that doesn't work in 1080i but as you say, 720p is fine.
  24. No idea. I don't have either so I can't test but most games in FBL run at full speed in HD with filters anyway, so it's hard to see why you would need them. Of course there are the CPS3 games that still run out of memory on a standard Xbox but based on iq's video it looks like those days could be numbered. As kenshiro said, Metal Slug 3 works fine at 480p, 720p, or 1080i. It always has since FBL1.0 so I've no idea why you're finding this the case. You shouldn't have to reduce your resolution to get it to play. Out of curiousity, is your mslug3.ini imported from 1.3? If so delete it and try again, there is an issue with importing inis that might adversely affect Neogeo games.
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