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  1. And I seem to have a natural immunity to it! :\ Gilou, I just download your skin package and copied the strider.ini file to my \ini\emulation\ folder. Now when I start Strider all the video settings are as in your ini and the screen size has changed noticeably from the default. I'm not saying that the screen size is right (I have no idea how it's supposed to look) but I am saying that it is definitely not the default screen size. To be 100% certain I deleted the strider.ini file and ran the game again. This time it uses the default settings and size which looks entirely different to how it was when using your ini. So the ini settings are definitely being applied. If your ini files are not producing the size you want then I may be able to delve into the issue further. But if you're saying that your ini files are not working at all then I don't know what to suggest because I'm unable to reproduce this. NOTE: One thing I did notice is that, even though the 10x11 pixel ratio option is set to On in your ini. You have to go into the game options and disable/enable it again to have it applied. I don't know if this is related at all to your problem but I'll look into correcting it.
  2. Sounds snappier, and rhymes better. Though tbh, if you had an IQ of 32 I think you'd struggle to even say "Martial Masters".
  3. Yes. I responded here. Guess you missed it. All download links on that page appear to be dead. Are you saying that when you copy your 1.3 ini files to 1.4 it makes no difference at all to the screen size? Or are you saying that when you copy your 1.3 ini files to 1.4 it makes a difference but the values are wrong? Listen, I'm prepared to look into this for you but I'm still not clear on what exactly the problem is and I don't really understand what the difficulty is in simply sending me one ini file as I've asked for.
  4. POW seems to be working nicely in 1.4. Check it out for yourself and if you find any graphics glitches then let me know and I'll look into them but I didn't notice any. I can't look at anything until somebody sends me an ini file. All the ones I've tried have worked perfectly. You romsets are wrong. All these games are working. Check them with the Romcenter DAT you'll find in the tools\ folder.
  5. I'm not sure what to tell you Cospefogo. Every time I migrate an ini from 1.3 to 1.4 it works fine, screensizes and all. If there is a problem here I'll get it fixed but right now I just can't identify one. I was particularly careful to implement the Screen.ini feature in such a way that it wouldn't interfere with preset game configs. Has anyone else had any success or problems with transferring ini files? Once again, it seems to work perfectly here. This is something I can look into. Out of interest, under what circumstances would this be useful? I maintain that my preference is for accurate arcade emulation. But there may be some compromise to be had. Let me look into it, maybe I can tie the faster Double Dragon code into the CPU overclock option or something. But if not and it comes down to a choice between the two then I'll stick with accuracy and keep the original hardware slowdown. Since you have the original PCB would you be able to say how close the speed of FBL is to the speed of the original? I'm just curious. FBL does not use TDATA or UDATA at all. All files are stored in the emulator directories.
  6. Seriously impressive to see it running with that kind of framerate and free memory.
  7. I just tested everything you've said and sorry but I don't have these problems. I can copy game ini files from 1.3 to 1.4 without problems and individual screen size settings are restored. Perhaps you could send me some specific inis that were giving you problems but I tried a handleful of my own and the settings transfer just fine. Are you otherwise running a clean install? With Double Dragon. What set are you using? Using the ddragon parent set I've just tried it on FBL1.3 and the games runs extremely choppily at under 20fps. In FBL1.4 it maintains a solid 59.9fps, so I'm assuming the slowdown when the screen is crowded comes from the original hardware. I appreciate that CoinOPS may enhance Double Dragon to run faster than the original arcade machine but I would have reservations about doing this in FBL since I prefer my emulation to be accurate. Keep in mind that the global screensize setting doesn't overwrite any per-game settings. Per-game settings are created whenever you run a game. So you should set your global screen size when you first install the emulator before running any games, otherwise the setting will not be applied to games that already have an ini file created for them. As for the left/right issue; You do know you have to use both analog sticks to resize the screen don't you? Also if you're resizing a vertical game the screen is rotated, as are the resizing controls.
  8. I just tested this on PC FBA. For standard Cave games the configuration screen is accessed by holding down the Diagnostic button for a few seconds which obviously is not currently possible in FBL. I'll correct this in v1.5 and have it as a mappable control. I don't know if it's the same for PGM games or the new Cave/PGM games since I don't have a PC emulator that supports them.
  9. Assuming I get it working, which shouldn't be too hard, I'll implement this feature so it applies to videos, screenshots, and marquees. Restoring the animated logo to the main menu should be no problem at all, I'll do it for the next release. As for the rombrowser, you can restore the logo yourself (though it won't be animated) by replacing the file \images\fbl.png with your logo file. I just tested penbros and it runs perfectly. What resolution are you running in? Are you absolutely certain your set is showing green in Romcenter? Check your PM.
  10. Yes, I meant to mention this in the release notes but I forgot, apologies. Basically the skin ini files now have an extra line in them to cover the new video preview sound option. So to use any skins designed for FBL1.3 and below, you should add the line: MovieSound=0 to the skin's ini file. As for the animated logo; sorry but I hijacked this skin element in order to add the marquee feature. FBL1.4 is pretty much designed for the new default skin and any that are created specifically for it. Older skin compatibility can't be guaranteed. I'll look into it for v1.5. It seems there may be some issues with the ClrMAMEPro DAT generated by the emu. I use the Romcenter one myself so have never encountered these issues. I'll either correct them or remove the ClrMAME DAT altogether. Incidentally the penbros set, as green in the Romcenter DAT, works fine.
  11. Do you happen to know if the tmnt2 problem occurs in the PC version of FBA? If it's Xbox specific then it's quite likely I can fix it. If it's a driver issue however then that may require someone with a more detailed knowledge of such things or an update to FBA. As for Night Slashers, I remember seeing some screenshots for an FBA driver by iq posted over at Neosource. So at the very least I'd say this has had some progress made on it.
  12. Normally I'd say no thanks is necessary, but keep talking...
  13. Try the Romcenter DAT instead. That's what I'm using and don't have any problems with it. It will be a day or two before I can let you know since I don't have an HDTV. I will test them on a friend's setup though unless somebody else posts the results first. Will be great to have you on the case. Read the first post more carefully. That's as much as I'm able to provide.
  14. Lots of developing going on here lately. Just like the old days. Nice job.
  15. Final Burn Legends 1.4 This is an update to Final Burn Legends originally ported by nes6502. Many core components have been updated to the latest PC version of FBA and it also uses elements from FBANext by lantus and code from the skilled community over at the Neosource forums. Many new ROMsets have been added and several games are now working that either didn't before or had issues that are now fixed. In addition, this release contains Xbox-optimised PGM drivers by iq_132 and a new default skin by Neil222. Updated DATs are included in the tools/ folder of the release package. If you have any questions or comments post them here. Please see notes below the changelog for downloads, installation and other important information. ..... ..... Enjoy! + T + NOTES: This is NOT an upgrade install and a clean installation is highly recommended. If you simply try to copy the files over an earlier version you will most likely experience problems. Game specific configs can easily be copied across from a previous installation. Please only report issues if you are running a clean install. When setting the default screen size using the new feature it's important to keep in mind that vertical games will rotate your settings by 90 degrees, so the horizontal width will become the vertical height when rotated etc. Just play with the settings until you find a happy medium that fills your screen both ways. A good note from the original author is worth repeating: RELEASE THE SOURCE! Don't take mine or anyone else's work and not release the source. Everyone should get to benefit and future developers should be able to improve the code whenever current development stops. Downloads: Unfortunately xbins is still offline to uploads so this is something of a pre-release. Below are links to the marquee and screenshot pack, and the sourcecode. Due to forum rules I am unable to provide a link to the compiled binaries however if you're able to use the other links you can find the emulator package using 5VEESO4A. This is only a temporary measure and I will upload the release to xbins as soon as I am able to. FBL 1.4 Emulator: (See above) FBL Extras: (marquees & screenshots) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YGPYQ9BX FBL 1.4 Source: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9W149JDR Many thanks to: - nes6502 for his excellent Xbox port of FBA. - iq_132 for the Xbox PGM drivers and countless other driver additions. - kenshiro for his updated drivers and fixes. - The Neosource community for many FBA code updates and fixes. - lantus for FBANext - Treble Winner for the updated FBA - Neil222 for his help and the new default skin. - Neo369 and PhilExile for the rotation fix. - Special thanks to neoryu for his testing and support. - And to Alinky for her HDTV and patience.
  16. Very exciting. That's looking great. True. Perhaps I misread that. But xbins is the 'official' distribution channel for Xbox software and is definitely the way I want to go in terms of releasing this. No disrespect to other forums/sources but I don't want to distribute FBL 1.4 on any site that provides ROM downloads with emulators. I appreciate others will have different views on this but it's something I feel strongly about. Xbins is still running off the backup server which does not allow uploads. I'll give it today and if nothing is sorted then I'll release 1.4 some other way.
  17. I've added an option to toggle video preview sound. When disabled the video sound will be muted and the skin background music will continue to play. Nice job and good news for us all. Must be some serious wizardry going on there. Is the source available? Wouldn't mind taking a peek at the code. Now that I think about it, wasn't the original FBA PGM code written by Oopsware for the PSP? Then that was tweaked and optimised by iq for PC FBA.
  18. While the PGM drivers are a wonderful addition, this release is about more than just those games as I hope you will appreciate when you see the changelog. Adding as many new ROMsets as possible, fixing bugs in both drivers and the UI, and the new display options are just as important as playing Ketsui. FBL 1.4 will be released when everything is ready. All I can do at this point is assure you that it won't be much longer and will be worth the wait.
  19. I don't have any xmv movie files. If you can send me one, I'll do my best to add this option. May not make it into this release though.
  20. Yes, absolutely. Per-game screen sizes supersede any global options. In the release notes of FBL nes6502 was very specific that any continuation of his project be distributed via xbins. But if nothing's been resolved by the time I've finished tweaking these display settings later today/tomorrow then I may think about some short-term distribution method until the problem is fixed.
  21. Just to keep everyone up-to-date. Xbins is currently having some problems and uploads aren't working so I'm taking the time to add a Widescreen Fix option. This automatically corrects the aspect ratio to 4:3 on a 16:9 display. So this: becomes this: Also, as an afterthought, I'm planning to have separate default screen sizes for SD and HD modes, since HD doesn't need the overscan compensation (black frame) that the current defaults have. I really want this release to focus on getting things looking perfect no matter what your preferences might be. Oh, and the new default skin with marquee support has to be seen to be believed.
  22. You live in that Disneyland ride? How have you not sawn your ears off? I don't mind the thread going off-topic, it distracts from the fact that I haven't released 1.4 yet. Don't worry though, it's coming very soon and it looks stunning. + T + England
  23. If kenshiro's in then I'm there!
  24. Lol, I wish I had the time to sit and play Ketsui as far as level 3. My understanding is (and what testing I have done confirms) that the Cave games on the PGM driver run at full 60fps 99% of the time. I've only noticed performance issues in menus. iq_132 informs me that he was able to speed up the menus but with the consequence of a slight in-game performance hit. I thought it better to stick with the original faster-game, slower-menus version. That being said, iq continues to astound with ever more optimised versions of the code. Once iq says he's happy that the code is as good as it gets for the time being then 1.4 will be released. But based on what I've seen already it will be worth waiting however long it takes.
  25. Double Dragon is fixed and runs very nicely in FBL 1.4. Alien Storm runs on the Sega System16 driver which is choppy. This is the only example I can think of of a major driver that currently runs better in MAME than FBA. If any driver improvements are made to the PC version I will implement them into FBL. And Sparda I would request that you (or a mod) delete the latter part of your post. I really don't want that trash posted here. It's completely at odds with the new positive direction this forum is taking and if anybody wants to read that sort of nonsense they know where to find it. In answer to RatherAnnoyed's question; I prefer not to overclock the CPU and run games as closely as possible to how the original would play. So if that means slowdowns then I want the slowdowns but it's great to have the option and that's what FBL is all about.
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