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  1. You are officially a robot of some kind. In the old days you'd be burned at the stake for this kind of wizardry!
  2. Well the only thing that I can say has made any logical sense so far in terms of code changes is the AspectCorrect line in the ini files. This is further supported by the fact that only horizontal values are affected since AspectCorrect causes a change in horizontal values. So to clarify; if you take a 1.3 ini and manually add the line "AspectCorrect=0" above the SNKBios line before importing it to 1.4 then I see no reason why your screen size values wouldn't translate correctly. If this is not the case then I'm afraid we're back to square one and are rapidly approaching the point where the problem is sufficiently ill-defined for me to be able to do anything about it. I do want to help you guys out as much as possible though so I will make the d-pad resizing feature the next thing on my list. -~=-+ T +-=~- EDIT: Check your PMs, gentlemen.
  3. It's possible, but you need 2 sticks to resize the screen and you only have one d-pad so how would that work? The other thing with FBL's screen sizing system, as you may or may not have discovered yet, is that once you have a pixel perfect screen size set, if you even move the screen (without resizing) you will still introduce slight distortion and will have to resize again. So you would need the same precision on both the move and resize controls.
  4. To make lightgun games likes Zombie Raid somewhat more playable in MAMEoX (the emulator CoinOPS uses), you can control the crosshair using the d-pad. This works in a non-analog fashion similar to FBL. You can even change the speed by going into the Analog control settings and adjusting Key/Joy Speed.
  5. All those Neogeo games work perfectly. As gamez fan says, check your ROMsets. Also I can't hear any sound glitches in Out Run. Again, a bad ROM could be to blame. Also, I just took a screenshot in Demon World and it worked fine. Are you absolutely sure you're running a clean installation since you seem to be experiencing several issues that are unique to you?
  6. I'll look into that. Do you know of any other games besides Psikyo that don't save DIP switch settings?
  7. You should add the extra line to the ini before adjusting the screen, not after.
  8. I took a look at this earlier and the ini problem is an easy fix... or, that is to say, would have been an easy fix. Basically I should have put the AspectCorrect line at the bottom of the ini file. That way it would not mess up other settings if you tried to use an ini that didn't have it. Of course I could easily move AspectCorrect to the bottom of the ini in FBL1.5 and your 1.3 inis would work fine, but this will then mess up other settings in any game that has an existing 1.4 ini. So I face a bit of a dilemma. I should have done this right from the start, but, since I didn't, I can't see a way of going back without screwing up a whole lot of inis for a whole lot of people (which obviously I'm not going to do). Apologies for the oversight, I am still giving it some thought.
  9. Those tracks are pretty long mp3 files. Try cutting them down in an audio editing program, maybe even reducing the bitrate. There's no reason they shouldn't play as well as any other mp3 file. If PC FBA allows mouse control then it may be possible to port it across to FBL. I don't have a mouse adapter for my Xbox though so would be difficult to test. Overclocking the CPU in Double Dragon won't do anything in 1.4 because I've only just added it to 1.5 which hasn't been released yet.
  10. For those who want to play Double Dragon faster than the arcade machine, it now uses the CPU overclock setting in General Options so you can speed it up as much as you want to eliminate slowdown or leave it at the default for the authentic experience. Thanks once again to iq_132.
  11. I've added a button to the controller config screen for Cave games that that you can hold down to access the diagnostics.
  12. If the problem is definitely the AspectCorrect line in the game ini being set to 13 then that should be an easy fix. So basically you're saying that if I can get FBL to add that line to a 1.3 ini with the correct value of 0 then your problems are solved?
  13. The AspectCorrect entry is the widescreen fix option. It should be either 1 or 0 so I don't know why yours says 13. The fact that 1.3 inis do not have this setting could potentially cause issues. The best thing to do would be to add the line to your 1.3 ini with a setting of 0 and see if it makes any difference.
  14. Just so you know, the 10x11 pixel ratio bug is fixed. I can't look at the screen size coding that I changed because I didn't change the screen size coding. If your Screen.ini values are 0 and you're not using the widescreen fix option then nothing is different from FBL1.3. So I wouldn't even know what to change. If you're saying that you're not able to adjust the screen to pixel perfect screen size values in 1.4 then I don't see how that's possible. Even if the values in your 1.3 ini files are not producing the results you want then there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to achieve it the same thing by adjusting the screen. Keep in mind that FBL simply was not designed or intended to do what you're trying to do with it. The screen size feature is so people can stretch the display to fill their screen. Obviously I'd like to please everyone so if you can give me a very concise description of what you want fixed, I'll do my best to come up with something. But asking me to compare screen sizes and scanlines isn't helpful because my eye just doesn't see these things and I'm left just as confused as when I started. Every time I think I know what you mean, it seems to change to something else. So I'll leave you to sort out exactly what the issue is and come back to me with just the bottom line. Then I will do what I can to assist.
  15. I remember nes6502 and ressurectionx having a discussion about this. You can use the favourites feature and then edit then names in your favourites list to say anything you want. I'm pretty much in agreement with nes6502 that it's not a good feature for the emulator itself as it makes it impossible to tell clones from parent etc. If I made the message say that then people would end up trying to press the wrong button, wouldn't they? Contra is already supported. As for Dragon Ninja and Robocop; there is a preliminary driver for those games in the FBL sourcecode. I haven't tried it so I don't know how or even if it runs (probably not too well) but it means it is probably being worked on. Agreed.
  16. I wouldn't recommend it. Posting links to ROMs or ISOs is very much against the rules here.
  17. I've started a new thread for pixel perfect ini discussion: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=33497
  18. I've started a new topic for this discussion since it's starting to take over the FBL1.4 thread somewhat and as far as I can tell it's reached the stage where there's nothing that needs to be done on the emulator side of things. Of course I'll still help and contribute to the discussion but I don't want new users with other questions and issues to get intimidated by all the values inis being thrown around in the main thread. It also makes it easier for you guys to keep all this discussion in one place. So please post anything pixel perfect related here.
  19. This is an FBA driver issue. The PC version is the same. Hey, GLiTcH. Good to see you. It's been a while . Yes, most older roms won't work with FBL1.4. An FBANext or recent MAME set should do for most of them. See the included DATs. Those values shouldn't affect your screen sizes since the modifiers are not cumulative. Any values you have in a game ini should override these.
  20. Thanks for reporting this. Seems to be a driver issue. I'll look into fixing it for 1.5. I think I may have mentioned this before but I'll do so again anyway just so everyone knows how the screen sizing works. Here comes the science bit... FBL has a set of hardcoded base values that determine the default screen size, these cannot be changed by the user at all. When you run a game it creates an ini file which contains 4 lines named zLeft, zRight, zTop, zBottom. These values aren't independent size values, they are modifiers that get applied to the hardcoded base values. So since I did not change the base values for the default screen size in FBL1.4, I see no reason why the modifiers in your ini files would produce a different result to 1.3. When you use the global screen size setting, all it does is create a set of these modifiers in Screen.ini which get applied to any game that does not already have an ini file. So again, the base values are not altered, only the modifiers. The Widescreen Fix option however DOES use an separate set of hardcoded base values, so any modifiers in Screen.ini or a game ini will be applied to these alternate base values and will produce an entirely different result to having the Widescreen Fix option off. If any of that makes sense then hopefully it will help you give me an idea of what you think needs to be changed to accommodate what you're trying to achieve.
  21. Sorry to hear that. I ride a bike myself. Hope you're not badly hurt. I'll ask iq if he can help us there. Chat client is an easy answer; I don't use one, sorry. I have my email open most of the time for work though so you'll usually get a fast response there if I'm anywhere near the computer. I picked up on the 10x11 bug earlier in the thread. Will fix it for the next release. There was a similar bug with game-specific hardware filters not applying on startup, but I managed to catch and fix that in 1.4.
  22. Will get that fixed for the next release. Thanks for reporting. So are you saying that 1.4 is behaving precisely the same way as 1.3 in this regard? From what you say it doesn't seem like doing anything to the default base screen size values will do anything other than mess things up for you so I'll hold off on that until I hear what conclusions you come to from your respective testing.
  23. To recompile something you would need a sourcecode. Which in the case of CoinOPS, is not available.
  24. End of discussion. FBL plays Double Dragon exactly as the original arcade machine plays it. If you want to play the game at an artificially enhanced speed, use CoinOPS.
  25. Thanks for that Cospefogo. I'm planning to do a lot of work on FBL over the weekend so I will look into the issue. I may have changed the base value of the default screen size, which would affect the per-game modifiers. I didn't think I changed them, but it seems the most logical explanation. If I do find any changes there I will reset the values to how they were in 1.3. In any case, bear with me and I'll keep you informed.
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