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  1. This automatically makes you an 'xtras team' member. Didn't you know??
  2. You don't check your results too well. I voted that it was a stupid idea.
  3. Why didn't you make the poll based on what was suggested? Nobody said anything about putting the emulator names in the game list, clearly that is ridiculous. What was suggested was that, when you launch a game, the emulator name appears while the game is loading. This is non-intrusive and respects the developers whose work you have used for CoinOPS without spoiling the experience for your users. You've deliberately made your suggestion as intrusive and annoying as possible. This is transparent childishness and I really don't know why I expected any different from you. I'm not usually so harsh but I have no other words and you've exhausted my patience. You are a parasite to the Xbox scene.
  4. This is completely stupid and not what was suggested at all. This poll is meaningless.
  5. I think people do want to see this. I think people would want to see respect for the developers who have worked so hard to bring these emulators to the Xbox. I also think your users would like to see the new Surreal64 in CoinOPS. From what you've posted it's clear the developer's did not say no, they merely asked you to make it clear which emulator cores CoinOPS uses to launch it's games and you said no to that. If you really believe no one wants this then why not start one of your polls entitled "Should CoinOPS display which emulator is being used to launch a game in order to show proper regard to the developers?" Frankly, I don't think you'd get many 'no' votes to that from this community.
  6. I completely agree with this. If CoinOPS displayed this text when launching cores and had full credits to the developers who ported those cores accessible from within the UI, I would have no problems with CoinOPS at all and I'm sure most of your project's other critics would agree. I appreciate you've worked hard integrating these cores and have added a few new bells and whistles, but at the end of the day CoinOPS is just a frontend for other people's work and needs to be presented as such. You can't take credit for the whole cake when all you have provided is the cherry on top.
  7. It isn't your CoinOPS N64. It's an old version of Surreal that you've added some HD code to. I agree with waal so far as you give no credit to those who have actually done 95% of the work that's represented in CoinOPS.
  8. I don't agree with other people making offensive personal attacks against you either. I can't comment about other forums because I only post on this one but this forum's rules should be upheld in such a way that nobody can get away with making personal attacks against anybody without consequence, including yourself. It sounds to me like you became 'staff' here just by designing a logo and that's fine, but somebody should have made you aware that 'staff' members should be setting an example of the rules and not abusing their position or their standing with the site's admins to break them as they choose. By all means criticise. By all means argue; that's what a forum is for. But do NOT make offensive and personal insults against other members because you think you are immune to the consequences of doing so.
  9. It's true, that accusation is entirely out of order. It seems you need a reminder that personal attacks are against the rules here and you are not exempt from them. Keep your development thread on topic, and if you want to criticise others or respond to criticisms against you then do so in a less offensive manner. I don't know what that green banner of yours actually means or how you got it but the above behaviour is a disgrace to it and I'm really not sure how other staff on this forum are happy to have you representing them in this way.
  10. That's misleading. The only reason CoinOPS threads have so many posts is because most of them are your rants and people's responses to them. There is very little real activity here. And CoinOPS certainly isn't the only thing going on in the scene at the moment. The new Surreal is looking very exciting over at Xbox-scene and I know for a fact that many many people are following the progress of that project, even though they may not be posting about it. Also, madmab appears to be making some great progress in porting the new SNES9x core. And of course, the reason A600's excellent ports do not attract a lot of posts is quite simply because A600 is not active on any of the main Xbox forums. Basically, post numbers don't mean a thing. Particularly when most of them (like this one) are nothing to do with the development of your project.
  11. If you're not going to release a DAT then just say that. I'm certain nobody cares about these long nonsensical rants of yours. Bigby is trying to help users since you will not, he isn't doing it to spite you. I don't know whether or not his DATs are 100% accurate but from the sounds of things they're the best that CoinOPS users are going to get for some time, which is far better than none at all.
  12. I would encourage anyone who doesn't care about any of this drama to simply ignore this thread or cast a null vote. That is all.
  13. No they weren't. Capcom used a higher horizontal resolution but they were designed to be stretched vertically to a standard 4:3 screen, there were no widescreen monitors in use at that time. Just look at any circular shapes in a CPS game and you will see they only appear truly circular in 4:3. To display CPS games in widescreen can be preferable to some but it is not correct or accurate to the original arcade machines.
  14. Just a heads up for anyone who is confused or mistrustful in light of all this. You can get helpful advice on what can or can't be done with CoinOPS and how it will affect your Xbox in the . Straight answers to your questions in plain english, with nobody threatening to mess up your Xbox or wipe your HDD. Note that I'm not affiliated with this site at all and am not even an active member of the forum but I think the attitude over there is a lot more positive and informative than all the confusion and mistrust that has been created here, particularly for new users.
  15. To clarify; there's no need to compile a new build. CoinOPS can already be made "Arcade Only" by simply removing the console roms. It really is that simple.
  16. And your project would become the first ever Xbox virus and you'd be banned from this and every other forum in the scene. CoinOPS popularity will only carry you so far. There is line beyond which this scene will no longer tolerate you or your behaviour and that is most certainly it. Just a warning to you in case you're ever tempted.
  17. To clarify; there is no special build. The standalone package released by Bigby is just CoinOPS 2 with all the roms and videos removed. You can remove the console games from the full pack and it will work just as well. If you already have CoinOPS 2, no other downloads are required.
  18. Well judging by the number of PMs I'm getting, a lot of people want to use CoinOPS for arcade games only with no consoles. BP has admitted now that this is actually possible but to help people out I thought I'd post some info. Basically, you only need a certain number of roms in your list to avoid the locks (I think BP mentioned it was 1200) these can be arcade, console, whatever you like. As long as you have that number, everything is fine. Bigby seems to have been the first one to figure this out and he's posted his method over at the xtremely helpful and informative . But you don't have to download the full 20Gb pack if you don't want to. All I did was, I took the CoinOPS 2 standalone release (thanks again to Bigby) and filled my rom folder with about 2000 MAME games. Everything works fine; CoinOPS with nothing but arcade roms. So if you remove the games you don't want and you find yourself under the 1200 limit, just add a few more arcade games that aren't included in the full package to top yourself up to the correct number. These games won't have the videos for them of course but you can use a still screenshot just as easily or even make the extra videos yourself. From what I've seen here, nobody cares about all the drama and 'misinformation'. Nobody really dislikes BP or any of the 'xtras team'. Everybody just wants to use the emulators on their Xbox in the way that they choose and not have that dictated to them, which I am entirely in agreement with and that's why I've made this thread. Feel free to ask questions if you need more info. Enjoy CoinOPS everyone.
  19. Confirmed. I've now also managed to get around the 'lock' using my own method. No special build is required, CoinOPS can be used with just arcade games and no consoles. I expected something a little more difficult to be honest.
  20. Bigby's video is not fake and is not an older build. I have my own possible idea for getting round the 'lock' that is different to how Bigby has achieved it, so I'll test that shortly just for the fun of it. Thanks to everyone who uploaded the standalone for me, I have it now.
  21. Assuming those videos are genuine I think I've figured out how you got around the 'locks'. If someone can send me just the CoinOPS emulator files I'll test it myself but I'm not downloading 20Gb of stuff I don't need just to see if I'm right or wrong.
  22. Just watched Bigby's video. How can you say madmab's emus have too many settings when that's the longest list of pointless options I've ever seen in an emulator??? I'm not complaining since I've always said more options are better, but considering you criticize other projects for being too complex I just had to say, lol!
  23. Seriously, what's the point having a poll if you're just going to discount every vote that doesn't suit you and say it was 'xtras people' making new accounts?
  24. If only everyone on this forum would copy that to their signature. Wise words and well said.
  25. XBMC makes its nightly builds available, they're not official releases. In fact the last official 3.0 beta of xbmc4xbox was back in October 2010.
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