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  1. The horizontal size of Neo Geo games isn't a problem to me because, on real hardware only the vertical size is fixed to the 'pixel perfect' value. The horizontal is different on every monitor. So for FBL defaults I only need to correct the vertical height. It currently defaults to 448 as 224 is the most common vertical resolution in the supported games, so most games will look right with scanlines. But Cave for example uses 240 so this core will need to have it's height adjusted to fix the scanlines. FBL's video code is a completely different story to MAMEoX. The only way to achieve a 'pixel perfect' setting for every game would be to have the emulator check the hardware flag when starting a game and adjust the size accordingly. The problem with this is that there are many different hardware flags that would need to be factored in and I would need to know the 'pixel perfect' screen sizes for all of them. Plus it could potentially cause so many problems so I don't think it's something I'd be keen to pursue. Most of them would still be fine. Any games that use 224 vertical resolution would not be changed (that includes all Neo Geo, CPS, PGM, and more). In fact it's probably only Cave games and rotated games for now that would be affected by this. Even if I left all the standard 4:3 games as they are, the 3:4 size definitely needs to be corrected. Thanks for those. I don't actually have a 720p setup but the screen values should stay the same regardless of the HD mode so I'm assuming these will work in 480i/p as well.
  2. Ah yes, sorry I had it on my FBL todo list but not on FBC.
  3. Final Burn Consoles 1.1 Just a minor update. Normally, I would take the same approach as FBL and wait until a few new features/fixes have built up before making another release. But I'm not anticipating needing to update FBC very often so I figured I'd throw this out now. I noticed that MESS also emulates the Neo Geo AES and CPS Changer so I decided to switch to the same naming convention. Also 2 more CPS Changer sets have been added. Enjoy! + T +
  4. Ok guys, here's the thing; changes need to be made to the default screen sizes. The dimensions for vertical games are just plain wrong, no games look as they should. Also there are many games for which the scanline filter is not working correctly (not just rotated games). People shouldn't have to be manually tweaking their screens to get this stuff right, it should be right by default. The thing is that different hardware uses different resolutions, as you know. So in order to get the scanlines uniform on as many games as possible my plan is to take advantage of the fact that FBL uses multiple cores. For example; Cave games run in a slightly different vertical resolution to Psikyo games so the Cave core and the Psikyo core will use different base values to keep the scanlines uniform and to appear more faithful to the original display. The only problem with this (and I stress that it is the only problem) is that it's going to drop a nuclear bomb on some of the 'pixel perfect' ini files you've been working on since the changes will need to be made to base values upon which your values are applied. I've been trying to think of a way to do this that will cause as little disruption to your project as possible, but I'm struggling. All I can think to do is provide you with details about exactly which values I've changed, for which games, and by how much. For the most part I think it should be a fairly simple case of running a find and replace script through your inis to correct them. In any case I won't do anything just yet until I've had some feedback from you.
  5. A quick question. How have you guys managed to achieve a 'pixel perfect' vertical size for rotated games? Surely it would require you to stretch the screen way beyond the top and bottom borders of your TV to get an image with no distortions.
  6. You're going to get me in trouble with Cospefogo and PhilExile. I would like to change the default rotated screensize to be perfect 3:4 which would fix the scanlines (it's just an arbitrary value at the moment) but it would mess up the pixel perfect inis for rotated games that those guys are working on and I think I've caused them enough trouble as it is by changing default values. I'll see if I can find some videos of vertically orientated games running on actual hardware and see how FBL's proportions compare. If there is a significant difference I'll make the change.
  7. Final Burn Consoles 1.0 This was originally going to be something I put together just for my own use but as others expressed interest in the idea I decided to release it. Final Burn Consoles is a build of Final Burn Legends that contains only drivers for the home console systems currently supported by FBA; the Sega Genesis, the Neo Geo AES console, and the Capcom CPS Changer. FBC is optimised to provide as authentic a recreation as possible of playing games on these systems. Please see the FAQs below for more information. ..... ..... Enjoy! + T + FAQs: Question: What's the point of this? Can't I just do the same thing by playing with settings in FBL? Answer: Yes. But this is for people that like the idea of having a separate emulator for the home console variants of these systems. Question: How is the Genesis driver better than NeoGenesis? Answer: It isn't. Although it probably runs some pirate cartridges that Neogenesis doesn't and I'm told the scanline filter is better. Question: Why don't my FBL ROMs work? Answer: Because FBC uses console ROM dumps where possible. These can be built from a full FBL set. Check the DATs provided in the tools\ folder. Question: Why are some Neo Geo games missing? Answer: Because not all Neo Geo MVS arcade games were released as AES home console cartridges. Question: CPS Ch... Wha?! Answer: The CPS Changer was Capcom's answer to the home Neo Geo. It played specially modified CPS1 cartridges of which only 12 were ever released. Use Google, there's a lot of good info available on this rare system. Question: Why use only one emulator? Why not just take a bunch of existing Xbox emulators and patch them into the FBL UI? Answer: Don't be stupid. Downloads: Binaries and sourcecode in the usual places. Many thanks to: nes6502 and everyone involved in the creation of FBA and FBL.
  8. All 3 of those games work perfectly. Anything that says 'ROM Error' translates to: "Your ROM is incorrect. Use the DATs!".
  9. As you say, the ini file is the same so it's unlikely that's the problem. It could be one of the other skin files; one way to find out would to replace them one at a time with files from the default skins. But if you want to make your own skin then I would suggest using one of the default skins as your base and work from that. Then you know that your skin will work correctly. As to your question about skin settings; when you modify the skin in the UI, the settings are saved in the \ini\FinalBurnLegends.ini file. You can copy this file to your skin folder and rename it to the name of your skin if you want to make your changes permanent. I hope that helps.
  10. It's perfectly possible since Pico hardware is exactly the same as a Genesis. The problem is the unusual controller which as far as I know isn't supported by any emulator currently.
  11. It's probably straightforward. I'm just being lazy. I checked the skin over and I have no idea why it doesn't work. This is the problem with FBL; many of the main emulator settings are initially taken from the ini file of the skin. So every time I want to add a new option, it affects compatibility with skins built for past versions. The same is true for game configs; any new per-game options I add have the potential to break compatibility with configs created in past versions. So really it's a choice between maintaining full compatibility with old skins and configs, and adding new features. So I decided to go with the latter as my interest is in moving the emulator forward. I'll leave it up to skin creators to update skins to be compatible with those changes. The default skins will always work 100%.
  12. Do you still have the code he sent you? That would make things much easier.
  13. Thanks for this. Using this info, Super Bubble Bobble is now working in my WIP build of FBC.
  14. How do you mean "re-introduce"? Is this something that was working previously then? More info please. Post a link to the skin you're trying to run (the whole skin, not just the ini) and I'll see if I can get it working. It's still there under Video Options in the in-game menu. I've got it on my todo list to make a global setting for this in 1.6 but right now it can only be enabled while emulation is running. EDIT: Some weird stuff just happened with the reply button. Sorry for posting twice.
  15. How do you mean "re-introduce"? Is this something that was working previously then? More info please. Nobody can complain about Double Dragon now since the speed is entirely adjustable. If it runs too slow for you then increase the overclock, if it runs too fast then decrease it. As far as I'm concerned it runs perfectly at 100% with perfect beautiful arcade slowdown. Here endeth the discussion of Double Dragon.
  16. That feature should be easy to add to NestopiaX since the UI is the same as FBL. I'll send XxHellsFuryxX the code. OT: Cospefogo, is that you in the video? Your cats are great. I like cats a lot. ;)
  17. In theory, FBL could emulate other consoles. In fact FBANext already has a SNES driver in the sourcecode; I did try implementing it into a build of FBL just to see if it would work and all I got was a black screen when launching games. But I don't have the facilities to run FBANext so for all I know it may not work there either. nes6502's port of Final Burn is interesting because it uses an entirely different core for the games it supports, allowing them to run much faster at the expense of accuracy. This is still the best emulator to use for Sega X and Y board games like Power Drift and Rail Chase.
  18. I've just started putting together a custom build of FBL containing only console games. This was intended to be just for my own use and I wasn't planning to make any sort of release of it, but I thought I'd ask here just to see if anyone else would be interested. Basically the build would support 3 home console systems; the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, the NeoGeo AES system, and the Capcom CPS Changer. The Genesis component is self-explanatory and is just the Genesis driver that was previously in FBL1.3. The NeoGeo component differs from FBL in that it is locked in console mode (so you get the extra options/training modes etc. by default), it only supports games that were actually released officially in cartridge form on the NeoGeo AES system, and the supported ROMsets are the AES cartridge dumps where available for an authentic NeoGeo console experience. Finally, the CPS Changer component supports the 12 CPS1 games that were released for this little-known Capcom console. Only 2 actual CPS Changer ROM dumps currently exist (sfzch, wofch) but for the others I will use the arcade sets in freeplay mode until such time as true CPS Changer dumps become available so it will be as close as possible to playing on the real system. All options and settings pertaining to arcade play will be removed from the UI so it will be entirely a console-based emulator. This is appealing to me, not just for the task of putting it all together, but also because I like my arcade and console emulators separate; even consoles that run arcade games. I accept I'm probably in an OCD minority there but if this sounds like something that would appeal to anyone else here then say so and I'll make it available when I've finished it.
  19. It sounds like XxHellsFuryxX just forgot copy the Release Notes.txt to the docs\ folder which is what makes the version number show up in the emulator UI. So your 1.3 emulator is fine, it's just the text that is wrong.
  20. I think he's saying that he's installed 1.3 but the release notes still say 1.0. Did you perhaps forget to update them in the docs\ folder?
  21. I'd be happy to have a go at adding some more games to MAMEoX. The problem is a lack of sources would mean taking a backward step in some areas so I don't know how much interest there would be. Ideally I'd like to work on the MAMEoX128Plus source, but this was never made available. The last CoinOPS source released ('EPIC' I believe) is the next logical choice since it contains some drivers added by iq_132, but unfortunately the link that was posted here is now dead. If anybody grabbed it and still has it lying around, give me shout and maybe I'll do some poking around with it.
  22. That shouldn't be problem, but out of interest, what would be the advantage of such an option?
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