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  1. Why not upload it to newsgroups?
  2. I'm in the beta test for the new FBA-XXX and would also be happy to beta test CoinOPS GOLD Thanks.
  3. Sent you a PM kenshiro. BTW, does 720p work properly in your build?
  4. That's pretty cool! Thanks for that Hello kenshiro I'd also be up for beta testing the new build of FBA-XXX. I can test in the above mentioned resolutions and probably have most of the ROMs. Please let me know if you will accept my request. Thanks.
  5. I know about those skins for FBAXXX but they don't work with 720p resolution as the text and menu items are not in the correct positions. cospefogo, I really like your XBMC FBAXXX V2 skin. Could you tweak it for 720p? This is the one I'm talking about: http://kppshngthbttn.com/xtras/fba-xxx/newskin03.jpg Thanks.
  6. Anyone made any decent skins for CPX3 and FBA-XXX? I'm specifically looking for a 720p FBA-XXX v1.28 skin as the ones out and about don't work properly when FBA-XXX is set to 720p with text going off screen and items positioned incorrectly like screenshot previews. Thanks.
  7. They have partially emulated the modem so I guess thats what its for.
  8. I'm hoping he adds some form of netplay.
  9. Some guys at Shoryuken forums posted these shots! http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p...p;postcount=751 http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p...p;postcount=766 http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p...p;postcount=769 Pretty amazing stuff really. Hugo in SF3NG, who would have thought it? No mention of how they did it either though :/
  10. A friend of mine used bluetack on the D0 point wire of his Xenium ICE
  11. Thanks, I got it working and glad I could share the link to this amazing MAME build. Still, it doesn't seem to work properly fullscreen, it doesn't fill the screen properly but it does work in a window. Have you got it to work properly fullscreen?
  12. I just found out about the awesome mameppk build which utilizes Zincs plugins to render the 3D for PSX based games like Tekken, SFEX2 etc. The problem is none of the plugins seem to work. When I load a game its displayed by MAMEs internal software renderer or I just get a black screen. The sound plugin seems to be working fine. I even changed the following settings in the mame.ini to use_gpu_plugin 1 use_spu_plugin 1 Anyone know how to fix this? I downloaded the emulator (v0.112u2) here: http://ddememame.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ Thanks!
  13. Are you going to add the proper CPS-2 decryption to FBA-XXX Pro like the latest MAME or continue using the XORs?
  14. Is it worth upgrading the RAM of the Xbox to 128MB? Does MAME speed up greatly?
  15. Last release I used was v1.06. I just installed v1.11a and everytime I run the emulator I get kicked back to the dashboard. I deleted the save and get the same result. [EDIT] Problem solved! I just had to enable 480p in my dashboard as my dashboard is set to 720p and 480p/1080i were disabled.
  16. How do you all manage your FBA-XXX rom sets on the Xbox hard drive? Is there a method of directly scanning the FBA-XXX roms folder on the Xbox hard drive with RomCenter or ClrMamePro? I do have my Xbox networked to my PC.
  17. That would definately be appreciated
  18. Any ClrMamePro or RomCenter DATs for this emu?
  19. You can't use the controller though and trying to play it with the virtual keyboard is a joke...
  20. Its just SFZ3/SFA3 with a online mode so people in Japan could play against each other
  21. ClrMamePro DAT seems to be corrupt again. It was working fine in the last release and was around 900Kb. The dat in the new release seems to be 600kb in size and reports all roms as missing.
  22. + T + Can you make a patch for the latest FBAXXX (23/07) to patch to FBAXXX Pro?
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