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  1. You can confirm it by playing the game. Lots of wrong sounds play and lots of the stages have missing music
  2. +T+ I have a bug to report. When the banned roms were pulled from the FBA-XXX source by manto the loading text bug also seemed to go away since the 31/08 version. The loading bug text for example in version 02/08 was: Found D:\roms\kof98.zip okay Found D:\roms\kof98.zip okay Found D:\roms\kof98.zip okay Found D:\roms\kof98.zip okay Found D:\roms\neogeo.zip okay Found D:\roms\neogeo.zip okay Found D:\roms\neogeo.zip okay Found D:\roms\neogeo.zip okay It should just be: Found D:\roms\kof98.zip okay Found D:\roms\neogeo.zip okay I just tried the 01/09 version with your IPS patch and this bug is back so my suspicion is that its related to the NeoGeo drivers because I did a clean install of your version and the text bug is still present. Can you look into this? BTW Sammaz, those V and M roms in your samsh5sp set are from samsho5 and that makes samsh5sp sound horrible...
  3. Awesome, thanks for the IPS patch to improve FBA-XXX +T+ I hope to see SSVS when the proper M1+V roms are out for it.
  4. Download the skin pack from #xbins and select Artik skin in FBAXXX, its done in Flash.
  5. Well if anyone does manage to compile the NeoGeo drivers (MAME based) from the 02/08 version of FBAXXX to the very latest FBAXXX, then a.b.e.neogeo or a.b.c.i.xbox is a good place for propagation
  6. I know ogg can be compressed better than MP3 but the audio quality sounds like crap in the PC version... kthxbye...
  7. The music certainly doesn't sound high quality to me, its encoded at 44kbps @ 22KHz. It sounds very muffled, especially with bass heavy tracks such as Blood Stained Lineage. Heck, the music directory is only 34MB compared to the > 1GB sound file for the PS2 GGXX#R which is completely uncompressed 48KHz ADPCM I also have the Korean #Reload for PS2, I think the Korean soundtrack is awesome but I don't really like the Korean voices so I set the Music to K and the rest to J. The Great Empress is one of my favorite tracks in the Korean ST, I think its better than the J version. Last I heard, Majesco were butchering all the Korean stuff in the US XBOX version. Have you got a link to deny this rumor and to confirm what you are saying?
  8. Use this set it works perfect in the very latest fba-xxx, I use it.
  9. I got this set, works perfect in the latest fba-xxx 02.08.04 version.
  10. Its ok, I got the DAT files from the fbaxx forum but its making my head spin, hardly any of my non-mame banned roms match up to what fbaxxx wants
  11. Can someone upload the NON-MAME complete banned NeoGeo roms set for fbaxxx_04-06-2004 that work properly without loading or crc errors to alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo? Preferably decrypted sets and any variations of them. Thanks
  12. Just wondering, I got this version of fbaxxx from xbins, does it support banned roms too? Its 19.5MB in a rar file. I haven't ever used fbaxxx. I need a clrmamepro dat file so i can create the romset from my mame romset. Also can someone upload pmame.bin rom for me zipped? I need it for KOF2003. Thanks,
  13. What resolutions are supported in these emu's? Can you run NeoGeo games at 320x240 or are all games displayed in 640x480 with some filtering?
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