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  1. i can't post pics till i get my digital working, but i might get some video clips working. also you can get xbox mugen here http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=483379 all the info you need is there. it works like a dream perfect at times and no we don't use mugen with xdsl. this is a bare bone mugen linux stripped to just run mugen alone. no overhead and has joy2keybuilt in so you can use the controllers this has been optimized for xbox
  2. use the linux mugen and use xdsl the linux os for xbox and run it like you would in windows kinda easy
  3. i got it running under mame ox but it takes for ever to load. all my games work under FBAxxx but kof2003b.zip gets to halfway and stops decryting and freezes. this is the last game i need to get working. any help??
  4. xbox doesn't suck because it ran the program... as for a real system i do have one just wanted it on my xbox. and as for the linux mugen the xbox can run winmugen under x-dsl wine.dsl
  5. it's kinda easy to do and used the linux version to work it. i tested characters like evil ryu kfm and others. there are limits unless you have 120ram but it does run.... don't believe me?? i will try to get picturs soon.
  6. i got everything workin just had to rename files and by chance they worked . i need to get marvel superheros working tho
  7. i got pim.zip working on fba xxx all i had to do was rename all the *.roms to *.bins and power instinct matrimelee worked. now for svc sound.
  8. i got some of the pain in the a$$ games to work on fba xxx that wouldn't work on mame ox pim isn't working on either svc only works on fba xxx without sound ssf2tu on mameox gives me this ternimal check flashing fba xxx just won't load it. any advice? games i got working........... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROTD.zip after adding a file -mame ox and fba xxx kof2003b - just on mame ox svc - fba xxx no sound samsho5 - works perfect on fba xxx (won;t load on mame)
  9. svcplus has no sound for me....wtf?? plays perfect but no sound
  10. i gave up on making it work for mamedox so i used final burn alpha xxx and perfect but no sound at all. how can i fix this?
  11. that's now the issue i can't find svcboot.zip anywhere. i have been looking and looking for days even got my girlfriend mad at me for being so hung to find it. i have the svcplus.zip and it shows up and in it the rom has . rom can i get that dat file? but will the parent rom have the.bin?
  12. i need help getting svcplus.zip working. i get missing files from my roms. and it's been a long 4 days trying to get it to work. any help? i know it can run cause it starts to load the svc-p1p.bin after i took files from the svcc.zip but now it just freezes. any help?
  13. evil dan is off the hook too.
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