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  1. The ClrMamePro dat file has never worked for me. Not only is it 1/3 the size of the Romcenter DAT but doing a scan with the dat results in CMPro reporting all of my roms are wrong when infact they are not since Romcenter reports them as fine although I always use and prefer CMPro over RC. I want to create a missing fix file dat with CMPro but can't because of this dat problem.
  2. NAMCO themselves coded the System 11/12 emulator for PS2, thats why it runs so great. They know the ins and outs of their own hardware but the emulator isn't perfect. The music in T1 runs at a higher pitch than the actual arcade version, there are sometimes graphical glitches caused by incorrect emulation somewhere and strangely enough, T1 seems to be missing the big screen in thr stadium stage I also noticed some edited text (Marine Stadium to Stadium) and blocked options like the sound tests and the missing progressive scan option in T3 :/
  3. MAME uses the same jockeygp, kof2002, matrim, and rotd sets as FBA-XXX Pro so there is no need to update the drivers for these (haven't checked ms4plus). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The kof2002 rom in FBA-XXX Pro uses different V roms and the rotd set uses a different m1d but appart from that, the other sets are compatible.
  4. jockeygp, kof2002, matrim, ms4plus, rotd are now in MAME (0.92).
  5. I hope you keep working on FBA-XXX Pro I've just run RomCenter over the set I used with djohng's FBA-XXX and would hate to revert back
  6. ...gotta have more than xors to run!! I do have it added in my newest build...just no way to run it w/out the actual roms! -djohng <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The progear rom is released in newsgroups <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, I wouldn't of mentioned adding the game to FBAx if the roms were not released and the game was not playable
  7. CPS2 - Progear no Arashi dumped and XOR'd. Hope to see it in the new FBAx
  8. Yeah also if there is a ini switch to disable hacks etc I'd like accompanying clrmamepro/romcenter dats too which exclude hacks etc.
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't mind a toggle for disabling the neohacks, they only clutter the gamelist imo
  10. Alright, no problem, it makes sense Do you derive your sets from NeoMAME and RAW Mame or add in your own custom NeoGeo sets too?
  11. djohng, any chance you can upload the WIP romcenter and clrmamepro dats of your current FBA-XXX that your working on? I'd like to modify my current set beforehand so I can dig in and play your new version when its released instead of having the headache of updating the set closer to xmas.
  12. I split the 512k proper M1 into 4 128k pieces and deleted the other 3 pieces because they are identical. Now it works on the latest FBA-XXX from djhong with proper sound
  13. Great to see this being updated, your previous release was great djohng, I look forward to the patch for your new release.
  14. I'm using UnleashX and its definately my favourite dashboard. I also use EvoX as an application through UnleashX.
  15. Gogos unleashed version is based off the old dumps set I prefer using the MAME set FBA-XXX.
  16. Yeah we need to use a fixed set bar the banned sets and the MAME set is the way to go.
  17. Yeah FTP access to the XBOX is extremely essential but unfortunately there are ppl out there who don't have it. You got ppl asking for the DATs at the official FBA-XXX forums Anyway, I'm quite sure this is the set you are using for your FBA-XXX? System: NEO RomName: samsh5sp Game: Samurai Shodown 5 Special (samsho5 M1+V roms) [Program] 272d-p1.rom,0,800000,3e3961f5,0 [Text] 272d-s1.rom,0,20000,c297f973,0 [Z80] 270-m1.bin,0,20000,18114FB1,0 [samples] 270-v1.bin,0,400000,6849136C,0 270-v2.bin,400000,400000,222E1774,0 270-v3.bin,800000,400000,CD9E7ADC,0 270-v4.bin,C00000,400000,8B305CAC,0 [Graphics] 272d-c1.rom,0,800000,8548097e,0 272d-c2.rom,1,800000,8c1b48d0,0 272d-c3.rom,1000000,800000,96ddb28c,0 272d-c4.rom,1000001,800000,99ef7a0a,0 272d-c5.rom,2000000,800000,772e8b1e,0 272d-c6.rom,2000001,800000,5fff21fc,0 272d-c7.rom,3000000,800000,9ac56a0e,0 272d-c8.rom,3000001,800000,cfde7aff,0 [system] CartridgeID: 272 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 1
  18. Well, I believe djohng said he would be following the MAME set of FBA-XXX but has added some extra roms himself. FBA-XXX automatically creates a RomCenter and ClrMamePro DAT on the XBOX HD so it isn't required of djohng to list the CRCs in a readme. What he can do if he wants is add both of the DATs in the release zip of his FBA-XXX build so people know which romsets to hunt down and use and not everyone has FTP access to their XBOX HD contents to retrieve the DATs from. BTW djohng, does your build of FBA-XXX require the S roms for the decrypted sets?
  19. mslug4 and samsho5 encrypted sets lock up at the same part on the loading progress bar. The decrypted samsh5nd works fine now. djohng, You can release your version of FBA-XXX as a IPS patch too by creating an IPS patch which saves the differences between the unmodified FBA-XXX xbe and your version. Just use Lunar IPS. http://fusoya.cg-games.net/lips/index.html
  20. +T+ Another bug I found. In your build of FBA-XXX samsho5 and samsh5nd freeze FBA-XXX while loading either rom. Both roms work fine in the 02/08 build.
  21. Its not a big problem that requires you to put it into top priority but maybe after fixing the more important matters you can look into it
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