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  1. i don't really know anything about coding. i'm just wondering if it's possible to port FBA Enhanced R15 to the xbox and make it run at full speed. it's different from normal FBA because it has CPS3 support, and it does it better than Nebula / MAME at the moment. it would be great if it ran better than CPX3. is anyone working on it?
  2. hey +T+. i've been trying to run 480p on my arcade machine, but it seems i can't select it on FBA XXX Pro 1.28. would you happen to know why?
  3. oh, i think i could do that with UnleashX options too. i thought the emu itself had that option :B
  4. holy crap, i'm going to get this now. XD i hope it has no slowdown at all edit: just tried it O: it's awesome. barely any slowdown for 3s at all, and pretty much none that affects gameplay! how do you change between PAL and NTSC modes, though?
  5. Dreamcast isn't arcade perfect either. Some glitches aren't there, and i think the Anakaris infinite isn't on the DC version. i do agree that it's closer to arcade than the xbox version, though. i was just wondering what exactly is so crappy about it that everyone hates it so much. and re: CVS2. some people argue that the PS2 version is better, despite crappy graphics. it's said to be closer to arcade speed than the Dreamcast port, which is supposedly a tad too slow. honestly, i don't know which one is better, because i've seen VERY few CVS2 machines around here, and most of them were in DC Jamma cabs.
  6. top 5 in order: SSF2T (in Capcom Classics Collection 2) without a doubt. SF3:3s (SFAE) comes in second MVC2.... i don't know why people keep hating on this port, i think it's fine. KOF2k2. i suck at it, but hey. CVS2 EO _is_ a bad port, though, but it's still probably one of the best fighting games on the xbox. i agree, the new MKs are junk. pretty obvious that the game designers don't know much about playing fighting games.
  7. i saw this quoted on SRK. update from Wesker, apparently. "Finally it has happened. ElSemi is carrying its emulator of CPS3 for Windows to Xbox. At the moment it does not have it release public and it will take a little in arriving… but I have had the honor to be able to prove a very premature version and is able to load stable the 60 games working to fps with sound. Similar miracle has been possible thanks to the use of a VMS, since the 64 Mb of xbox remained short; and a series of optimizations made in the code. By all means not yet there is interface, neither options nor nothing… or I say to you that he is very green. I will be to You informing!" :D :D i couldn't be happier about the xbox i hope 3s runs perfectly!
  8. oh, right, i guess there's nothing we can do about it, then. thanks again +T+! try playing KOF2k2 on those settings and doing yuri's stomp kick move, and look at her legs. i'm quite sure you'll notice that on an arcade monitor, but i don't know if it'll show on a TV. (i don't have an xbox hooked up to a TV at the moment.)
  9. great news, Djohng! there's only really one thing i'm fussing about in FBA XXX Pro: it's arcade perfect display. i've been running FBA XXX Pro in my Aero City arcade cabinets for a long time now and i love it, but when i saw real arcade versions of Samurai Shodown 4 and Marvel VS Capcom recently, i could very easily tell between the two. i know it looks very, very close and plays exactly the same, but i can still see the difference. i'm using the settings that +T+ gave me some time ago when i asked him about this (i agree these look the best on my arcade monitors so far): No software filter Flicker Filter : 0 Hardware Filter: Linear edit: this is a very crappy description of the difference that i see. when a large sprite suddenly moves from one position to another, i can still see several lines from that old sprite on the previous position for a REALLY short time. this is really obvious when there's a lot of motion on the screen, and somehow very obvious in KOF games. sorry if that's rather vague, i'll try and find a situation that clearly shows this the next time i play.
  10. thanks, T, i hope that fixes the fireball problem as well. i'll try that in a bit. edit: it looks a LOT better than my old setup, thanks! and it does fix the fireball thing. edit2: (i don't want to double post.) i've always had this MAJOR problem with FBA XXX Pro: it doesn't follow the rompaths i set in the FBAxxx.ini file. it only reads the roms that are in the \FBAXXX Pro\roms folder. why is that?
  11. i see, thanks for the info! would you happen to know which settings make it look the closest to the arcade version, though? fiddling with the options make my eyes go weird, and i can hardly judge things properly when that happens. >_< edit: does anyone know why Alpha 3 dhalsim's fireballs and hcf,hcf+p super are invisible? anyone know how to fix it?
  12. is there a way for FBA to display games at the proper arcade resolution without filters? i'm running this on an arcade machine and the games look slightly different from a real arcade game.
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