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  1. Hey where will I be able to download this when its available?
  2. cheers guys will try all the suggested to see which works best
  3. nes6502 with all the porting your doing lately which we all appreciate so much . Would you consider or have an interest in porting the latest MAME and/or ScummVM? I know you probably hate being asked, but I said I'd ask anyways. If not then that's cool I'll still think your great for giving us ZsnesX, FBL and nestopiaX.
  4. I have all FBL games bar the megadrive games for FBL by using mame 0.135 and the included FBL DAT file. I've downloaded dam-soft's coinOPS videos which is great because now I think most games have a video(seems to be one for each of the games). My problem is that there are so many duplicates of games and revisions that I would just like to have one of each game with the video. Has anyone this same issue and what have you done to remove all these duplicates? @ResX - Do you have a DAT file that I can run all these roms through so that I have only one of each of the working games?
  5. What is the best way to have one of every game so to remove all the clones, regions etc.. Also does anyone know how to remove games from within FBL so that if I wanted to highlight a game and remove it like other emulators.
  6. Cool I think this has most of the games. Is there a way to remove all the duplicated games like different versions?
  7. cool will do the same for the time being. Ill have a look at that list Res Cheers
  8. Hey can everyone tell me where there getting there FBL video's from and has anyone got a complete list for all the games, if so where can I get them? This is driving me crazy I have most of the ingame screenshots but am struggling to get the videos.
  9. Hey I'd like to get my hands on this too. I sent fumanchu a PM but I don't think it sent cos its not in my sent box
  10. cool ok fumanchu can you send me on R3 please Cheers
  11. Did I read somewhere that R3 has bugs which some games stop working what do you recommend I do wait until there is an official release or get R3 while I'm waiting?
  12. Hey everybody I just downloaded 10gigs of a torrent which I believe to be Coinops showcase R2 my question is have I got the latest Coinops and if not where can I get the latest version. If there is another version can I just get the main files and just overwrite the old ones or what would the best way to update be. Ive been reading a lot of the threads here. There seems to be a lot of flaming going on so I cant really follow what's happening as I only really pop in to see the latest happening every once in a while. Cheers for any help in advance
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