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  1. To switch to console mode, load a game, then go to File-->Set dipswitches... On the dipswitches window, change "MVS System" to "AES System"
  2. Generally FMVs in dreamcast are SFD [Which is a funky mpg]. I've also seen MPEGs, but very few (once or twice in WinCE games). BTW, you can view these if virtualdub (no audio though)
  3. Well... the only real differences between AW and NAOMI are this: NAOMI Main Memory : 32 MByte A Naomi cabinet can have anywhere from 1 to 16 boards (Can... usually doesn't) AW Main Memory : 16 MByte It is possible to network AW using both 56K modem or broadband connection using the AW-Net.
  4. Did you set up a different mingw dir than for mame32 and mame? Mame32 plus uses a much newer version of mingw than they do. You can find everything to compile mame32 plus at the mame32 plus homepage in the downloads section (all direct links -- no searching)
  5. LMAO. The dreamcast doesn't have enough ram to run a commercial n64 game. And it's not nearly fast enough to run it at full speed (at least not without a crapload of glitches from the hle. As for gba, someone is working on an emulator, but it has NOT been released to the public - you can't get it yet.
  6. Pochi and Nyaa. Another brand new Neo-Geo game. The only romset available for it has encrypted/badly dumped M and V roms. If you set zupapa as it's parent and use zupapa's m and v the sound is nearly perfect.
  7. there's a program called convert2 (I see you're also a member of romshare), do a search there for it. It allows you to encrypt and decrypt neogeo roms.
  8. 1. There are no good X-Box emus. There is Xeon (Plays Halo, buggily + slowly), and caustic's xbox emu (whose name eludes me atm...) which only plays turok, afaik). 2. Certain frequencies can damage your monitor, but generally they do not. 3. You can't read x-box disks in a dvd-rom drive (right?) 4. Yes, your schoolmate is a dumbass and full of crap.
  9. Also, X-Box uses a stripped down win2k kernel.
  10. I own two dreamcasts, but I can still appreciate this emulator. It has some great possibilities for sprite ripping and testing homebrews/self-boots.
  11. Hmm... at emutalk, they are saying this is a fake.
  12. From what i've heard, the cps-3 is more like the Saturn than the dreamcast (Saturn uses SH2 [supposedly like the CPS-3], while the dreamcast uses a SH4)
  13. Works fine here... I have a MS sidewinder (one of the authors probably does as well). The only problem I have is that it maps the analog controls to the d-pad which I hate...
  14. You can get the bios in the chanka thread at romshare The compatibility isn't very high of this emu, but the ones it does play are very fast.
  15. Honestly, I have no idea... Here's the neogeo files I'm using. (Nothing extra added except the code for NEOPCM2 and the drivers at the bottom of d_neogeo.cpp) http://www.freepgs.com/iq_132/temp/weirdy/
  16. Hey boys and girls I've updated the NEO-PCM2 stuff again There is a lot less code to move/add, and this time around, it should (hopefully) work with GoGo's FBA-xxx. http://www.freepgs.com/iq_132/pages/games/neopcm2.htm
  17. well, I tried it with the controller and it seemed to not work, but I probably just really suck
  18. Apparently Felix from Icarus and Choodo (also Freedo), has figured out how to hack some cd-rom drive firmware (He is an optical drive engineer) to make it able to read GD-ROMs. Also, I've heard that chanka reads isos (cdi format) Lastly, the requirements are probably similar to the author's machine: P4 2.8 w/radeon 9800
  19. Worked for me yesterday (slowly), but is down today.
  20. 2 PCs, 2 Dreamcasts (my girlfriend has one of them [she loves Jap puzzle games ]), an N64, and a PS2.
  21. bleemcast beta disks emulate many games, but generally not that well. There are exceptions though. As for neogeo games on dc, you can only run very small-sized games. Kof2003 will certainly not run (the dreamcast has very limited ram: 16mb)
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