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  1. thanx for the suggestion but doesnt help i still cant play them on nebula
  2. i know, im just asking for a way to play them in nebula romcenter doesnt seem to recognize.rom it keeps saying correct name.bin for everydamn file.
  3. well ive seen the first one before, just not the second one. all the rom files inside my roms end with a.rom extension. what kind of sets are these?
  4. wellt hen i guess these arent the encrypted sets, romcenter says all 181 are incomplete, yet nrx 5.0 reads all of them. someway i can generate a gigantic dat file for them all?
  5. ok ive got one final question. yall answer this one and all my problems are solved. supposing i just downloaded about 181 neo geo roms all encrypted sets. can rom center produce a gigantic dat file for all of them which will enable me to play them on nebula
  6. ok heres my situation on the thing. i mainly use nebula and i have over a 160 roms but recently ive this urge to play this kof 10th anniversary game(cuz i havent played kof in a while and want somethin new) but for some reason this rom that i downloaded wont work with nebula nor will it work with this new version of nrx that i got. now i kinda know that no ammount of romcenter work is gonna change my romsets cuz ive tried that before, if there is something u could reccomend me in order to play the kof hack, what would u say i do? remember i mainly on nebula
  7. lol sorry for causing all that confusion. anyways, howcome the old nrx supports mgd sets then? is there a hack of nrx any of u know of thatll help me out, cuz in my case, i have over a 100 of these mgd sets.
  8. so i changed zlib.dll with an older version and deleted neoragex.ini but still same results. and othello champ, what exactly is an mgd set, how do i fix my problem if thats what i have.
  9. so ever since the atomiswave hardware came in, i stepped out of the emulation scene, and now that i came back in i find a new version of neo rage x(5.3). but whenever i press import neorage shuts down. can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  10. can someone give me the link to a rom of rbffspec that works with nebula please.. i know this aint the rom request section but i cant find it so i asked here
  11. aight i downloaded a new rom for kof2k2 and the sounds are messed up.. can anyone please gimme the correct M1.
  12. sometimes in nebula u can run games through romcenter when u dont have the complete set and nebula wont let u run it
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