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  1. Hey i would like to know if this game (Last Blade for PSX) http://www.anime314.com/gry/bijatyki/last_.../last_blade.htm is it the same last blade like on neogeo i see that there is are intro movie thats new , are there also new fighters or backgrounds?
  2. good review , i also like this game , very cool gameplay ,fast n kewl ActIon , also i found a little patch that turn the config menu into english http://www.neogamez.net/Downloads/Kaphwam21/pcggxreload.zip also there is a savegame that unlock the 2 secret fighters http://www.neogamez.net/Downloads/Kaphwam21/savedata.dat copy savegame in /backupdate and go in options Load if u dont got autosave ON both filez are from www.neogamez.net/ i also heard that GGX Isuka will come to the PC is that right?
  3. yeah thanx BoB , hehe funny game at all also with controller , lil bit crazy with controller but fun at all! Whats about Samba De Amigo Ver.2000 , whats new in this Version does someone know??
  4. Hey did Samba De Amigo req. this Maraca thing? or can i also play it with the DC Controller?
  5. ah nice , thanx a lot Sane great reply ! did u know if CvS Pro was released in jap only or also in US/EU for dreamcast?
  6. Hey could someone please tell me whats the diffrence between Capcom VS SNK and Capcom VS SNK "Pro" on Dreamcast??
  7. kewl, too bad KOF 99 doesnt work =/ how about to start the games, can i select the game via gamepad ? because is saw on the CD some HTML files i can start and there is the menu, so does i need a browser or a mouse to start? last questions is, is something ripped from the games. music or videos or all inside? thanx a lot for testing, i have to wait till weekend to play the games and i cant wait...
  8. hehe no i was just a little bit to high and tiReD ok im trying to burn the gamez with Alc. thanXaloT. yeah would be cool if u can test it and tell me if sumthing ripped, which one your friend downloaded, KOF 3 in 1, or the 4 shooting gaMez?
  9. huh man is my english so bad? sorry i am german and not the best at english, :-/ i was asking which Burn Prog i need for CDI and NRG and also MDF now? i read on a topic that Nero should be the best right? and the other questions was i saw on suprnova KoF 99,00 and 02 on 1 CD and Zero Gunner 2, Ikaruga, Borders and Psyvariar 2 on 1 CD, and i just wondering is there sumthing ripped or all inside does someone knows?? i hope this time my language is better
  10. no i just read the info i got it from suprnova " This is a special release of MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 for the Sega Dreamcast, prepared for your enjoyment by Da1m0n (me). Most of the game music (which is stored as ADX files; there is no CDDA in this game) was replaced with custom MP3 files supplied by Dios<-X->, one of our fellow suprnova forum members. The MP3s were decoded to WAV with WinAmp 2.91, normalized and slightly cleaned up with Sound Forge 6.0 Studio, and finally encoded to ADX files. Sound quality has remained pretty good throughout. None of the songs loop, however each one is several minutes long so I would assume that you'll be able to finish each round in the game before the music does. The game's files, including the replaced music and a new dummy file, were made into an ISO track (with mkisofs) which I then selfbooted using bin2boot, thus being able to present to you this.cdi image. Untested, but I'm 100% confident it'll work perfectly, as I have taken the utmost care to perform each step correctly. Here is the music as supplied to me by Dios<-X->, along with where he wanted me to use each song: Character Select Screen = Death Is The Only Way Out Opening Game Demo = Symphony X - Prelude Option Menu = Metallica - Enter Sandman Staff Credits screen = Metallica - Nothing Else Matters Carnival Stage = The Midnight Carnival Pirate Ship Stage = Take The Pain (Faust's Theme) Desert Stage = Disturbed - The Sickness Factory Stage = Megatona Furioso (Potemkin's Theme) Bridge Stage = Rhapsody - Steelgods Of The Last Apocalypse Underground Caves = Dread Rock Clock Tower Stage = Symphony X - Of Sins And Shadows Ice Boat Stage = Awe Of She (Dizzy's Theme) Abyss 1 = Nightwish - End Of All Hope Abyss 2 = In The Arms Of Death (Testament's Theme) Abyss 3 = Dragonland - A Thousand Points Of Light Training Stage = Capcom vs. SNK - Stage Of Bison" hm.... man i was looking forward to the original with normal music =/ hm can i put the original music over the custom mix? but if this will work i need the original music uhm where can i get it sumone know maybe?
  11. hEy i need help in burning DC gamez, i downloaded some Dc gamez and the they are cdi and nrg filez. which burn progz i need to burn the gamez? i think CDI was DiskJuggler, i remember thats 3,5 is req. to burn it right? where can i get it ? NRG is Nero, which version of nero i need to burn the gamez? i downloaded the most gamez on suprnova where else can i get dc gamez? right now i downloading marvel vs capcom 2 -custom mix- wuz up with -custom mix- i never heard about it, itz a special version or what? i also saw on suprnova some GamePaks like KoF 99-2K-2K1 on one CD, what that? i mean it is a ripped version from KoF or is all in there and i can download without care would be sweet if someone can help me, MaN i lOsT all my DC gameZ sOme Azz BreaKed in my CaR n getted all GameZ (about 50, some was real hard to get like KoF 99-2K2, SF ImPactz, MarVel vs Capcomz n, Capcom vs SnK, lastBlaDe 2 etc.... ) ThanX in Advance!
  12. hey, can someone give me a link for kawaks 1.48/dev, that version who can play, ssv, ms5, svc, kof2k3?. im lookin everywhere for it but can find dammit! :$$$:
  13. hey i just saw on http://www.emumaquinitas.com/ StepMania, i downloaded and tryed it, its excatly like dance dance rev. u can even download DDR 1-8 and much more, i think itz funny at all, u even can connect the dance pad from the PS to the PC hehe, my question now is, did someone know where i can download DDR 1-8? i just saw Songlists and much dead links can somenone help me to find it plz, cuz i really like the DDR Serie and together we can find it i hope thiS is the right forum for this? StepMania HomePage www.stepmania.com
  14. i just saw on this site http://www.extreemu.co.uk/ thats there are diffrents GBA Roms like Alienators - Evolution Continues (U) [!] 1,580 Kb 231 Alienators - Evolution Continues (U) [h1IR] 1,580 Kb 7 Alienators - Evolution Continues (U) [h2] 1,590 Kb 4 Alienators - Evolution Continues (U) [h2][t1] 1,630 Kb 10 Alienators - Evolution Continues (U) [h3] 1,580 Kb 4 Alienators - Evolution Continues (U) [h3][t1] 1,620 Kb 4 Alienators - Evolution Continues (U) [h4] 1,580 Kb 3 Alienators - Evolution Continues (U) [hI] 1,590 Kb 10 Alienators - Evolution Continues (U) [hI][t1] what is the diffrents between this h1,h2,h3,h4 ??? is this right when a (!) is behind the name this means the rom is working 100 % ? heard that sumwhere but dont know if this is right...
  15. is there any way to play svc,ss5 and ms5 on kawaks 1.48b dev or can i ┬┤just play kof2k3 with it? im using Kawaks 1,48b/dev+kof2k3 from neo arcadia-x
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