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  1. Absolutely. ^^ CRTs suffer heavily from this too (like Agozer said). Most newer plasma screen tvs have protections built into them that helps stop burning (though I've heard of people getting HUDs from video games burnt into the screen during long hours of play).
  2. bleachexile And I generally enjoy the arcs. Honestly, I pretty much love everything about this series (I've read every manga, seen every episode of the anime, and the first movie).
  3. Yup, Nokia phones are the only ones I've ever liked. I like their interface, build quality, and design. Too bad they're usually behind spec to other Moto and Samsung phones in the US. I've always wonder why Nokia phones in the US are always crappier than Nokia phones in other parts of the world. I used to have Nokia and i loved it but that was a long time ago, right now even tho most of their phones have high specs the design isn't that good compare to other cell phone companies. I like Sony Ericsson designs and LG too. BTW does Verizon changes all of their phones' interface? Yes. Verizon "crapitizes" all of the phones they sell.
  4. It's just you. Beer goggles always make things look better than they actually are.
  5. That thing's got some insane specs. ^^
  6. Animal Crossing. I've never had a game eat up so much of my life.
  7. Cool! FnC is one of my favorite emus (mostly because Hap is a hell of a nice dude).
  8. What are you talking about Ian? You really need to take pop culture classes man. HIM isn't really a band most people know about in the US. ^^ are you kidding, I've known about them for years, granted, I knew about them before they were real big from CKY. but young kids wear the T-shirts all the time and what not. Outside of the people that frequent hot topic, I think HIM is relatively unknown here (Michigan). ^^
  9. Meh to any of the choices in females. Better choices particular taste:
  10. You're from Ohio, correct, Jitway? If so, where-abouts? I'm in extremely south-central Michigan.
  11. The graphics for newer Neo-Geo games are encrypted, this is what makes some games take soo long to load. Not encrypted & bootleg are proper sets.
  12. There are two copies of the ROM in the archive. One has ~256kb difference, the other matches the European dump 100%. You can dl one of those files on known sites and use a tool to extract. At the guy who published the videos site. Or you can...
  13. Here's the program for extracting all of the stuff from the VC files. http://neosource.1emu.net/forums/index.php?topic=919.msg7582
  14. However, breaking the EULA is not legal. Though it's not like any company would do sh*t about it.
  15. Always, yes. You are violating the EULA of the hardware vendor by installing unlicensed modifications to it. Will this get you jailed? No. Sued, it's very unlikely. Making money by modding other people's hardware can very well get you raided by the FBI.
  16. It depends on where you live. Certain countries, Canada, for example, have extremely lax laws on hardware modifications -- it's your hardware, you can do with it what you want. Generally, though, it is illegal to use mod-chips as they "bypass copy protections" a violation of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) which many countries/regions have a version of. Afaik though, mod-chips without the software included to actually bypass copy protections are legally in a gray area.
  17. Well, they've had their chance with the last firmware update, and it still works. Maybe the next firmware update will block it. Ultimately, we'll just have to wait and see. Nope, won't be blocked by firmware updates, becauseit's a bug in the game code and could only be patched, if they (BigN) rerelease Zelda as a V1.1 like they did with OoT in the N64 era. What makes you think that? The firmware could very easily patch the game's program file on load, removing the security hole. On a side note, I finally got my hands on the files and it looks like it'd be easy enough to hack the files to use different ROMs. Hell, the ROM used by the VC title plays just fine on SNES9x Oh, and I figured out how the archives are laid out. ^^
  18. iq_132

    ds memory?

    There are quite a few photo viewing apps on the DS. You just need a DS flashcart.
  19. That dude's possibly the dumbest piece of sh*t to ever hit the internet, maybe even a bigger piece of crap than Jackson.
  20. http://www.barryharris.me.uk/article_view.php?id=89
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