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  1. If you'd promise to behave yourself you'd have access today. ^^
  2. It's dead. Has been for years. The April 7th thing was probably 2003 or an April fools joke.
  3. It's relatively common. Poorly programmed homebrew or even your cart's OS can cause damage to the file system on the SD. Your best bet is to back things up fairly frequently.
  4. There is no legal precedence saying that a state cannot leave the United States should it choose to so. However, the method would have to be brought before congress, agreed and voted upon, and various other obstacles would also need to be hurdled. If that were the case, wouldn't it make smart economic sense to pick at least some of these territories (say India), hold on to them dearly, and milk as much money out of them as they could? Just because a country has historically dominated another doesn't mean that they have a right to it. That's like saying "I stole your bike, and I've had it for a little while, now its mine... because I stole it fair and square. If you try to get it back, I'm going to f*cking kill you... because it's mine now." I believe your definition of "Carpet Bombing" is drastically different than the rest of the world's. What the world doesn't like about what the Chinese are doing right now is that they're killing off not just a people, but that people's entire f*cking culture. As for proof about Afghanistan, iirc, we have videos of terrorist training camps there. Not only that, their government was pretty damn evil. And Iraq... oh, I Iraq. Proof of terrorist activity or not, you should Google "Appeasement + WWII." There are some striking similarities there. Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds in northern Iraq. IIRC, millions of tons of poison gas just might be Weapons of f*cking Mass Murder (not exactly WMDs, but close enough IMO). Happy now? I am with you on this one 100%. I do not support what's going on in Iraq, nor the president, but I do support the American Soldiers there -- they're just doing their best to try and help the Iraqi people, even if their leaders intentions aren't as pure. The Olympics are about bring the world together peacefully. I think that if a country is mass murdering its own people, it probably should not be hosting or participating in them, but that's just me. And yes, I know a great deal about Chinese culture and history.
  5. Eh? There are a few Chinese people on 1Emulation, so elaborate please. It has nothing to do with Chinese people. It's all about the Chinese government.
  6. If China was a person, I'd hit him right in the face with a shovel. What China is doing right now is cultural genocide and incredibly f*cking uncool.
  7. I worked, came home and did yard work, and then did some work on my programming projects. Also, I fed my hulu addiction (Watching The Pretender ATM) and started playing Mob Wars on Facebook.
  8. Sh*tty! Hopefully someone also remembers to renew the 1emu.net domain. lol (GC, you bastard).
  9. Your nose is crooked. ^^ I like the glasses though, nice style.
  10. you don't have a phone button? on my phone there is a phone button to start and end calls just like a regular cell, shoma if your phone doesn't have windows mobile on it already there is no way to get it on any other phones, windows mobile and the phones it comes on are tightly intertwined. Ya it has the red and green buttons, I never knew just pushing the green button stared the phone dialer. I'm thinking bell canada has something locked on it to prevent installing much. 99% of the files I've tried won't install. Can't send picture or video messages anymore either, but it is part of my cell plan. You need to modify some things on your phone to remove the security checks (so you can install homebrew, etc). This stuff was locked on my phone too (Motorola Q, Sprint USA). http://robertpeloschek.blogspot.com/2006/0...ur-windows.html
  11. Or quite possibly the biggest piece of crap to ever grace the internet.
  12. iq_132

    Hey BP

    @ressurectionx - you talk to much. @BS, ya know we still love ya. @BK, I would demand nothing less of you than to be a cranky bastard lol
  13. sweet. edit: can you provide a link to FBA? If I'm reading this page correctly: http://oopsware.googlepages.com/ Oh! I apparently suffer from dyslexia. G != Q. lol
  14. What behavior? Making the assumption you'd respect the MAME team's license? http://mamedev.org/license.html I'm sorry if you feel slighted, but I'm a very adamant supporter of open-source and respecting the work of others. While I do respect that you have released your source in the past, I am of the opinion that continued source releases are required. Please think of it this way: What if the MAME team didn't release their source? What would you think? Avid mountain biker eh? Downhill, cross country, etc? I'm having a hard time not leaving a sarcastic comment about this...
  15. http://www.torrentspy.com/ http://torrentfreak.com/torrentspy-shuts-down-080327/ discuss!
  16. Well, I went ahead and got it. This thing is pretty f*cking badass. It plays video, mp3, etc, and best of all: EMULATERZ!! There's even a port of FBA.
  17. It's still appropriate to release the code once-in-a-while. some emu authors dont even release their sourcode. If those authors are using no-one else's code (or have permission from the original author(s), that's certainly their right. If they're blatantly taking someone else's work and and not contributing back, that makes that person a leech; purely and simply. Btw, there are very few examples of closed-source emulators that are better than their open-source alternatives.
  18. It's still appropriate to release the code once-in-a-while.
  19. I know my opinion probably doesn't mean sh!t, but here it is: If the project you are basing your work on is Open Source and it requires that you release your source and you do not intend to ever release yours, you are nothing but a f*cking leech. While the end-users may appreciate your work, the other people who worked hard on the original source are getting f*cked. I have dealt with FBA builds that do this. It's simply a matter of telling their authors that if they don't release their sources, that they need to remove every bit of my code and that they will be perm-banned from neosource. That usually does it, lol (since they'd have to remove 300+ games, including several of the most popular Neo-Geo ones. ^^ and being banned from NeoSource means that they wouldn't have access to the nice drivers that I, the FBA devs, and several others post on almost a weekly basis. )
  20. I have been researching Cellular providers and have decided on Sprint (they give me 20% off my monthly bill because of my job. and a small rebate because my sister has them as well.) I've also decided that on the Motorola Q 9c phone, and this is what I want to know more about. I'd like to know: if anyone has one of these and what they think of it where to get free (homebrew) games, emulators, & apps Any other info would be greatly appreciated too.
  21. on the computer! with note pad No. On your desk with pencil and paper.
  22. Possibly the most ignorant thing I've ever seen posted ever.
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